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For questions about site-specific settings such as custom markdown formatting, maximum tag length, migration paths, help center articles, and tag blocklists. (If your question is about something that only relates to one specific site, rather than the ways in which every site can potentially be customized, you should post on that site's Meta instead.)

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Do we need to reopen all bugs closed as site-specific and prevent further closing them on MSE?

Based on the comment and the post itself Users Can Report Bugs On Whatever Child Meta Site Suits Them it seems that closing bugs as site-specific on MSE is not legitimate. Am I right? If so, should we ...
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What can and cannot be implemented in the advice guideline for new users? [duplicate]

Context: Chemistry SE is going through changing their interface shown to new users When a new user decides to write their first question, they are greeted with this pop up, My question, is what can ...
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What site-specific changes can be made to the Ask Question page to help askers on that site write better questions?

I've seen that some sites have customized content on their Ask Question page. For example, here's some custom content on the English Language & Usage ask Question page. They have extra information ...
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Do some Stack Exchange sites really allow joke answers? [duplicate]

(It looks like this post is about question posts specifically rather than answer posts.) Quora has a specific report reason for joke/troll answers. I cannot believe that Stack Exchange which even ...
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MathJax rendering bug with escaped dollar sign (\$), apparently only on crypto.SE

Screenshot: Offending Markdown: (see also live in this post revision on crypto.SE) > $$\left|\Pr_{k\leftarrow_\$\ \{0,1\}^n}[\mathcal{A}(1^n, F(k,-))=1] - \Pr_{f\leftarrow_\$\ \{0,1\}^n\to\{0,1\}^...
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Meta Stack Overflow doesn't load on any of its pages - questions, users, etc. when logged in [closed]

After going to,, and, none of the pages load. About 60 seconds after attempting to load ...
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In Ask Different, visited questions are coloured the same as nonvisited

I think this is very unique of Ask Different compared to the vast majority, if not all, of the rest of the network. I just visited "Equivalent of =SUM(ABOVE) in numbers?", and yet everything ...
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If a new user finds an incorrectly spelled tag where do we report it? [duplicate]

As my first question on the site was when the misspelled tag was found No features are active to use meta, edit, or chat. In this case, should the tag be posted in Meta under "support" "tag" "re-tag"...
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Why are there two Russian Language communities?

While putting together a list of non-english Stack Exchange communities, I noticed an odd inconsistency in the URL styles. Spanish: Portuguese: ...
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What site-specific post formatting settings are available?

Certain Stack Exchange sites have specialized support for non-standard types of post formatting. Tim Post briefly mentioned these when discussing site-specific configuration settings, but he didn't ...
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What does #Soreadytohelp mean?

I saw that some of the user profiles contain #Soreadytohelp. Do they simply mean something?
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Make tag badges count questions site-specifically

As asked here, here, and probably a few more places. Tag badges currently only are funded towards by votes on answers. However, on some sites, this is not appropriate. For example, on PPCG, a great ...
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Which help pages can be changed, by a site's community moderator? [duplicate]

Each site's help center contains a number of help pages. Which of these can be edited for a specific site by a community moderator on that site? (To be clear, I am asking about ♦-moderators, not ...
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Hyphenated tags are not working in search anymore [closed]

I have a tag favourited on Stack Overflow called android-wear. However, when I click on it, the search box just shows [android] and results for Android are displayed which is a far broader category ...
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2 answers

What site-specific configuration settings are possible, and how have they been implemented by the various communities?

What features of a stack exchange site - connected to content display and moderation rules - can be decided on and implemented on a per-site basis? Is there a public, central comparison anywhere of ...
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On what sites are Stack Snippets enabled?

Stack Snippets is now a feature on some Stack Exchange sites. On what sites is this feature enabled? Where is it being discussed? And where has it actively been decided not to implement the feature? ...
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How can I help with moderation if I haven't got enough reputation?

I like doing the moderation like editing posts, reviewing, removing, etc.—simply cleaning Stack Overflow. But I don't like so much writing answers or good questions. If I'm good at moderation, but not ...
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Why are these questions closed? [closed]

Refs: ...
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Option to disable all April fools, Easter eggs, Winter hats and similar annoying stuff

I request a single checkbox and definite option in the user settings to disable all forms of April Fools, Easter eggs, Winter hats and similar annoying stuff that only distract a user. I have no ...
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Is there a Stack Overflow tweet bot?

Most (all?) of the Stack Exchange sites have dedicated Twitter accounts that tweet questions, pleas for answers, upcoming events, and so forth (e.g. @stackscifi, @stackcooking, @stackparenting, @...
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What does the "B" in the Web Applications beta logo stand for? [closed]

Is it "B" as in "Beta"? (Yes, I get know that it's not the permanent logo - I'm just curious why it was chosen as the temp one.) I didn't commit, so if this is explained somewhere on the WebApps ...
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