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SoundCloud embeds broken on 'Music: Practice & Theory' [closed]

Embedded links for SoundCloud were added in 2011, YouTube and SoundCloud embedding is now enabled, briefly broken when transitioning to HTTPS, https for SoundCloud, and then fixed again. Since early ...
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Stack Overflow Podcast on SoundCloud

If I am not mistaken, Stack Overflow's official SoundCloud is But I can see only four new podcasts here (from the last 30 days) -
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Company description on SE SoundCloud page is out of date

Looks like it's been a while since anyone updated the number of SE sites in company description on the SE SoundCloud page. Stack Exchange is a fast-growing network of 48 question and answer sites As ...
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Chat oneboxing support for Soundcloud?

This is a bit of a silly request, but since SE has recently been posting their Podcasts on soundcloud, I feel like I now have a legitimate reason to bring this up. Would implementing oneboxing ...
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