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Creating a stackoverflow-like website [duplicate]

We have a successful SDK for which we would like to create a Q&A forum, and naturally we love SO. Is there a way to create a stackoverflow-like website for my own SDK purposes for Q&A? I see ...
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Humor tolerance in stackexchange engine

I recently responded to a question on stack overflow (don't look it's probably wrong). I tried to post a link to the Mozilla docs about kerning. I always go to the pubs. Well I personally think that "...
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Is it possible to use the Stack Exchange engine internally? [duplicate]

Is there a way to setup the Stack Exchange engine to run on an intranet for a corporation? The idea being that users can go to the site, submit a question and have it routed appropriately by ...
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Do Not Track header

Does Stack Overflow honor the Do not track header... or is support going to be added later? ...(it doesn't seem to honor the header at the moment).
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Chat room link can't be renamed

We tried to link the proposal in the corresponding chat room topic using the traditional : [French Language and Usage](http://...
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What other sites are using the Stack Overflow engine? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What Stack Exchange sites are up? I just saw Math Overflow. What other sites are based on StackOverflow?
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Is the stack overflow platform for sale? [duplicate]

If I want to have a website that behaves just like SO but is populated by users asking questions about cars (or waffles or ponies), can I buy or license the platform? What's available with regard to ...
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Is Stack Exchange / Stack Overflow available for private or internal use?

Is the Stack Exchange engine that powers Stack Overflow available to download or install internally for an enterprise or company? I think Stack Exchange's engine is very great and could be very cool ...
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Stack Exchange for in-house use [duplicate]

Is Stack Overflow's implementation available for in-house use (à la MediaWiki)? I'm thinking my company could really benefit from the kind of service Stack Overflow provides, but the entire ...
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Using StackOverflow (or its engine) for theDailyWTF programming praxis

I heard or read somewhere that SO is working with Alex, from theDailyWTF fame. He's running a silly code competition named Programming Praxis. You can find the lastest one here. When I see the ...
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Adapting the SO engine to other domains, not related to computers [closed]

In this thread, there's a comment I found in writing this question, which makes a good point: I can see a very good use of this engine in professions other than computer programming: Lawyering, ...
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What changes to the SO engine are necessary for Meta?

It's been a little over a week since Meta first went live, and what a week it as been! When Jeff and I talked about creating a meta-discussion site based off of the SO engine, he asked if I could ...
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