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What does one do when the moderators of a site go rogue? [duplicate]

The moderators of WebApps have taken it upon themselves to enforce a policy that all questions “need details or clarity”, even when the questions have plenty of detail and are perfectly clear, and ...
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Is there a list of ChatGPT or other AI-related discussions and policies for our sites?

Lately, the use of ChatGPT on the network has become controversial, with Stack Overflow completely banning using generated text for content and several other sites considering bans. Could we get a ...
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The new contributor indicator is not appearing in a post created by a user that joined today

On a site where I am a moderator, i.e. Code Review, I was looking at this post from a user that joined within the past day. The new contributor indicator is not appearing under their username and ...
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The PGN Viewer (replayer) stopped working on Chess Stack Exchange

On Chess Stack Exchange, there is a jQuery plugin which is integrated to display diagrams like this: Today (1 February 2022), at around the time when this chess question was first posted, the PGN ...
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Do some Stack Exchange sites really allow joke answers? [duplicate]

(It looks like this post is about question posts specifically rather than answer posts.) Quora has a specific report reason for joke/troll answers. I cannot believe that Stack Exchange which even ...
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How do I thank Stack Exchange users in my thesis?

I am a graduate student of mathematics. I find the site very useful in my understanding of mathematics. (I never used the site without mentioning about it in my homework, etc.) ...
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Why did a moderator delete my account? [duplicate]

I don't know how to be clearer that a moderator deleted my old account. Yesterday when I logged on Money, I saw "Join this community", but I never deleted my Money account. I then clicked "Join this ...
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Most of the spam I receive is on webapps.SE

I don't have statistics to backup my claims, but I hope you do. I just flagged an answer as spam on webapps.SE. Most of the spam I reported are: Posted as answers On https://webapps.stackexchange....
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Request for a new post notice for The Workplace: "sensitive topic / be nice"

At The Workplace we often get issues where people need to deal with issues that are controversial or the issues are sensitive to certain people. These questions often result in storms of comments that ...
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Should I join English Language Learners or should I not? [closed]

I was scrolling through Stack Exchange sites, and I came across English Language Learners. Now, I am proficient in several languages, but English is my first. I realized I could answer a lot of the ...
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Menu of PGN-Viewer is displayed behind elements of the sidebar [closed]

The menu of the PGN-Viewer on is (partly) displayed behind the elements of the sidebar (Related Posts, Ads,...). I have checked that using latest Chrome and Internet ...
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What to do about well-entrenched and rogue moderators? [duplicate]

I am convinced that the moderation of the site fails the values of Stack Exchange, certainly in spirit, but also in the letter of those values. Specifically, I am convinced that ...
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Getting logged out of meta site associated with Emacs.SE

I am a beta user over at Emacs.SE. I am able to participate on the associated meta site from my phone running Android 2.3.6 and Firefox 32. However, when I switch from the main site to the meta site ...
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Issue with Meta-CompSci SE ("the page isn't redirecting properly")

I have a question about on-topic-ness for Computer Science SE. I went to Meta-CompSci SE and signed up for an account. I was not able to log in after signing up for an account. Clicking log in ...
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Bug/error on display on when not logged in [closed]

I see this bug on Photography SE: (only when not logged in) When hover mouse on: I use Firefox in Windows 8, both are using auto update. I report this so that you can be noticed and fix this....
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Was my meta question valid or not?

I asked a question on meta.hinduism.SE which is as follows: Are there any strong evidence that Hinduism religion is an ancient one? I asked this question on meta instead of main site (i.e Hinduism....
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The subdomain of Amateur Radio?

Why is the subdomain for the site Amateur Radio (Beta)
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Unable to sign up to Aviation SE – Oops! Something Bad Happened!

Whenever I try to sign up to Aviation SE using my OpenID which I use on other SE sites, I am correctly transferred to my OpenID provider, and after logging in there and confirming the request, I am ...
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The Workplace activity missing from Network Profile

I just visited my own profile on and noticed that the activity tab is missing all activity from The Workplace, while it seems to be a complete aggregation of the rest of my activity: ...
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Tag wiki excerpts not showing

Over on Aviation, some of our tags aren't showing their excerpts unless you hover on them, for example atc, cvr, united-states. Note that iacc is correct: Note that this is unrelated to this status-...
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Is it possible to prevent a chat room from appearing in the sidebar of a site?

I'm currently writing new aviation-related commands for the chat bot, and I've setup a room to debug in. Is it possible to remove this room from the sidebar?
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Error 404: Aviation meta sign up [duplicate]

I was clicking on signing up with Google and got this url which leads to a 404 error. I was doing the following steps: 1) We need to ask more questions! 2) Click on upvote. 3) Click on sign-up with ...
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Aviation's forgotten how to sort [closed]

Observe that MSO's unanswered by votes is in the correct order: highest votes at the top. Aviation's was in the correct order, but now seems to have gone awry: Note: Aviation is currently in private ...
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Is there a different standard for Christianity.SE?

Stack Exchange is not the place for conversation, opinions, or socializing. This is stated as a rule valid for every SE site. Since most of Christianity is based on interpretation of the bible, how ...
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Why was the AI site shut down?

Why was the AI beta shut down? All stats looked good except for visitors/day and high-rep users, but it was in beta for less than two weeks!!
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Why has every question on Webmasters been modified by Community?

I just had a look through Webmasters briefly, and noticed that most questions on the Unanswered tab have been modified by Community: Upon clicking a question, Community isn't mentioned anywhere. ...
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Library tags and language tag uses [closed]

I recently earned the gold jquery badge, and I am shooting for the gold javascript badge, but I have only about 600 upvotes in the latter. This makes me wonder: At what point does a question reach ...
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Why was the Android Stack Exchange created?

I don't understand why Stack Exchange has created a separate network for Android when they already have android tags in all of their programming networks? Is this a beginning of language specific ...
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Do people even use the Android Stack Exchange? The difference of SO and Android Stack Exchange [duplicate]

There is an Android Stack Exchange, but almost all serious Android answers are answered on Stack Overflow (Even multiple times because people are too lazy to search first). Why not combine the two?
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Why does Gaming SE still have beta logo?

So I just went to Gaming and noticed that their is no new logo like on WebApps. Is this because of the domain name confusion or is their another reason?
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Nothing To Install is still listed on Stack Exchange as Web Apps

From the Stack Exchange site list:
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