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Use for questions about specific site proposals on Area 51.

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Error when trying to see a revision of a proposal of Area 51 [duplicate]

When I try to see a revision of a proposal of Area 51: (I click on the "4 days ago") It shows me the error page: Here's a raw link for anyone who would like to try it: https://area51....
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Should there be a colorimetry site? [duplicate]

I wonder where to place question specific to the mathematics of colors (aka "colorimetry"). Some people at the photography site think such questions don't fit there. If so where should they be asked? ...
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Does Stack Exchange generally "not split off subjects simply to give them their own space"?

On my Area 51 proposal for an anti-natalism site (unilaterally closed and now deleted, as I recorded here, Robert Cartaino commented: This subject is already well-covered by a live Stack Exchange ...
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Why not let Communities refer questions to other communities?

The issue: As the number exchanges/communities have grown, a lot of overlapping question are spreading across the lines between the communities. Examples: In the robotics exchange there is a ...
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Area 51 proposal disappeared

I posted a proposal (Men @ 40) at Area 51 with two suggested questions. I thought the questions were relevant but it seems that others didn't; both were at scores of -5 at the same time. Now it says 0 ...
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Area51 proposals are being advertised now all over the network?

While happily browsing Super User I suddenly noticed this: Curious, I clicked and landed here. Appears to be ordinary Area51 proposal, one out of hundreds. Do all proposals get such ad at some ...
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OpenERP StackExchange site in Area51

There is a proposal for an OpenERP StackExchange site currently in Area51. It is currently stuck in the "needs more questions with 10 votes" stage. On StackOverflow there are currently 975 OpenERP ...
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Why is the Compiler Design proposal on hold?

Today I discovered the following message on my proposal: This proposal is on hold as a possible duplicate / merge candidate, pending further discussion on Why is this? This ...
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Is the Software Engineering site proposal a duplicate of programmers.SE?

With the creation of Programmers Stack Exchange site, the purpose of creating a Software Engineering site has become very unclear. The Software Engineering proposal says that it is for: Proposed ...
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Renaming the "Not programming related" proposal [closed]

The Not programming related proposal will soon go into the beta stage, but its name is a huge misnomer. The description says: Proposed Q&A site for expert programmers interested in discussions ...
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