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Questions about sizes and other quantities of Stack Exchange sites, e.g. number of questions, GB/day transferred, etc.

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We're working on a new stat to help convey the reach of your posts here

We've got a new statistic on the shiny new Profile Page Prototype. It's not perfect yet. And we did a pretty crap job of explaining what it's all about! Let's talk. What you do here isn't just about ...
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What are the most upvoted/downvoted questions and answers on the sites?

What are the most downvoted questions and answers on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Meta, and Super User history to date? Similarly, what are the most upvoted questions and answers on SO, SF, Meta, ...
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Add an audit log to record when particular question enters and leaves hot list [duplicate]

The Hot Network Questions page displays a constantly changing list of 100 questions, since it deals with time since recent activity. But are changes in this list ever recorded anywhere for posterity (...
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Which sites appear most often in the Hot Network Questions list?

Is there any data about which Stack Exchange sites have their questions end up in the Hot Network Questions list the most? In particular: What percentage of hot network questions comes from each site?...
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Stack Exchange Community Statistics

Many Meta users have asked for statistics that involve data that isn't available through the public data dumps (especially voting-related stats). In conjunction with the SE team, I will be bringing ...
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Where in the world do Stack Overflow users say they are from?

I wanted to know more about where in the world Stack Overflow users come from. Is there any way I could get more data for this? Are there any more maps or charts to further identify where users are ...
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What data about meta has eluded Stack Exchange until recently?

In the recent blog post there is the following paragraph (emphasis mine): Opinions and feelings about the best way forward are extremely valid things to consider, but the devil is in the details ...
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How is it possible to exceed the rep cap without reaching it?

I was browsing my reputation audit and noticed this (which looks like a nice new feature not yet mentioned anywhere) in the footer: rep cap was reached on 16 days rep cap was exceeded on 22 days Now ...
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What interesting stats can I obtain from the Stack Overflow data-dump?

What interesting statistics have you discovered from analysing the Stack Overflow data-dump? Related: Blog post announcing the data-dump Direct link to the .torrent (original XML files) (2009-06) ...
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Examples of ChatGPT being right and wrong on Stack Exchange?

Some sites have prohibited the use of ChatGPT on their site, with the rationale that it produces "mostly wrong answers". I've not seen examples myself of answers of ChatGPT being flat out ...
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Stack Overflow stats graphs

Once the Stack Overflow data dump became available, I put together a data analysis script and created some graphs of SO activity and history. I thought this new meta site would be an appropriate place ...
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Show How Much Statistics Left Until Badge Can Be Earned

I think the title speaks for itself. It would help knowing 'what else needs to be done' in order to earn a certain badge level. For example, Strunk & White badge. It says "Edited 100 entries". It ...
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2020: a year in closing

I am thrilled to share that this year we are continuing a tradition started by Shog9 five years ago. Please welcome stats that highlight how many questions were closed on different Stack Exchange ...
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Are there any observable effects of a "strike"?

Plenty of users were talking about "striking" lately, down to having a link to the first Meta question about the recent events in their profile like: I didn't call it that way, but went "pausing ...
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How many questions escape community protection because of reputation gained within checked question?

Community's auto-protection of questions is implemented such that quick upvotes to answers from new users make those answers cease to trigger the checks for automatically making a question protected. ...
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How much bandwidth does SE eat up?

I recently saw this image posted in an answer on Meta by @Nick Craver ♦: I'm interested to know how much bandwidth (in total GB/TB) gets used on average each month for such a large site, and on which ...
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2016: a year in closing

A moderator asked me for data on the percentage of questions closed across all sites. This doesn't strike me as information that needs to be restricted to moderators, so for your idle enjoyment I ...
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2019: a year in closing

Closing and reopening questions is a very small part of what goes on around this network... But it gets a lot of attention, and always has. Particularly over the past year, as we've tested some pretty ...
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Migration stats not consistent between sites

Apparently, as a result of a discussion on migration options it appears that Yannis and myself see different statistics when going to the migration stats tool and the stackoverflow....
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How can I get all users' total reputation across all sites?

I like how Area 51 shows users by their total reputation across all sites, as an indication of the user's general familiarity with the Stack Exchange format. Is it possible to get a list of all (or a ...
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Which accounts have more questions than answers?

There has been some discussion about certain users that ask tons of questions, but otherwise do not actively participate in a productive manner. I do not know if this is in fact true, I just want some ...
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Legendary badge calculation

I saw the new Mortarboard, Epic, and Legendary badges today, and was excited to see they were applied for past activity: retro-actively, as it were. But I was also bummed to see that I hadn't earned ...
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Add a "number of active users" statistic

Both, Area 51 and display the total number of users as one of the statistics available for each site. Area 51 additionally displays the number of avid users defined by meeting a ...
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Are other sites (besides MSE) growing inactive?

Ever since Everything That Happened with Stack Exchange, it's understandable that many users are hesitant to get re-involved on SE. It's understandable that many users are deleting their own accounts,...
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2018: a year in closing

Continuing my sometimes-annual practice of posting these numbers, here is the information on how many questions were closed on various sites around the network in 2018: Site ...
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Is the bounty system effective?

