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Stack Overflow for Teams is a private Stack Overflow environment for a group of people. Support for Stack Overflow for teams is centred on Meta Stack Overflow. If there is an issue affecting multiple sites on the network please post here.

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Stack Overflow for Teams is now free for up to 50 users, forever

Today we’re launching our Free plan on Stack Overflow for Teams. We know that sharing knowledge and async collaboration is critical to companies and teams of all sizes. We also know people need a good ...
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Will the public Q&A network stay completely free, and remain the company's main focus?

After reading the interview (alt Glorfindel's post which has the complete text in his answer, for when the link doesn' t work) the new CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar had with Business Insider I got a ...
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Anyone is able to see ♦ moderator announcements

There is a way for anyone to see ♦ moderator announcements despite not being one: This can be done by creating a Stack Overflow team (which is now free!), then going to{...
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How is Stack Exchange Inc dealing with current and future business with Russian entities?

I've been putting off asking this question for a while, but it came up in the comments for the question about Stack Exchange Q&A access in Russia and is worth addressing. While I consider public Q&...
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What's this new Articles feature, and will it be rolled out to public Q&A in any form?

I came across a Tweet by Jon Ericson a few minutes ago, which contained a screenshot of an email sent out to Stack Overflow for Teams customers. The screenshot says: One enhancement that we're close ...
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Add teams to sidebar on any site or to the site switcher

Teams only show up on Stack Overflow. We will only see the new activity indicators if we first visit Stack Overflow, or make a habit of visiting the team itself. However, some users of teams do not ...
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How many questions is "NaN%", what SO for Teams is a "Q&A for", and how come is it listed as a network site?

The page with the URL, amongst normal sites, returns an entry for Stack Overflow for Teams: If this is intentional, and Stack Overflow for Teams should appear there, ...
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A claim in the Facebook Ad for Teams is not factually correct

The following ad campaign went live on Facebook today: Text: Stack Overflow for Teams has been named the leader in G2 Crowd’s Knowledge Management category again this winter. Thanks to all of our ...
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Integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams box appear on all sites

I've saw today this section on the main page, AFAIK I'm not using any SO Teams feature, how does it work? This is the box on the sidebar: Those links are Slack and Microsoft Teams This is where ...
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2 answers

Should Stack Overflow for Teams be on topic on meta SE?

While it has been asked before - there's been a significant change in Stack Overflow for Teams. It's still 'formally' hosted on the Stack Overflow website, but you can access your teams from nearly ...
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Weird profile icon on topbar on Insights

This is very similar to this bug, but on a different domain. The top bar on has a weird profile icon. Unlike the previous bug, this one actually kinda works. Here's what you ...
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"Slack integrations" and "Microsoft Teams integrations" in Settings lead to 404

"Slack integrations" and "Microsoft Teams integrations" appear in the Settings page sidebar on every site, including here on Meta.SE. Both lead to 404 pages. Shouldn't these links ...
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Where to ask about Stack Overflow for teams

When should questions about Stack Overflow for teams be asked here on Meta Stack Exchange and when on Meta Stack Overflow? The tag wiki excerpt is not really useful, as it doesn't specify when a ...
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Can we add Stack Overflow teams to our list of communities?

I am a member of a private team. I would like to add a link to that team in my list of communities, here: Right now it doesn't look like this is an option. I have to go to Stack Overflow to find my ...
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Have a system for 'polls' on Meta and Teams

While it's not a great fit for our "core" Q&A experience, I've found over time that for the process of running the community, we often do ugly things with Q&A engine in order to get ...
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Inbox and reputation overlays don't open for Teams users

On Stack Overflow and other network sites, when I attempt to open the inbox or reputation window, something opens very briefly but immediately closes. This occurs on Chrome and Safari. Other users in ...
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Hyperlink in Stack Overflow Teams email is not mapped with any URL

I have received an email with the subject of "Welcome to Stack Overflow for Teams!". At the end of the email, there is a paragraph below: P.S. If you’re already familiar with Stack Overflow’...
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Do you earn hats for activity on private Teams?

