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Questions about attracting new users to a Stack Exchange site or to Area51 site proposal

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Why is it so difficult to find the twitter account for a Stack Exchange site?

I am not able to find a link to the twitter account of Academia SE (, for example, in the Academia SE main webpage. Why are twitter links not included on the main ...
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Map of all Stack Exchange sites (except the three biggest)

I've just made a map of all Stack Exchange sites, except for the three biggest ones: (A high(er) res png file) (EDIT: there was a PDF file, but for some reason it was eating more than 1 GB of memory, ...
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How can I get Stack Exchange to send me to a conference?

I read Supporting Community Conferences, which states, Depending on the circumstances and location, we can also sponsor community leaders to attend an event on behalf of their site. We will subsidize ...
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Explaining Stack Exchange to non-programmers

What's the best blog post/video/tweet/whatever to explain how the Stack Exchange system works to regular people? I am trying to gauge interest for a new Stack Exchange site, but I want to explain it ...
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How do weekly topic challenges work?

A handful of sites have conducted a variation of the "weekly topic challenge" idea. I, myself, have become quite fond of them since they do seem to be effective at increasing asking rate and can be a ...
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What does #Soreadytohelp mean?

I saw that some of the user profiles contain #Soreadytohelp. Do they simply mean something?
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The SE About page should be less Stack Overflow-focused: "The world’s largest programming community is growing"

As of April 9, 2023 shows the following text The world’s largest programming community is growing There is no doubt that programming is the specific topic of the ...
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Should I advertise a Beta site by posting on Metas of other related sites?

Our Bioacoustics SE site has reached the beta stage. This multidisciplinary site encompasses many disciplines, and there are potential overlaps with other general SE sites. I posted an "ad" ...
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Share question/answer links to LinkedIn

Presently we have the share link option to Facebook and Twitter. Why not LinkedIn? Edit: Why LinkedIn? LinkedIn is place for professional networking and I believe if I shared a question/answer ...
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What's the best way to evangelize Stack Overflow?

What would be the best thing that a stack overflow evangelist could do? What would be the best way to promote the site over other sites like expetsexchange and other question sights? What ...
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Work appropriate Stack Exchange ads on Stack Overflow

So I'm at work ... doing work things. Like many of you I like to keep stack overflow up as a resource. My boss walks up behind me and we have a quick conversation. I notice he keeps glancing at my ...
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Could there be a way to reward those that successfully promote beta SE sites?

Given the importance of getting the word out about the new SE sites in beta, perhaps there could be badges and/or rep for those that successfully recruit users to a beta SE site? I haven't though ...
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29 votes
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How about doing something more with the "Today's Featured Site" thing?

A little-known fact about Stack Exchange is that, on the Hot Network Questions list at, in the top right corner of the page, there's a little box for "Today's Featured Site": each day,...
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What can be done to promote beta sites?

One of the problems that affect the users of beta sites is that they don't get enough views for their questions. So they post off topic questions on reputed SE sites. Usually, when I post a question ...
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Should we be reaching out to existing expert communities? If so, how?

Way back in March 2011, when Joel had a random open chat session, I asked him this: The more time I spend on Stack Exchange, the more it seems like one of the biggest factors — if not the biggest — ...
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Could we promote beta sites by compiling showcase eBooks?

One of the major challenges of new Beta sites is visibility; particularly in areas which don't have a strong correlation with the core demographic of SO and our major sites, it can be very difficult ...
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Could SE promote "community projects" for smaller sites?

In order to get new questions, Startups SE Beta is hosting a "Startups Startup" event, where teams are creating a startup with virtually no monetary investment. Any needed resources are reused from ...
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What stock graphics are available for promoting a site?

I'd like to use graphics that have already been developed for my SE site in promotional materials. So far, I've found a small icon at , but I'm ...
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Is it appropriate to advertise a pre-beta site to a beta or post beta site?

There are lots of times in english.SE that a question turns out to be language universal and not really specific to English. And language specific questions are not part of the linguistics.SE charter. ...
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Promote Area 51 proposal on other SE sites

How would one go about promoting a Area 51 proposal on another SE site? Should I form a question out of the promotion and post it? That seems a bit odd. Related: How do I advertise an Area 51 ...
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What is the point to show to anonymous users posts bumped by Community user? How to prevent that bad questions be bumped in low participation sites?

TL;DR: Showing Community-user bumped questions to anonymous users is more likely to cause harm than good, isn't it? If this is correct, what feature-request should be asked and where (per-site-meta or ...
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