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Ban ChatGPT network-wide

Use of ChatGPT generated text for posts on Stack Overflow is temporarily banned. However, the reasons for the ban really apply to much or all of the network, and certainly for sites that are similar ...
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Let's escape The Overflow Newsletter entirely

Continuing the trend: Escaped HTML in The Overflow blog The latest edition of The Overflow's content has incorrectly generated quote and apostrophe characters There's no escape from HTML ...
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Harmonize display names for automatic URL rewrites

A couple of years ago, Stack Exchange switched to HTTPS-only and all internal links were rewritten by (non-bumping) edits by the Community user, like this one here. I just noticed that on Stack ...
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Privilege page, tracker, and notifications still indicate that 1,000 reputation is required to see vote counts here, even though it was lowered to 100

Just today, the system was changed so that only 100 reputation is required to view vote counts here on Meta Stack Exchange. However, the privilege pages here and here still continue to indicate that 1,...
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21 votes
2 answers

The Overflow's content is difficult to read in dark mode

The most recent "The Overflow" edition is very difficult to read in dark mode. Here's a screenshot to showcase what I mean: The new format looks great, it's just that the content isn't ...
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38 votes
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Please add some basic guidance on voting to the tour

I just had to deal with an understandably irate user who had been participating on the site I moderate only in one specific tag, where only a very small group of people were active. It turned out that ...
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Is there a way to search among my followed posts?

Is there a searching key for followed posts analogous to inbookmarks:mine for bookmarks? If the answer is no, may I enter a feature request?
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2 answers

Hat control icon goes offscreen

It appears that it is impossible to rotate or resize the hat once it is in a certain position because the control is inaccessible and offscreen. Is there a better way to fix this other than having to ...
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TLS for meta.*, again

When Stack Exchange transitioned to HTTPS, meta.* subdomains were changed to * subdomains. The old meta.* subdomains now redirect to the new *.meta subdomains. ...
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Clarify why review badge progress doesn't appear to add up

I was able to complete some "First Answers" reviews today. After completing three, I took a look to see my progress. It shows as follows: The page says that I've reviewed 4 review tasks, ...
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1 answer

Really long profile picture disappears from the user profile page

I noticed that the new profile design keeps the access ratio of most images, so I got curious, made a 40000 x 1 pixels PNG and set it up as a profile picture to see what would happen. This happened.
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4 votes
1 answer

Move the new badge UI in the profile page to under Top tags

The new profile page badge UI has been released and for an example if you go to my profile on SFF you'll see the following*: Click image to enlarge. Could it be moved to under the Top tags widget? I ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Please don't expect users to recognize American street scenes

My latest Captcha challenge involved identifying taxis. Well, I've seen one or two American films (movies) in which the taxis were yellow, so I made a guess and punted that the yellow cars were taxis ...
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-10 votes
1 answer

Should we add placeholders for referencing upvotes, downvotes, views, etc. of a question/answer?

Often when writing meta posts, you are referencing values such as upvotes, downvotes, and views from other questions. This results in lots of "at the time of writing" and "currently&...
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30 votes
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Include comment markdown formatting in "Share" link

I find I often want to link to other related questions in comments and frequently use the "Share" link below a question: Invariably, I also want to share the title for a readable link, so ...
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Revisit - Allow a bounty to go un-awarded. No winner

I'm raising this again because I now have a question I would dearly like to find an answer to, with one totally wrong answer awarded a bounty. I would prefer to be able to delete the entire question ...
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2 answers

In the Mobile Site Question List, the "Unanswered" filter does not work

If you select "Unanswered" from the query list at the mobile site, it does not work properly. This "Unanswered" option is not present in SO.en, and will be displayed as a choice in ...
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Safari showing popups all the time

As per the image, Safari has been showing the roll-over popups all the time on all Stack Exchange sites. I've tried disabling all ad blockers but to no avail. I'm on MacOS 11.2.3, using Safari 14.0.3. ...
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26 votes
1 answer

Could we block image only posts?

Admittedly it's uncommon - with maybe 5-6 incidences a month of meta of folks posting a selfie or 3 for no apparent reason, either as a question or an answer. There's no other text on these posts, and ...
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Can the Stack Exchange websites work with a small cookie notification? [duplicate]

The massive cookie acceptance notification is a major annoyance. Even more annoying, is that even if I've logged into Stack Overflow, when I visit another Stack Exchange website, I'm shown the ...
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41 votes
3 answers

How do I dismiss the new cookie popup that appears on the site?