A lot of the listed criteria do not make it clear whether or not activity on private teams will give you a hat. A few examples I am not sure if teams would qualify or not: post a competing answer ...
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Does "up to 50 users" in Stack Overflow Teams' free tier mean total users or active users?

In this announcement, we are told that Now, Stack Overflow for Teams has a free tier for up to 50 users, forever. Is that current users? Or total users? I ask because I am associated with an ...
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6 answers

Introduce an optional "SE Gold" subscription so that we can support SE directly without ads + tracking

As an alternative to peddling ads, tracking, and Fortune 500 SaaS, Stack Exchange should investigate an optional tier of monetary support directly from its dedicated user base of public Q&A users. ...
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Reputation gains for Teams not vertically aligned in daily summary in achievements dialog

In the achievements dialog, the reputation gains/losses per site per day are aligned vertically, but for Stack Overflow for Teams the icon is too large, which pushes the '+12' in the screenshot below ...
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Translation for "Learn more" not used in SO for Teams

Translation for "Learn more" (that was completed long time ago) is not used in SO for Teams on ruSO: Other untranslated strings from the image were translated recently and will be on the ...
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2 answers

Does Stack Overflow for Teams Enterprise (on premises) offer a data migration tool from open source Q/A platforms?

I suggested Stack Overflow on premises for my employer. The result is that I was allowed to set up a open-source Q&A-Platform for the company and if the acceptance is high there might be a budget ...
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1 answer

Popup "What's SO for teams?" geometry should be more flexible in case of long translation

Popup "What's SO for teams?" geometry should be more flexible in case of long translation. Currently on ruSO: The translation of sentence "Q&A for work" overlaps with an image ...
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Update the help center page on merging accounts to direct Teams users to the correct form

The help center page on merging accounts says that if one wants their accounts merged, they should contact the team using the standard contact form. This is correct for most users... ...unless they ...
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Teams support for apps?

Teams is a (pretty neat) product that you are selling. The Stack Exchange app can't see any inbox notifications for Teams or access them, which is understandable... but I recently installed the Stack ...
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How can I dissolve the "SO teams" site started privately to public SE sites after some time?

I have been a member in SO communities since 2011, and I find the information here well organized and easily searchable from the Internet. Let's say I am developing a software product called "...
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Post about teams mentions minimize *this* prompt - what prompt, exactly?

In the post about teams being free now it states If you don’t belong to any teams, there will be a prompt to start a team, which can be minimized. what is this referencing? I can not find a way to ...
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Minor alignment issue in Stack Overflow logo on Stack Overflow for Teams emails footer

I have received a few emails related to Stack Overflow for teams with the subject title started as "Welcome ...", "Build your team, ...", "Find what you need, ...". In ...
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Can I merge a corporate team SO account with my personal SO account? [duplicate]

I have a corporate-based, "Private Team, Business" (that's what the screen says below the team logo that sits just under the SO logo in the top left) team account, registered and used with a ...
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Use the search API to query Stack Overflow Teams questions [closed]

We have Stack Overflow for Teams at my company. Is it possible to use the search API to query questions there?
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Is there a way to subscribe to questions asked by members of a "private" Stack Overflow on the "public" Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

My company has a "private" Stack Overflow space. But my company members often have general questions that they ask on the "public" Stack Overflow, because they don't concern ...
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Plans and pricing of Stack Overflow for Teams [migrated]

There are four plans available for Stack Overflow for Teams: free, basics, business and enterprise. Is there any way to use the trial version of the basic and business plans?
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Is there a way to publish a question for a team within a public stack? [closed]

My company has a public StackExchange for customers but I wonder if it would be possible to post questions within the same stack and somehow mark it just for the internal team to answer and view it. ...
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How can my company benefit from employees participating in Stack Overflow?

I use Stack Overflow regularly during my work and also ask some questions. I wonder how my company can benefit from me and other employees who participate on Stack Overflow. For example, if two or ...