For years, people have been able to spend their hard-earned imaginary Internet points to add "bounties" to questions in order to attract more attention to them. (Because, really, "attention" is the ...
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Is there a demonstrable correlation between question length and question quality?

This is just an idea I've been toying with , really. I'm curious about the correlation between question length and question quality. "Quality" here would be translated into "likelihood of not being ...
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Sizes and overlaps of communities on the sites

This might be totally useless, but I wanted to join the league of people who use the Google chart API and the data dump to create pretty pictures. So I took a look at the relative sizes of the "...
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What countries have the most Stack Overflow users per capita? [duplicate]

This is a follow-up to Where in the world do Stack Overflow users say they are from? As requested by Kyle Cronin, I've calculated the number of Stack Overflow users per capita. I'm making this a ...
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Will yearly moderation statistics be published on all sites this year, and future years?

For the last couple years, at the beginning of every new year, Stack Exchange has posted annual moderation statistics on all meta sites in the network. These posts include a full table on how many of ...
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2019: a year in moderation

It's New Year's Day in [Stack Exchange land]( A distinguishing characteristic of these sites is how they are moderated: We designed the Stack Exchange ...
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Around how many questions get deleted in Stack Exchange and by whom?

Someone argued with me that people in the SE network don't try to delete stuff actively (voting to delete) and leave that work to the Community user. I'm not convinced. So… I would like some ...
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Where do first visitors on Meta Stack Overflow come from?

We all know that Meta Stack Overflow gets a bunch of off-topic questions that should have been posted on Stack Overflow in the first place. Whenever I ask these users how they even came here, they ...
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Private statistics page for users [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Show How Much Statistics Left Until Badge Can Be Earned I'd like a new tab in my profile with different statistics, for example, what is my question/answer vote ratio, how ...
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Statistics regarding users who recently flooded MSE with blatantly off-topic debugging questions

Related: Sudden increase in off-topic posts on MSE Ways to give users some specific education about question quality and topicality Block migration if user is suspended/question-blocked at ...
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What do the numbers in the Top Users section mean?

Please refer to the image below. I can't seem to correlate any relation between the two numbers. It says I have 222 total score for the jquery tag but how is this evaluated.
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Correlation between reputation and use of actual name on SO

Has anyone looked at the statistical correlation between a person's reputation and their use of their actual name on SO vs. use of a "handle" or nickname? I sometimes see users with obvious "developer"...
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Is it OK to only ask questions? What is the percentage of users always asking questions, and users always answering? [duplicate]

Ethics: I started really programming 94 days using Mathematica. I learned with 2 friends and SO. I asked 74 questions yet all answered with generosity. Sometimes I feel guilty only "asking". Then I ...
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Three-vote close/reopen test - results

Three-vote close and reopen has been something I've been thinking about for ... a really long time. I'm really happy to finally be able to present the results of this test to you all. This post is ...
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What can Stack Overflow do to persuade female programmers to participate more? [closed]

I know a lot of female programmers, and I know there are a good number of them out there. But I don't recall ever having one of my questions answered by, nor have I ever answered a question by a ...
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Looking for stats related to possibly coordinated comments flagging

Related: Why was Robert Harvey suspended? I would like to get some statistics about comments of this user that were deleted in two weeks between October, 8 and October, 22. Specifically, I would want ...
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Statistic for views over time

How can I see statistics about when the number of views increased over time? I would like to find out if at a certain date there was a significant increase of views to one of my "famous" ...
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What difficulties could be there to show amount of posts that match my filter in the SO CV queue?

I am interested to track the progress in "my neck of woods", that is to roughly estimate how many posts in the queue match the filter I selected (FWIW, my current filter is "primarily opinion-based" ...
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What are the browser and resolution stats for SO users?

Google Analytics (and some log parsers) will give you breakdowns on usage of different browsers, different versions of those browsers and screen resolutions. I'm just curious to know what SO users ...
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Missing whitespace in beta site statistics box [duplicate]

At least for successful beta sites, the new design seems to result in a lack of whitespace between the numbers and what the numbers represent. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, even though ...
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Do the statistics shown on Area 51 include closed questions?

Does Area 51 also include closed questions in its statistics? For example, is the number of answers per question reported for a site in beta influenced by closed questions, or are those questions not ...
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Discrepency in unanswered questions counts [duplicate]

On Raspberry Pi Beta, I notice that if I use the lower "unanswered" tab (the one in line with "All Questions"), the count is 1,432 questions. If I use the upper "Unanswered&...
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Some statistics from the Stack Overflow moderator election results [closed]

I did some number crunching on the moderator election results to see how closely they lined up with the rankings in the moderator nomination thread. I was going to post this as a comment on the SO ...
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User agent stats that visit SE sites

Are there any stats on the user agents that visit the SE sites? So you can tell how many browsers/devices are used to visit SE sites. Not only will this be interesting, but useful for stackapp ...
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What is the total number of hits/day for Stack Overflow?

As Stack Overflow grows day by day and a larger number of people use it daily, what is the total number of hits/day for Stack Overflow?
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