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DO NOT USE THIS TAG. Most questions about the annual Stack Overflow Developer Survey should be asked on Meta Stack Overflow, not here.

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Stack Overflow Developer Survey [closed]

I am unsure if I am asking this question in the correct place, but I thought I would start here. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. I am a doctoral candidate using ...
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When promoting the 2023 Developer Survey, did you analyze how the phrasing of the survey invitation might have influenced responses?

It appears there were at least 2 emails sent to promote the survey on AI tool usage. One of them is titled: 2023 Dev Survey: Are you using AI tools in your workflow? the other: The 2023 Developer ...
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Redirect back to the site from which I started the "Stack Overflow Developer Survey" after finishing

I think it would be great if, after completing the survey, it redirects me back to the site, from where I go to the survey page. At this moment it doesn't do anything Maybe it designed like that ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Why does "WordPress" not show up in the 2022 Developer Survey? [closed]

WordPress does not show as an option in the section "Web frameworks and technologies" of the 2022 Developer Survey:
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I already took the census. Why does the 'Census' badge not show on my profile? [closed]

I completed the developer survey, but I did not get the Census badge credited to my account. I took the census while I was not logged in and logged in after the fact. I'm not able to retake the census ...
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Bug in survey question

It is not possible to say that I use Stack Exchange but that I have never visited Stack Overflow. If I click one, it unclicks the other.
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23 votes
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I filled out a survey and now the system is thanking me all the time

I've just finished answering this survey, and now every time I go to some page at SOpt, it shows me this banner: It happens for every single page I visit on SOpt (main and meta). It doesn't happen ...
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License links are not HTTPS in README files of Developer Surveys

I was having a look at the 2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results and noticed that the license links in README_2020.txt are not HTTPS. The links seem to be the same in the previous surveys too. ...
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11 votes
0 answers

Don't show ad for Developer Survey if you've already taken it

I just noticed an advertisement for the Developer Survey 2020: I have already taken it two weeks ago, and the system knows about this since it awarded me a badge for it. In that case, it's better to ...
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1 answer

What does "comments" mean in the coded responses to the Site Satisfaction Survey Summer 2019?

In the latest blog post, The Loop #2: Understanding Site Satisfaction, Summer 2019, this graphic is included: Coded responses to "What do you find most frustrating or unappealing about using ...
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32 votes
1 answer

What were the complaints filed under "other" in the survey data?

In the latest blog post, The Loop #2: Understanding Site Satisfaction, Summer 2019, this graphic is included: Coded responses to "What do you find most frustrating or unappealing about using ...
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55 votes
4 answers

How were the racial backgrounds used by The Loop and previous surveys designed?

In the current version of "The Loop", the following question is asked: Which racial background(s) do you identify with? Please select all that apply. (optional) Multiracial Hispanic ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Which Stack Exchange sites show a banner for the 2019 Developer Survey?

I just had a bunch of different Stack Exchange sites open, and I noticed that some but not all of them had a banner inviting me to take the 2019 Developer Survey. Not even all sites in the Technology ...
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1 answer

Census badge description is not used in localization engine

Looks like the “Census” badge name and its description are not used in localized engine. I.e. as far as I see all sentences have been translated at least two months ago, but not used on site. E.g. ...
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Add timestamps to developer survey Please add: When was the survey taken? When were the results published? The survey results <2014 were short blog posts with timestamps on ...
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1 answer

How can I know the number of developers who do not have a Stack Overflow account and answered the 2016 Developer Survey

I got the 2016 Developer Survey data, but I don't know how I can get the number of developers who do not have a Stack Overflow account and answered this survey. I also would like to know their ...
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5 votes
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Where can I ask Stackoverflow users to participate in an academic study? [duplicate]

I'm writing my Master's thesis in Economics and would like to investigate the link between Stackoverflow and salary improvements of its users compared to national averages (by role), as well as run ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Stack Overflow Survey results don't display properly in Firefox

The error is noticed when visiting the Most Loved, Dreaded, and Wanted Tools page and switching to the "Most Wanted" tab. The first two results (Android and Javascript) do not appear correctly in ...
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Where's the annual Stack Exchange survey? [closed]

Stack Exchange used to have these nice annual surveys. They were really interesting, it gave us a good insight into how the network's demographics evolve. There was one in 2010, one in 2011, one in ...
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1 answer

Download data for StackOverflow User Survey?

The DropBox link to download the data for this survey is expired. Is there another place to get the data?
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Leading question on 2013 survey?

I found this question on the 2013 survey a little leading: How often are you contacted by recruiters? ( ) An insane amount ( ) A slightly less than insane amount ( ) Never There's no way to say &...
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22 votes
1 answer

I wonder what a company cage looks like?

While taking the survey just now, I noticed this in one of the questions: This got me curious... what does a company cage look like? :)
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5 votes
1 answer

Stack Overflow Message?

