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Low-res view/filter icons used in

Page: Imagery is best: It may not look very obvious, but on my screen these are noticibly blurry compared to the rest of the page. If it makes any difference, I'm using ...
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Stack Exchange badge sprites pulled from wrong site [duplicate]

I was trolling on around on when I got a notification on the StackExchange Banner from Even though the badge was issued for Stack Overflow, the sprite was ...
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What are the little triangles for in the CSS sprite in SO

I mean the little triangles under the big ones (the normal upvote/downvote). *link to image Are they for mods or something? Just curious. I can't believe nobody knows, I will retag as bug then ;) ...
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Why are sprites still designed with a bounty accept image?

All Stack Exchange sites have sprites to use as images. All of these sprites are also variously sized, so that a certain sprite that is 100px down in one spritesheet may be 200px down in another. All ...
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