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A silver badge earned for up-voting 100 competing answers.

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"Go get it" for sportsmanship lists questions where mine is the only answer

The Sportsmanship badge is about upvoting other people's answers where you yourself also have an answer. Now, I think "Go get it" on this kind of badge is questionable to begin with (i.e. it ...
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Why does the Sportsmanship badge not take into account your own 0 score answers?

The Sportsmanship badge description states: Up voted 100 answers on questions where an answer of yours has a positive score. Just curious, but why does it require a positive score?
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Sportsmanship badge competing [duplicate]

So lets say I answer a question and get +1. If there are 7 other answers competing do I get 7 counts towards my progress or only 1 if I upvote all of them?
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How can I track my sportmanship progress [duplicate]

Is there a way that I can track my sportmanship badge progress? It seems that stack exchange data explorer can not help me here as upvoting is anonymous(at least that's what I read in a comment in a ...
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How to see current count for sportsmanship badge? [duplicate]

Where can I see required votes or counted vote for sportsmanship badge?
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Sportsmanship Badge Question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Voting for competing answers (Sportsmanship badge) Suppose I have posted 100 questions. On all these questions there are two answers - one is mine and other is some other ...
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Stack Exchange Community Statistics Results: How sportsmanlike are our users? [closed]

Question source: How sportsmanlike are our users? Data sources: June 6, 2011 NDA dump; February 6, 2012 NDA dump The results here are only for Stack Overflow. How many sportsmanlike votes have been ...
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Why Sportsmanship badge was not awarded?

I voted on more than 100 competing answers. Even then I have not received Sportsmanship badge. This is my profile Sachin Mhetre. My account was merged with another account. Is this a reason for not ...
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Does Sportmanship badge encourage clutter?

Sportsmanship badge is awarded for voting up 100 competing answers. But how often is there really a good reason to vote up a competing answer ? Another answer is better than mine, or says the same ...
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Sportsmanship badge: Does answer need +1 -before- voting on a competing answer to count?

I was browsing through SODE this morning and found this SODE query that claims I have cast 279 competing votes. Which got me wondering; for a vote to count towards the Sportsmanship badge, do you ...
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clarifying the short description of the "sportsmanship" badge

The current description of the "Sportsmanship" badge is: Up voted 100 competing answers That misled me at first. I wonder if a few more words might help others avoid the same misunderstanding I ...
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How does the sportsmanship badge logic work? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are upvotes on competing posts counted per question or per answer for Sportsmanship? I'm a bit confused about the details of the sportsmanship badge, and when I searched on ...
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Are upvotes on competing posts counted per question or per answer for Sportsmanship? [duplicate]

The definition of the Sportsmanship badge: Up voted 100 competing answers doesn't specify whether each upvote on competing answers to the same question counts towards this criteria, or if it's ...
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Old Shatterhand badge - upvoting X competing answers with bounty in place

Coming though featured (bountied) questions gave me an idea: that would be really a gesture of ultra-fair play or "tour de force" (sorry for my english, don't know the right word for it) worth gold ...
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Should deleting my answer and up-voting another count towards sportsmanship?

Based on this post: Voting for competing answers (Sportsmanship badge) my understanding of the Sportsmanship Badge (for up voting 100 competing answers) is that your answer must have a positive ...
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Sportsmanship badge should also consider accepted answer

The Sportsmanship badge is awarded for voting on 100 answers competing with one's own. The rules are currently that votes count only for questions on which the user has posted a positive-voted answer. ...
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Do Sportsmanship badge votes count after an answer is accepted?

The Sportsmanship badge is awarded for voting on 100 answers competing with one's own. Do the votes I cast count toward this badge when either of the following circumstances are true? The requestor ...
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Do community wiki votes contribute to the Sportsmanship badge? Should they?

The sportsmanship badge is for voting for competing answers. If an answer is a community wiki, is it competing?
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Is it possible to know how many competing answers I upvoted?

I am trying to achieve the Sportsmanship badge. I wonder if it's possible to know how many times I upvoted competing answers until now?
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Modify the "competing answer" rule to ignore when votes were cast

According to the announcement by Jarrod, the logic for the Sportsmanship badge only counts votes that a user casts after posting his own answer. I questioned that logic in a comment under the ...
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Voting for competing answers (Sportsmanship badge)

If I answer a question and vote for a competing answer, I am on my way to the Sportsmanship badge. What about if I: a) delete my answer after voting for a competing answer -- or -- b) delete my ...
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Please add a new badge called "Good sport"

The first time someone votes up another user's answer on a question that they themselves have answered, they should get a bronze "Good sport" badge.