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Questions tagged [site-proposal]

A placeholder for old site proposal discussions. If you have an idea for a new Stack Exchange site, you should propose it on Area 51.

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Site Recommendation: Q&A for campers, RVs, camper vans and any Home on Wheels [duplicate]

Summarize the problem Information regarding van conversion and repairing, building and improving on our home on wheels is too spread out on the internet e.g. YouTube, blogs, Facebook groups different ...
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2 answers

Is it possible to start a niche site / community in Area 51?

I suffer from a rare chronic health condition (CSF leaks) and it has two major groups in Facebook with over 7000 members, over 100 posts/comments per day. It's a very helpful community, but the ...
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What was it like being a GenAI.SE stakeholder?

For those who don't know, Generative AI Stack Exchange (now in public beta) was an initiative started by Stack Exchange here slightly over one month ago, and involved "stakeholders" (who ...
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Do it already, Stack Overflow in Ukrainian (uaSO)! [duplicate]

Do it already, uaSO!, it's already unrealistic for Ukrainian programmers to be in Stack Overflow in Russian. As Ukrainian developers, we actively utilize the Russian-speaking Stack Overflow and ...
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Where's the "living record on MSE" of the Prompt Design stakeholder group's activities?

Are you interested in Prompt Design? Join the Community Stakeholders group states: We'll keep the process as transparent as possible. Meetings will be annotated, notes published, and chat transcripts ...
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Is it acceptable to cross-post here from Area 51 Discussion Zone, seeking advice about the scope of a proposed site?

Is it acceptable to cross-post from Area 51 discussion zone when seeking advice about the scope of a proposed site? This answer says either is fine, but I wanted to check about cross-posting in ...
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15 answers

Are you interested in Prompt Design? Join the Community Stakeholders group

Update #2 As promised, you can follow along for summarized updates on the work the stakeholder group is undertaking. You can find that here Update #1 Thank you to everyone who took the time to throw ...
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What questions might you ask at Prompt Design?

A new site, Prompt Design (PD.SE), is about a month away. I'd be interested in hearing the kinds of questions you'd consider asking at PD.SE. Question: What questions might you ask at Prompt Design?
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Some suggestions for reworking Area 51

First some background: In November of 2022, I proposed a site called Programming Language Design and Implementation, which has slowly progressed through the Area 51 process, and is now set to enter ...
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How can an existing site join the network?

According to an answer on Which Stack Exchange sites weren't proposed in Area 51?, several of our current network sites were pre-existing sites that somehow "joined" the network and ...
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Is there a site for Greek language?

Could you tell me if there is any site for Greek language? I can't seem to find one, but maybe I am just not good at searching.
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{Request} Russian SE site for English language questions [duplicate]

English SE site for Russian language questions exists. Why no Russian SE site for English language questions? For example, it would be extremely useful to describe differences between synonyms or ...
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How to create a page for a particular topic on Stack Exchange [duplicate]

I'm preparing for UPSC Civil Services exam in India, which attracts more than a million applications each year. I'm taking management subject as optional Paper for this exam. I truly like Stack ...
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Bug in Area 51 Proposal? [I follow a proposal but am not shown as follower]

I just followed the proposal for an Arabic language in Area 51, but am not shown in the followers list. This might be a bug.
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Would it be possible to create a site on climate change? [duplicate]

As climate change is a hot topic in the scientific community nowadays, with broader and broader subtopics, I thought it could be interesting to introduce a Stack Exchange on Climate Change. What do ...
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Why is there no beauty/cosmetics SE site? [duplicate]

Why is there no SE site dedicated to questions about beauty, cosmetics, skin care and related questions and answers? There’s millions of different beauty products, but almost all information you can ...
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Diversity disambiguation Q&A - do we need a new SE for cultural differencies and misunderstandings and their disambiguation? [duplicate]

Diversity is a great fun, sometimes puzzling, sometimes embarrassing, often totally absurdous but anyway you can learn a lot about other (sub)cultures and actually your own too. Same things familiar ...
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Renewing a closed beta on Area 51

Is it possible to bring back a proposal for a site that was closed a few years ago due to lack of traffic? The site was very close to fulfilling all the requirements. The only problem was that it had ...
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10 votes
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Can I re-propose a site in Area 51 after it was deleted for not meeting the 3-day minimum requirements?

I decided to make a proposal, which was going fine and had many questions, but it got deleted because it only had three followers. My question is: can I add it back in hopes of it getting more active?...
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2 answers

Can we have a Blockchain community? [duplicate]

Just a thought, I see that many questions arise with 'Blockchain' and to address that can we have separate community in the Stack Exchange network? We do have a 'Bitcoin' community, can we make a ...
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Do we need "cloud recommendations" [duplicate]

There is a Stack Exchange site called "Software Recommendations". Since we are living in a cloud world full of services for every aspect of live: do we need a new Stack Exchange site called "cloud ...
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Isn't there a section for the Persian/Farsi language? [duplicate]

I just wanted to ask if there is a section for the Persian language OR if there isn't one, do you have any plan on creating such a section? Because I saw most of Persian questions asked on "English....
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Introduction of a hydro/aquaponics Stack Exchange section [duplicate]

I wanted to ask if it would make sense to create a hydroponics specific Stack Exchange site. This could be extended to (automated) farming in general. The idea behind it is that there is a large ...
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What is the point of having different sites for each service in the same or similar domain?

