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for questions about the core statistics for sites that determine the health of a site relevant in the Area 51 phase of a site or during its lifetime to guide the site towards graduation.

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In beta sites, link to Site Stats on Stack Exchange leads just to list of sites

Each beta site has such box in the right sidebar of the homepage: Expected behavior when clicking "stack exchange" is the list of sites displayed and auto scrolled to the relevant site, or ...
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Proposal for displaying days in beta stat in site stats

Could we also see days in beta in the Site Stats sidebar for every beta site? Please some StackExchange people respond in some way for this request.
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Network-wide site comparison statistics

It seems to me that different sites on the Stack Exchange network are very different when it comes to statistics such as average views per question, reputation per user, badges per user, etc. I would ...
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What is the logic of site order in reputation leagues?

The order of sites on Reputation Leagues page roughly corresponds to their size. However, I could not identify the statistic by which the sites are ordered: it's neither the number of questions, nor ...
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