In the Annual Survey for 2013, one question is about the preferred way to be contacted by a recruiter. One of the options is "Stack Overflow Message". What does that mean? As far as I know there is ...
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72 votes
14 answers

Stack Overflow Annual User Survey 2013 Edition

This year's survey is live! We've edited the questions/answers based on your feedback from last year's survey and suggestions from our Meta post. As a small token of our appreciation, we'll be ...
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In 2013 and future StackOverflow survey results, show per capita maps

So I noticed that SO is soliciting question suggestions for the 2013 survey. Well, I don't have a question suggestion, but I do have a survey-related suggestion. In 2012, the infographic for the ...
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41 votes
32 answers

Suggest a question for the 2013 Stack Overflow User Survey

It's that time of year again! We'll post the survey soon and ask for feedback, but right now we're looking for suggestions for new questions we should ask. So, use the answers to suggest a question ...
13 votes
1 answer

Break down Europe more in the survey results

So, my guess is that the survey results are fixed for this year, but for future years I think it a good idea to further segment "Other Europe". Right now, its percentage (>16%) is higher than any ...
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42 votes
2 answers

The user survey results show where developers live, but it's just a population map

The infographic of the SO user survey results was quite intriguing, but one of the charts annoyed me as it showed very little real data. I don't need to be told there are more devolpers in California ...
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Link Reputation to Annual SO Survey

Is there any way to link a users reputation to the current annual SO survey (or future surveys)? The stats that would be interesting are: Any Correlation between user reputation and things like ...
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2 answers

When will we get the stickers from the Stack Overflow survey?

So I took the entire annual Stack Overflow 2012 User Survey, and when do the stickers come? They said we'd get stickers for filling it out. Just curious, it's been a while ^_^ Note: I do live in the ...
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-20 votes
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Why was I blocked from chat for asking users to complete a survey for my computing GCSE homework?

Why was I blocked from chat for asking users to complete a survey for my computing GCSE homework? I gave them a link to the survey, and they deleted it, so i reposted it and they marked me as spam, so ...
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1 answer

Where is my country in Annual User Survey 2013

I am from a small Asian country called "Nepal". When I saw this question I try to participate in survey. But the first question make me sad. Where is my country?
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38 answers

Stack Overflow Annual User Survey 2012

This year's survey is officially open! We've added a few new questions based on your feedback from last year and we are really looking forward to publishing the results in January. Once you've taken ...
24 votes
2 answers

Gender, Representativeness and Reputation in Stack Overflow [closed]

As a part of an on-going research effort on the impact of collaboration sites on the developers community, we would like to understand the demographics of Stack Overflow participants and their ...
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Took SurveyGopher survey on SO but forgot to get Careers invite

I took the SurveyGopher survey on SO, which offered an invite to Careers, but I forgot at the end to get it. Obviously I can't take the survey over again. Is there any way to contact an admin so that ...
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I just saw an ad for the Stack Overflow 2012 User Survey, but when clicked the survey reports it's closed

I assume this means the Stack Overflow ad cache needs cleaned out somewhere. The URL of the banner is
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2 votes
3 answers

Ambiguous survey question

From Stack Overflow's Annual User Survey 2012: "Have you visited / Are you aware of Stack Overflow Careers?" Yes or No. I'm not sure what the expected answer should be for anyone (like myself) who ...
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8 votes
1 answer

2012 survey has some flaws

I like filling out surveys, but this one looks a bit of a mess. "How would you best describe the industry you work in?" "What type of project are you developing?" While it has an "other", I really ...
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Survey Rejects Poly-Industrial Programmers

I have worked in a couple of different industries recently, but the new survey only allows a single choice for Industry. Can those be changed to checkboxes?
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Survey Gopher was incorrectly three-dimensionalized

The new Survey Gopher has a nice perspective survey pad, with an ugly unmodified SO logo in it. The logo needs to have matching perspective.
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2 answers

How can I run a quiz or survey on SO? [duplicate]

I want to test the suitability of a web-page control. Can I post a multiple-choice survey in an appropriate group? If so, how? Thanks!
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13 votes
4 answers

Sexism in survey

"How likely is it that a recommendation you make will be acted upon?" One of the responses is: "I am the man" [I am the head honcho] Maybe I'm the woman making decisions?
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4 votes
1 answer

StackOverflow Audience Survey

Is this for real?
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15 votes
2 answers

Why did Stack Overflow's 2010 survey not include Python in its choices for technologies? [closed]

In the 2010 survey I took today there was no choice for Python under "Which technologies do you use...". I see 16,028 Python tagged questions on SO currently and only 6,556 Ruby tagged questions and ...
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22 votes
2 answers

Post the results of the SO survey on meta

Ok. I know that there's some marketing-only stuff in the survey, but can we get the results of the survey posted to meta when it's complete? Curious minds want to know.
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7 votes
2 answers

Notes on the Stack Overflow survey

Two minor points I noticed in the survey: Question 2 is "How long have you worked in the software development / IT industry", while in question 3 I get asked what industry I am in -- which isn't ...
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