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2 answers

Why was the decision made to develop Discussions from scratch instead of increasing the visibility, usability, and focus on chat?

In the recent mod/staff virtual meetup, which included members of senior company leadership such as the CEO, a lot of discussion happened around focusing on new initiatives versus community requests. ...
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Are OverflowAI and Stack Overflow Labs the same thing? has several sections having buttons and links. Box below the page title Get previews and early access to our public platform featuresSign Up For more information about ...
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15 votes
4 answers

Will SE seek and act on community input in developing OverflowAI?

SE announced OverflowAI today, another attempt to incorporate GenAI into the sites. From reading this post, the uses actually sound like they could be helpful; I certainly hope they are. If they are ...
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The Stack Overflow Labs page on Developer Sentiment on AI/ML uses non-unique HTML element IDs

This is the page: For example, the ID h3-professional-developers-and-country is used three times. Now I can't link to sections properly. ...
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25 votes
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Stack Overflow Labs page has inaccuracies

There are several errors on the Stack Overflow Labs webpage. The page for the question formatting assistant has the MSE logo, not the MSO logo, and Meta is generally not spelled as META by anyone here....
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37 votes
2 answers

What is Stack Overflow Labs? Why is it sponsoring GenAI SE?

I recently noticed a new webpage: What's the purpose of this new webpage? When was this created? Was there any staff announcement about this webpage? I just got to ...
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