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Questions tagged [stackexchange-2.0]

Refers to the second, non-commercial, generation of Stack Exchange sites created through Area 51.

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Too many requests from this IP address [duplicate]

I am using the StackAPI library for Python to access Stack Overflow questions. I need to collect all question IDs attached with a particular tag (for example, regex). I used the search bar on Stack ...
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A lot of sites are going to be 10 this year - could we do something to celebrate?

Admittedly, the other site I mod is 11, and I embarrassingly missed the anniversary in the midst of a bunch of things. I had a mod go "My community is coming up on its 10 year anniversary, and I ...
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Are Stack Exchange 1.0 Sites still available for creation? [duplicate]

Can you still get the software to make a 1.0 site in return for a payment? I would assume they remove the method after switching to 2.0. But I was wondering if it's still a method that is an ...
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Where can I find information on Stack Exchange sites' history, especially regarding early stages in their development?

After spending some time on various Stack Exchange sites I am starting to get interested on the history of these sites. When were they first proposed on Area 51, if ever? When did they enter ...
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Regarding reputation change

I usually found that when I am not doing anything on Stackoverflow my reputation shows me some -ve change. Whenever I looked to the reputation change history it showed mu user deleted. Now this time ...
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Question previews with MathJax render weirdly in search results

I posted a similar question at meta.chemistry.SE and Martin suggested that I post it here. So here goes. This seems to be the issue only in our search page. The question that begins with "does ...
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Will there be a Stack Exchange 3.0?

stackexchange-2.0 is a thing. Will there be a stackexchange-3.0?
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Customization of shared code base [duplicate]

Every website (e.g. Stack Overflow, Server Fault) of the Stack Exchange network has the same code base (cf. Does StackExchange 2.0 Share the Same CodeBase with SO?), but also has unique features like ...
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Is it OK to post the same question on several Stack Exchange sites? [duplicate]

Area 51 allows the creation of sites by several users. This finally created a special behavior where several Stack Exchange sites have similar purposes to those of the original trilogy. This has to do ...
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Why redirect to [duplicate]

I had a question about the similarity of question which is suitable for several site created on Area 51. As they are no longer in beta since a long time, I was expecting to post them on the global ...
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32 votes
2 answers

Replace graduation with an incremental process

I mentioned this in TL before, and it got a positive response. It has been discussed internally, but I'd like to see what the commuinty in general thinks about it. Pre-ramble In the past, sites used ...
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Can graduated Stack Exchange sites get closed too? [duplicate]

For Beta sites, it is not uncommon to get closed if they for example don't fullfill the desired activity criteria as explained in Stack Exchange blog post When a Site Grows Quiet (2012-04-24). My ...
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1 answer

How long will be in private beta?

Unless I'm greatly misremembering, it's been like that since before MathOverflow moved to SE 2.0. (I suspect that the site shouldn't be used anymore.)
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4 votes
1 answer

How to get time of question posting and question migration of a Stack Exchange websites?

I want to retrieve time when a question is posted on a Stack Exchange website and time when its migrated (Basically time difference between question posting and migration). Is there any way to get ...
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How is the Stack Exchange API documentation generated?

I was just going through the pile of SE websites and just found Stack Exchange API. The documentation for each REST endpoint or URL is given in detail. Also, the API methods are listed and a separate ...
7 votes
1 answer

Future of SE universe as a non-developers' community

How serious is Stack Exchange about extending its brand beyond the community of information technology professionals? I would like to see SE become the go-to website for serious Q&A in every ...
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-10 votes
2 answers

Should Theoretical Computer Science SE and mathoverflow be merged?

Now that is a part of the formal Stack Exchange network, do you think that Theoretical Computer Science SE should be merged into it? TCS, after all, is just another branch of ...
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Could a locale-specific subsystem be coded into Stack Exchange sites?

I have the Russian Stack Overflow request open in a another tab, and this seems to me foolhardy because then it sets a precedence for creating a Stack Overflow or Server Fault or Super User in Spanish,...
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4 votes
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Should the homework tag be removed on other sites too?

Programmers and then SO have (somewhat) recently banned the homework tag. However, I noticed that it still exists on many other SE sites, notably Math, Physics and Chemistry. Should the tag be ...
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What are the rules of privilege reputation changes for beta sites? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Reputation requirements compared I've joined the recently-opened, and noticed that the rep amount needed to get certain privileges there is really small (it was just ...
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2 answers

Why is there a separate site for Judaism? [closed]

Why is this part of Stack Exchange only for Judaism and not about all religions with tags for every particular?
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3 answers

Is the posting of equivalent questions on different Stack Exchange sites discouraged? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Cross-posting on StackExchange sites Is the posting of conceptually equivalent questions on different Stack Exchange sites discouraged? I am asking for an official answer on ...
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1 answer

JLU SE site doesn't work in PS3 browser [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Which browsers are officially supported? And what else do I need? I try to vote, post comments, view vote counts, post answers, but to no avail--the buttons simply don't do ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Appropriate content for community ads

Launched Stack Exchange sites display ads picked by the community. On Stack Overflow, these ads are specifically for open source projects. On SU, SF and Stack Exchange 2.0 sites, there is no ...
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Who maintains Stack Exchange sites

I am in active participation in Stack Overflow, Meta Stack Overflow and Programmers.SE. It has been a great experience for me to discuss problems in Stack Exchange sites. I was wondering who are the ...
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Stack Overflow UI [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Stack Overflow redesign? I know this is of little consequence, but why can't/don't we have a CSS theme or UI that looks better? It's great already (thanks @Jin) and it doesn'...
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2 answers

Hide ignored tags is broken on the homepages of some Stack Exchange 2.0 sites

It looks like a recent build broke the home page for some Stack Exchange 2.0 sites if you have ignored tags and you enabled the "Hide ignored tags" option. For example, Arquade looks like this to me (...
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3 answers

Unintended consequences of the new /review on small and beta sites?

