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Questions tagged [stack-overflow-jobs]

For questions on the new Stack Overflow Jobs in the context of all sites in the network. For questions specific to the current implementation of Stack Overflow Jobs, please ask your question on Meta Stack Overflow.

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Stack Overflow Jobs - FAQ help page - help article link is linked with "/link"

On the "Stack Overflow Jobs -> Frequently Asked Questions" help page, the 5th point discusses how to report a job. However, the provided link redirects to a 404 error page. Upon ...
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4 votes
14 answers

Known Issues with MVP Stack Overflow Jobs Launch

June 3, 2024 Update: Since launch (on May 8, 2024) we have made a few updates to begin to improve the quality and relevance of jobs listed on SO Jobs. We are now excluding job listings that: have a ...
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18 answers

Testing a new version of Stack Overflow Jobs

Update on May 8th, 2024 Stack Overflow Jobs is now live. If you notice any bugs or other issues with the job site please report them on this separate post. I am happy to announce that we are ...
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