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Should I create a new question that has the same (or very similar) answer as another question?

This relates to this android question and the very useful answer. The dilemma for me is that the question here was effectively 'what's the point of being able to set a receiver to enabled:false' and ...
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How is Stack's imgur gallery usage distributed across the sites in the network?

I just found out from this question (thanks, Shane!) that Stack's imgur namespace is still less than 1% allocated, with about 6.7M image IDs registered out of ~916B. This naturally leads me to wonder:...
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Estimate recent activity on specialized StackExchange sites

On specialized StackExchange site (other than SO), responses take usually much longer time. Users can watch and compare question visits, but this is not very helpful for guessing when an answer in a ...
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Proper way to use Stack Overflow

I been on Stack Overflow for about two years and am wondering if I am using it correctly (if there is a correct way to use it.) The way I use/view Stack Overflow is a place to search for answers....
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Delete [EDIT] sections in a question [duplicate]

I've asked a question here: Import error when importing python file from same directory I've made about 5 edits to it as I've discovered more information and added information requested by others. I ...
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how to pick answer/ bounty divide:ClassCastException in java? [duplicate]

I have placed a bounty on this question. I plan to wait 2 more days but it looks like the only reason is different class loaders. Can I give the bounty to 2 answers? Is there a link to a How To? ...
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Is there any way to post further question over an existing question in Stackoverflow?

I have exactly the same question like this: Playing a stream of video data using QTKit on Mac OS X However, there is no helpful answer for it. In Stackoverflow, we cannot send message to someone ...
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why sometimes adding @ with the username doesnot works at stackoverflow [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do comment @replies work? On stackoverflow site while referring to the questionnaire i usually add @ symbol but sometimes its works and sometimes not. Example, Let say ...
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It's not easy to know what each Stack Exchange site is for

I have joined multiple sites on Stack Exchange e.g. Meta, Programmer, SO etc. On each of this site there is no place where the kind of questions that can be asked, or category of users the site is for,...
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How to be liked by the Stack Overflow community, or to ignore the haters

Over the past few months, I'm noticing that (relatively speaking) my questions are Getting low views Not getting upvoted Sometimes getting downvoted, en mass and quickly... then +1 by other people ...
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Area for self-answering questions / something alike user blogs(?)

SO is quite interesting. But new questions are sometimes really boring and repetetive. Being too lazy to come up with clever ideas to search, I'd like to see a "feeding area" here. Since there is a ...
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Newish users answering own questions with what should be question edits

I'm seeing more users who ask their question, and engage in discussion in comments (under their question, and under my own answers), but then the conversation gets to a point where what I think is ...
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Mathematics questions [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Where to ask questions on mathematics I know the site and have posted questions. But unfortunately no one give me an answer if I post here. Can anybody help ...
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40 votes
4 answers

Is it considered rude if you only ask Questions but almost never answer one yourself

I have used the websites of SO a lot the past few months because I am busy with a large scale web project. I feel I get better answers here on SO than when I just do a Google search, maybe because I ...
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23 votes
3 answers

Is there a bot on Stack Overflow?

In a recent discussion, user Pascal Cuoq noticed a very strangely written reply by this user. While reading some answers from his profile, I can't help to think the same. What do you guys think? (I ...
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What is and who manages it?

I accidentally visited this site today. It contains most of the statistics of the users of Stackoverflow. My Profile Is this a site managed by Stackoverflow? And what is the ...
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1 vote
4 answers

What to do when someone posts a stupid answer to your question

I get this every #%*@Q%& time I post. I take about 15-20 minutes to craft my question with all the details, formatted perfectly, etc., and then 1 minute after it's posted, some moron comes in and ...
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Appropriate site for questions about running an IT company and IT careers

I have several questions that I would like to see answered regarding the running of an IT company, as well as several questions about IT careers. It seems that these questions don't quite fit in at ...
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How do the Super User and Server Fault uptake rates compare with Stack Overflow?

I was just posting a question to Server Fault and I noticed that activity is reasonably light there. I expected there to be far less activity than Stack Overflow as it hasn't been around as long, but ...
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How would I find a list of the best answers on SO?

I'd consider it very useful and informative to be able to browse the list of the highest voted ANSWERS on SO. Not only would it shed great insight into what the general populous finds useful, it ...
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