I've been using the new /review on a couple of the smaller sites on the network. In general it works very well, I've been doing a lot more review. But there in may lie a problem, in that it is easy ...
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Do science sites need a better advertising and user-interface on Stack Exchange due to different growth?

I've observed for some months now the science sites stats on Stack Exchange after the closure of I was glad that after the successful launch of, also ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Beyond the "ask and answer" feature, is there a way to motivate semi-dormant users to ask questions?

My focus in this regard is on 2.0/Beta sites. After the initial "honeymoon" period, there are often users who hang around, read questions, maybe answer a few now and again, but once the site is "...
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17 votes
2 answers

Keeping closed sites in suspended animation: a modest proposal

At the moment, when a site is closed to due to insufficient activity, it's taken offline and archived. I'd like to propose an alternative approach. Let's keep all the content online. Keep the "link" ...
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What is the right place to discuss SE site overlap or definition changes?

I feel I am close to a 3rd rail here, but as a general process question where is the "right" place to discuss overlap between SE sites and/or the possible need for site definition changes? Area51 is ...
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Why are there fewer question tags on Sharepoint than on other sites? [closed]

There seems to be a lot fewer tags available on the Sharepoint Stack Exchange site in comparison to other Stack Exchange sites. Is there a reason for this?
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How do I get my data from a soon-to-be-closed beta site if I am not a programmer?

The Economics beta was given a 9-day eviction notice (how typical for SE). It mentions a link to a blog post about data dumps but the latest Clear Bits data dump is for December 2011 and does not ...
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9 votes
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The leading for lists is too wide and/or is not adjustable on SE 2.0 sites

On Stack Overflow (and Meta.SO), the standard leading used with bulleted lists has minimal vertical space between each line. If you want to increase the leading, you can insert a space between the ...
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2 answers

Will there be support for non-English Stack Exchange sites? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Le proposte del tipo “<sito> in <lingua>” creano inaccettabili barriere linguistiche e vanno uccise con il massimo pregiudizio Will Stack Exchange ...
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35 votes
1 answer

Keeping links to the closed sites

Is there any way to keep links from the closed sites, so they can redirect to the migrated questions? See here for the migration of the recently-closed sites. The problem is with links on external ...
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52 votes
3 answers

Why did Literature fail?

In the interest of not repeating the same mistakes if another book- or literature-related site is proposed: why did the first incarnation of Literature Stack Exchange (2011–2012) fail? What should we ...
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63 votes
10 answers

Why did Theoretical Physics fail?

Theoretical Physics (TP or TP.SE), a Stack Exchange site for research-level questions, is going to be closed. It was clear that the traffic was declining, even though the quality of questions (...
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Change the "about" text of beta sites [closed]

Public betas typically last from 60 to 90 days, although they can go on longer. I think it's fair to say that 60 to 90 days is not anywhere near representative. Can we have that changed into a value ...
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14 votes
2 answers

List and notifications of all SE site themes / event changes?

Right now, there is an awesome Mass-Effect 3 event going on at Gaming.SE, and an ICS contest going on at Android.SE. I love participating in these events / contests (I loved the hat one on Gaming.SE ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Are we spreading out our programming content too much? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Too many SE sites causes confusion Are we creating too many different Stack Exchange sites? An answer to this question made me realize just how spread out our programming ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Is there a gallery for the ads used to promote beta or launched sites in the Stack Exchange network? How to get such an ad?

I was just browsing the Personal Finance & Money Stack Exchange where I am one of the moderators. Today, and not for the first time, I noticed the following in my right sidebar: an attractive, ...
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18 votes
1 answer

How are Stack Exchange sites "bootstrapped" given that it starts with 0 questions and 0 users with reputation?

It seems to me that the success of Stack Exchange sites is largely due to the user reputation engine, which naturally surfaces good questions and answers. However, how does the site get started? When ...
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Trying to register on the Code Review site gives error

I'm trying to register on Code Review. One of my posts was closed and I was recommended to post it there. However, when I clicked on the link I received in my email to complete the registration, I ...
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per-site /faqs should link to the community FAQ list

A year ago, someone asked: The official FAQ for Stack Overflow, Server Fault, and Super User (should perhaps be renamed to include SE-2.0?) is quite informative, but there is no prominent link ...
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What are the design elements that could be changed upon graduation of a site? [duplicate]

On the Judaism SE site, we're getting somewhat close to graduation. Talk about our design post-graduation has recently come up where community members were asked to provide some design ideas that Jin ...
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3 answers

Is Stack Exchange becoming too fragmented for programmers?

Let's see, we have: Stack Overflow - Place for programmers to ask technical questions. Programmers - Place for programmers to ask "good subjective" quesitons. Database Administrators - Place for ...
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6 answers

A Plea For Actual Domain Identities

There is a blog post from Joel on the Stack Exchange blog around the time of WebApps' Area 51 Graduation: A while ago, I wrote: “Individually-branded sites felt more authentic and trustworthy. We ...
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Moderator elections in beta sites?

Per my previous question, it seems like the beta phase of sites is continuing much longer than previously. Currently, pro-temp moderators are nominated when a site is only a few weeks old, when the ...
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