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StackEgg is the 2015 April Fool's joke from Stack Exchange.

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21 votes
3 answers

StackEgg - what is this thing called "fun"? [closed]

Is there an aim to this game? Is this to educate people or just be "fun"1? Also, is it multi player? 1 Great use of dev time! :P
81 votes
14 answers

When something that was supposed to be fun became not fun [closed]

StackEgg! What a great invention. Probably the best thing to hit Stack Exchange since the invention of unicoins! Very entertaining game, very fun to play. Many users have probably spent several hours ...
13 votes
8 answers

Stackagotchi Strategery [closed]

Dear kind sirs and madams, I have found participating in your tomfoolery once again, as in the past, to be quite invigorating! I cannot properly convey my appreciation using mere words, but may it ...
19 votes
1 answer

Which Stack Exchange sites have "won the internet" in real life?

The StackEgg game's terminal state, following birth out of Area51, private beta, public beta, and graduation, is "winning the internet." The progression of the game seems to indicate that this state ...
38 votes
1 answer

We liked StackEgg - let the fun continue!

As already said by Jon Ericson: Tomorrow (or a bit later in your timezone), the game will be gone from the site. So, I would like to request StackEgg to be available elsewhere. Is it possible to ...
3 votes
1 answer

How do I remove StackEgg from Stack Exchange pages? [closed]

How do I remove the StackEgg game from top right hand side of the SE pages?
-16 votes
1 answer

StackEgg is misspelt [closed]

I mean, that's not good to break the tendency of writing, for example, "Stack Exchange" or "Stack Overflow" or "Super User" or etc. So. It should be. Untypoed! Why StackEgg, while it must be Stack ...
18 votes
6 answers

What's the shortest time for a completed StackEgg? [closed]

While the leaderboards show the most completed and the average time for completion, what's the shortest time for a completed StackEgg so far?
5 votes
1 answer

StackEgg voting bars are incorrect [closed]

If 100% is fill up the whole bar, shouldn't 50% be half the bar?
-11 votes
3 answers

What did StackEgg want to tell me? [closed]

I guess StackEgg was going to tell me something, but I am having a hard time understanding what exactly. Probably the font chosen is a bit too small to recognise what it was going to say or I have a ...
4 votes
1 answer

StackEgg leaderboard bug [closed]

Anime and Manga SE doesn't have logo, causing this:
-13 votes
1 answer

Issues with the game [closed]

Why can't people see that the egg game is just a cycle: ask answer upvote downvote (do not close) once successful, a cycle adds a star to the right sections, gradually filling them each cycle. Each ...
1 vote
1 answer

Voting Closed But Can? [closed]

StackEgg. A great, fun game for us SE people to enjoy as we wait for something to do here. Weird thing happened to me. When I attempted to vote on StackEgg, it said that the voting round has been ...
6 votes
1 answer

Missing space in list on help message [closed]

It needs a space after "and".
1 vote
0 answers

Stack Egg - Force restart only if restart gains majority vote (at least 66% of total votes) [duplicate]

Tested this out on several sites with little activity/progress in the StackEgg game, so no harm done. Restarting can occur as long as you have either majority vote on second vote or top vote (even if ...
14 votes
1 answer

Typo in Stack Egg "winning the internet" message [closed]

I won the internet!! I got the congratulatory message on winning, but noticed a typo:
4 votes
0 answers

Choosing what to do in StackEgg doesn't persist the UI if returning within the round [closed]

To reproduce, Decide what to do during a StackEgg round (click one of the buttons). Your choice is highlighted. If you close the StackEgg dialog box / popup then click the advert to open it again ...
3 votes
0 answers

When voting with a slow internet connection, it can get counted towards the next round [closed]

While playing StackEgg, if i cast a vote towards the end of the round when i have a slow connection, it can get counted towards the next round. Then, in the next round, it tells me that i already ...