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For questions about tags which are sponsored (have an icon on them) and how tags can become sponsored.

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What do icons on the tags mean?

What does an icon on the tag mean, for example the "rg" before the sql-server tag as pictured below? Return to FAQ index
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Should tags that represent concepts be sponsorable? [closed]

I don't see any problem with companies sponsoring tags that are products/proper names, like flex or flash being sponsored by Adobe or android being sponsored by Android. However, I just noticed that ...
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What's this about labelled tags? [duplicate]

What's with this Adobe logo? I don't use Adobe Flex, I use Flex, the fast lexer, and I've had to add a million tags to my ignored list to try (unsuccessfully) to filter out the questions about this ...
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Adobe-sponsored tags [closed]

Whoa! Very cool. A welcome and smart way to bring users and company together in a way that benefits everyone involved - exactly the kind of advertising we need more of. Is this something that'll be ...
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Is sponsor ad expired for excel tag? If yes then remove the free space

It's look like sponsorship on tag excel is expired. So the advertisement is removed. But the space is not removed. Before few days (or may be till 31st Dec. 2012) the advertisement was like this: ...
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Broken Layouts for Special Tags

Basically all pages that include a query for one of the specialty tags (i.e google-chrome, amazon-elb, amazon-ec2) are showing a massive amount of whitespace above the query result (questions). I'm ...
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How much does it cost to sponsor a tag? [closed]

With almost 30,000 tags, it would be nice to be able to sponsor very low traffic tags. The low volume tags are actually quite interesting. For example, if you have a business repairing altair ...
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Who stole the fox?

Take a look here, the firefox tag page: As far as I know this is Firefox official logo: (original) I'm pretty sure it used to be that official logo until recently but now it's suddenly changed ...
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Could SO sponsor the FAQ tag on Meta?

If you go to the faq tag here in Meta, you are greeted with the complete list of the sofaq overhaul project. It occurred to me that the team could make the faq tag a sponsored one here on Meta, so it ...
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Why is there a NVIDIA logo in the [GPU] and [GPGPU] tags? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What do icons on the tags mean? I'm not sure if this is a very recent change, but I have noticed that some of the tags I follow (CUDA, GPU and GPGPU) have the NVIDIA logo ...
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"Doris knows HTML5" - who is she?

I just noticed that the html5 tag has a new icon: I searched on Stack Overflow and Google for her. Apparently, she once showed up in an advert. Other than that, I know nothing about her. Who is Doris,...
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User option to disable sponsored tags in the tag list

If you go to you will see an adobe logo fest. The tags list could end up looking like a walk through Tokyo. – random 13 mins ago Could we have an ...
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Sponsored tag images not loading [closed]

The sponsored tag images are not loading for me: The request gets a 500 error after 21 seconds using Location: London, England.
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Is tag sponsorship contributing to confusion between "metro" and "metro-ui"?

We've discussed the Windows 8 / Metro situation before. What should the tag for the new Windows 8 runtime be? Consensus on taxonomy for Windows Phone, Windows 8, and things named Metro? Windows 8 ...
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Will tags of new Stack Exchange sites also be sponsored?

And who will decide which tags may be sponsored by whom? Could this be made a per-site decision?
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Open Source Communities should get "Sponsored" Tags

Currently "sponsored" tags are only available for tags in which a sponsor has ponied up cash for. Since most open source communities cannot afford or justify the expense of purchasing a "sponsored" ...
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Are there too many corporate tag logos on SO?

Is it just me or is SO starting to become a Times Square type of place with advertising everywhere in the form of sponsored tags? I wonder if there is anyone else who feels the chilling effect this ...
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What about Tag images for OpenSource projects?

I know that the ability to put an image on a tag is one way that SO does advertising, but what about open source projects that don't have a commercial sponsor? Would it be possible to allow images to ...
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What happens when two companies sponsor the same tag?

This is just me wondering, it is not meant to start another discussion on the sponsored tags. But what happens when two companies want to sponsor a tag? For example, I see Silverlight is sponsored by ...
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What about tags that don't have a natural sponsor?

I support the need to generate income and Jeff et al. do a really great job of making it work. But I was just thinking about the extension of this "tag buying" advertising... What about the tags that ...
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Blank space in Kendo UI [duplicate]

When clicking on the Kendo UI tag, it just shows a big blank div: Is this a bug?
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If a company finds their tag sponsored by a competitor do they have recourse?

There are a number of questions on Meta about whether it is OK to sponsor a competing product and the answer seems to be that this is acceptable. What happens if the owner of a trademarked name finds ...
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Weird border issue around sponsored links

When filtering by multiple tags, the tag wiki doesn't appear, but the sponsored links are still there. This can cause some weird formatting issues: It may be hard to see exactly what I mean, so I've ...
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Add the R logo to the R tag?

Hi, I've noticed some tags bear a logo. It would be nice to have the R logo on the tag as well. Is this doable / legal?
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Bring Back the 200 rep level to not see Sponsored Header Ads

If I have 200 rep, shouldn't I not see the 'Sponsored Tag' Header Ad? I don't mind the sponsored tags, but I hate losing screen space to the Header Ad. Please exclude those users from seeing the '...
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