I am talking about the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. We have pending proposals Blockchain Technology - commitment phase with 51% commitment. for discussing about Blockchain ...
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1 answer

Is it possible to move a site proposal to a different category?

Let's suppose that at some point the Community of a site proposal decides it would be a better fit on a different category (if it moves from a professional to a general audience and vice versa). Is ...
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Is it possible to have a Stack Exchange site dedicated to a specific computer game?

As a rule, can one create a Stack Exchange site dedicated to a specific computer game?
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Why don't we have a social sciences site? [duplicate]

I am a graduate in biology and have worked on a thesis in the humanities titled 'Social science in the age of biology'. It discusses how biologists adopt different approaches to questions pertaining ...
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Why is there a special site dedicated for Arduino, and not for uC/Embedded stuff? [duplicate]

I don't know if it is a right place to ask, but why isn't a certain low level programming site for embedded systems in the Stack Exchange network?
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Requesting a Rubik's Cubing site [duplicate]

I was wondering if anybody else wanted to create a Stack Exchange site on Cubing.
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Why there is no dedicated Python community?

I was wondering why there is no dedicated python community in Stack Exchange like Drupal, Android etc? Isn't the language (Python) popular enough? I am a Python user since last year. Would like to ...
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Where to ask about new site proposal

If I have a question if a new Q&A site is a good idea for a site proposal, should I take the idea to Area 51? But where? There is no
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Do we have a SE site about marine engineering? [duplicate]

There's a site on Area 51 about Engineering, but I don't know if we have like a branch of that site talking about marine engineering. You know, like, the building of big ships, oil rigs, etc.
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Maximum number of proposed sites

I was just wondering, just like there is a max number of proposals you can commit to, is there is also a max number of sites you can propose on Area 51?
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3 answers

Suspicious activity in the Area 51 proposal for Roblox

It is interesting to notice that a similar suspicious activity for the same proposal has already been reported in 2013 Yet, it has started again. It is the Roblox proposal again. It has surprisingly ...
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3 answers

Stack Exchange Site for Deciding Where to Post Questions

Is there a Stack Exchange site where users post their questions not to get answers or to get up voted or down voted for quality, but to decide on which site to post their questions? If not, does ...
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1 answer

Is commitment necessary to participate in beta (as of June 2015)?

There's this proposal for a new S.E. site which is about to enter the beta phase. It reads This proposal is in: Commitment A successful site needs people to commit to use it. This proposal is 100% ...
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What happens when my proposal gets launched

I would like to know what exactly happens if my proposal gets launched. How would I contribute to the site? Does it make me a moderator or do I communicate with stack exchange admins? I would like a ...
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Stack site for detectives? [duplicate]

Does a stack subsite exist for the aforementioned class of individuals or those interested in that field? Does a subsite along these lines already exist?
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-20 votes
2 answers

Idea: [duplicate]

This might not sound like a good idea to many of you. Also I do not want to criticise the rest of on-topic sites and the community. Off late, it has become increasingly difficult to find a Stack ...
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Request for new site for the Persian/Farsi language [duplicate]

I would like to see a Persian/Farsi language site included within the Stack Exchange world. How likely is this? Is it already being considered?
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Is there a site about medicine, healthcare and illness?

I can't find, may be this is already exist. What do you think about such SE? SE about medicine, about different Illness. I know that this is bad to healing yourself without real medic. However, ...
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1 answer

They seem to be following a proposal but are not counted [duplicate]

I was looking at one of the examples on the Arabic Language proposal, I noticed a user and clicked on him/her to look at their profile, on there I noticed he/she were following the proposal I reopened ...
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1 answer
114 views [duplicate]

There is I was wondering if we can have one on crime fiction and mystery with detective fiction so that we can discuss and answer questions more on Sherlock Holmes, Hercule ...
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Why isn't there a Business Intelligence site? [duplicate]

Reports are back in the market! Business Intelligence is gaining market traction with products from Microsoft SSIS/SSRS, Oracle OBIEE, Microstrategy to QlikView. Having a dedicated Q&A site for it ...
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3 answers

Why is the area Area 51 proposal title limit 150 characters?

I know that some titles for proposals may be long, but does anyone really need to call a proposal Those awkward days when you can't remember what your name is but you know what your favorite ...
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Stack Exchange site for discussing international standards [duplicate]

I'm interesting is discussing and asking questions relating to various international and national standards. Is there currently, or is there any plan to create, a Stack Exchange site for standards? ...
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Q&A for Marketing and Advertising (Technology)

I would love to see a marketing (product marketing) and advertising section within the Stack Exchange network. Is there a current alternative? Where can I ask and answer questions that are specific to ...
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Is Android development specialized enough to split it off from SO?

I see many questions that are Android specific in SO. Being a very popular platform, it might make sense to split it off.
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Separate Stack Exchange Network for SCADA [duplicate]

There are quite a few questions about SCADA/PLCs/HMI/DCS/controls currently on the Stack Overflow site, but I think it would make sense to give these topics their own separate site, as they're not ...
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Need a Stack Exchange site for discussion about Hinduism [duplicate]

I think in this network (Stack Exchange) there should be a site for Q&A about Hinduism! I saw two pages for Christianity and Islam. Hinduism is the third largest religion and having 115cr+ ...
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