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For questions about the Stack Overflow for Teams Enterprise edition, which is offered as a tool internal to your organization to help teams collaborate privately in a secure environment. You can usually reach out through your Admin to our Customer Success Team. Support for Stack Overflow for Teams Enterprise is offered directly through Stack Overflow's Support Portal,, not through questions on Meta.

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Is there a way to programmatically get the days 'visited' information? [closed]

On our Stack Overflow for Teams: Enterprise instance, I'd like to use the API to build a report on how often users visit the site. I can see this information in the admin dashboard (e.g. below, "...
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How can I dissolve the "SO teams" site started privately to public SE sites after some time?

I have been a member in SO communities since 2011, and I find the information here well organized and easily searchable from the Internet. Let's say I am developing a software product called "...
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How is Stack Exchange Inc dealing with current and future business with Russian entities?

I've been putting off asking this question for a while, but it came up in the comments for the question about Stack Exchange Q&A access in Russia and is worth addressing. While I consider public Q&...
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Is there a way to publish a question for a team within a public stack? [closed]

My company has a public StackExchange for customers but I wonder if it would be possible to post questions within the same stack and somehow mark it just for the internal team to answer and view it. ...
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What options exist to monitor reputation by "group" of users on a Stack Overflow Enterprise instance?

I'm trying to figure out the best way to monitor/query/aggregate/analyse group reputation in a Enterprise Stack Overflow instance. These groups could be defined by email domain (by sub-company), for ...
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Does Stack Overflow for Teams Enterprise (on premises) offer a data migration tool from open source Q/A platforms?

I suggested Stack Overflow on premises for my employer. The result is that I was allowed to set up a open-source Q&A-Platform for the company and if the acceptance is high there might be a budget ...
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Have Winter Bash for Stack Overflow Enterprise

My company has started using Stack Overflow Enterprise, and it does not have a Winter Bash. Activity on our site seems a bit light, and I think Winter Bash might be a good way to increase activity on ...
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Can I use the Stack Exchange app to connect to our company's private Stack Overflow site? [closed]

We have our own instance of Stack Overflow web app which we access using Can I configure the mobile app to connect to that?
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Enterprise Stack Overflow for education

I am a teacher in Computer Science at a relatively large university with about 2k students enrolled in our bachelor and master programme combined. This morning I sent an email to our programme ...
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Stack Overflow Enterprise search should also find contents on public Stack Overflow

I think a key value for Stack Overflow is its huge Internet community. A company's Stack Overflow Enterprise, however, can't expose its "content" to outside because of obvious reasons. However, when ...
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Is there a way to know if a specific company uses Stack Overflow Enterprise?

It would be helpful to know if large institutions use private Stack Overflow Enterprise instances. I think Microsoft does. Does anyone know if Apple Inc. uses Stack Overflow Enterprise? Is there a ...
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Subscribe to tags on Stack Exchange Enterprise through email

I'm trying to subscribe to specific tags on both Stack Overflow and my company's enterprise Stack Overflow. I found that I was able to do that with the public version of Stack Overflow but not in ...
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How much would private SO Enterprise cost for about 100 users?

I was wondering if someone can give some estimate how much would SO Enterprise cost for about 100 users? I don't need exact numbers or anything, just some guiding price. I know there is an option to ...
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Import public Stack Overflow into Stack Overflow Enterprise

Can you import all of public Stack Overflow into your private instance of Stack Overflow Enterprise? Or, link it to your private Enterprise instance while keeping locally created content private?
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Stack Overflow Enterprise API support

Does Stack Overflow Enterprise support REST API? If so, where could I find the docs? If not, will it be supported in the near future?
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Bare site links don't lazily turn into nice links on Enterprise

When posting on a Stack Exchange Q&A site, any links to other posts in the network are auto-magically turn into a human-readable links. For example, this… http://meta....
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What are the advantages of SO Enterprise over wikis for internal knowledge sharing?

The company I work at uses wikis to distribute and share knowledge. I always felt when using wikis that they are unstructured, the knowledge is obscured and I cannot even be sure the knowledge I am ...
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Can Stack Overflow be cloned for internal use? [duplicate]

ISTM that a Stack Overflow-based setup would work great in many work environments. There are questions that can be answered internally, but you don't know who it is that may have the answer. Questions ...
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Selling/licensing Stack Overflow platform for use in private companies [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is Stack Exchange / Stack Overflow available for private or internal use? I love what Stack Overflow did with Facebook to allow Facebook developers to collaborate, share, ...
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How to run a private Stack Exchange-like site? [duplicate]

Is the software on which Stack Exchange is based available so you can set up your own, private SE-like site? Or is there other software available to set up a similar site? I would like to propose ...
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Create a Stack Overflow(ish) private instance for student projects [duplicate]

I would like to setup a Stack Overflow(ish) private instance for student projects at our university. Instead of letting students send their questions only to the supervisors of the projects, I would ...
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Are there going to be public details about the enterprise version of SE?

Apparently it is possible to purchase a Stack Exchange site again. What is considered a large organization? Google/Apple/MS sized organizations? Obviously it will cost a fair bit, but any information ...
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Can Stack Exchange be customized to specific projects? [duplicate]

We are a NGO looking for something 99% similar to Stack Overflow for analyzing and suggesting improvements in legislation. I have tried searching for terms and conditions for getting Stack Overflow ...
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Has the Stack Exchange buying option been closed? [duplicate]

Can I still buy from Stack Exchange to create a site like for local intranet use? I think this option has been removed, just want to confirm. What are the other options that I have?
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Creating an internal Stack Exchange for proprietary questions? [duplicate]

I know Stack Exchange is not interested in setting up public forums specifically for companies to support their own products. But what about private SE's for their employees to use internally? I work ...
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Is Stack Exchange / Stack Overflow available for private or internal use?

Is the Stack Exchange engine that powers Stack Overflow available to download or install internally for an enterprise or company? I think Stack Exchange's engine is very great and could be very cool ...