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Tour of Stack Exchange offices, other than NY HQ? [duplicate]

I really got the idea from Is it possible to go on a tour of the Stack Exchange headquarters? I live closer to Denver, is there much of an office there? What about your London offices? Can we have ...
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16 votes
2 answers

Photos of the new office

I just listened to podcast 47 and heard about your new hexagonal offices, team spaces, ping-pong tables, arcade machines, and walk-in refrigerator. I just wondered if you can post some photos up, for ...
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74 votes
1 answer

I'm on vacation in NYC. Can I visit/tour the Stack Exchange Headquarters?

To make this question less localized: "If one is in New York City, is it possible to tour the Stack Exchange Headquarters?" Original Question (7/14/2012): I live in Los Angeles (Orange County ...
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