Lately I've been seeing this cookie popup that blocks a lot of the screen. When I try to do the "manage cookies" thing, all it shows me are several categories, with a green oval containing ...
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41 votes
2 answers

Could the cookie banner please be made less intrusive?

I frequently visit Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange sites from private browser windows, which means I get the cookie banner over and over. Does it really have to cover the most useful part of ...
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13 votes
1 answer

No plural forms for suspension message

I found the message in traducir that definitely needs plural forms for "daysToken" variable: Your account has been temporarily suspended for $daysToken$ days. While you’re suspended, your ...
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46 votes
1 answer

Allow all users to use the deleted:1 operator to find their own deleted posts

This question is not a duplicate of Show all of my question/answers to me even if they are deleted (which I was aware of and referred to it below) in its current state. That post received a status-...
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43 votes
1 answer

Allow using arrow keys to move hats more precisely

During this Winter Bash, I've been trying to move one of my hats to the perfect location on top of my avatar, but the mouse is not letting me position it correctly. It would be helpful if support ...
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1 answer

Unable to undo comment-upvote after page reload

Why can't I remove my comment-upvote after I've reloaded the page? I completely understand the reason to 'time-lock' removing your vote (or question-vote), but it seems like reloading the page should ...
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Automatic change to the full version of the site when trying to put on a hat

When you try to put on a hat on the mobile version, it goes to profiles and there is emptiness, so it would be nice if it would automatically change to the full version of the site.
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1 answer

Hat Dash is cut off on mobile

When I try to play Hat Dash in portrait mode, half of the canvas is cut off: This makes it fairly difficult to react to obstacles in time, especially at higher speeds. The workaround is easy though, ...
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Make the Winter Bash dropdown consistent with the others on the top bar

The winter bash dropdown isn't dark mode compatible. The text is too dark. In fact, it fails all WCAG standards. while text in the inbox looks like this: The scrollbar is not the same as in other ...
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Milliner awarded before the trigger was met!

The leaderboard for Literature shows 10 hats for me, but Milliner is in the list which is supposed to be available after a total of 11 hats are earned. How is this possible?
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1 answer

Social Distancing (Main) earned on too many sites

I just earned Social Distancing (Main) on Server Fault, Super User, Ask Ubuntu, and StackApps, but I didn't visit those sites. For what it's worth I just logged in, which (if I recall correctly) ...
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1 answer

Hats can block page controls

Depending on how a user places his hat it may become hard to impossible to click e.g. the "Activity" button on a users profile-page - like e.g. here: When trying to click the visible part ...
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1 answer

Please allow moderators to apply real permanent review suspensions

As users are now inbox-notified for each review suspension, there is now one edge case that may cause confusion to users -- Background On Stack Overflow, we have users1 who have over 50 previous ...
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33 votes
1 answer

Can usage of the mod-agreement-policy tag trigger a moderator notification?

When a new question is tagged mod-agreement-policy I'd like it to trigger a moderator notification. I ask because the new moderator agreement requires: I will abide by all other officially announced ...
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Email app download badges should be modernized [duplicate]

For the first one, the up-to-date design is available here, and there also should be a newer version of Google's with a sans-serif font.
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1 answer

On the timeline view for questions, display the type of vote and when it was cast

Looking at a timeline view, I'd like to understand what people were looking at when votes were cast. The votes themselves should be anonymous with respect to who voted, but upvotes, downvotes, and ...
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9 votes
1 answer

All Questions page count shows 1 extra empty page if last page is full

This screenshot: shows that there are 1871 pages when you click the 1870th page, which has exactly 50 items in it, but the 1871st is empty. Why is there a 1871st page if it isn't needed? EDIT: This ...
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21 votes
1 answer

How was this user able to delete their own question that was a duplicate target of another question?

A user recently deleted their own unanswered question (later undeleted by the community, but deleted again by the Roomba). However, there was this other question that had been closed as a duplicate of ...
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7 votes
0 answers

<s>links</s> are autocompleted on preview but not rendered when posted [duplicate]

Using question links conversion into links with titles, if you paste in a post, then it gets converted into a proper link to that question: Does <...
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13 votes
1 answer

Add notification text about new Moderator Agreement into Transifex

Moderators should accept new Agreement. And there is notification about it. But it's not localized, and there is no such string in the Transifex. Could you add it, so we will be able to translate it?
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15 votes
2 answers

Stack Exchange sites with MathJax incorrectly crop the zoomed version of LaTeX

Stack Exchange sites that support MathJax sometimes can not handle heavy equations / a lot of symbols such as a to the power of b to the power of c etc...: The symbols get too small. Now this is of ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Badge for the first use of the "follow post" feature

We have badges awarded to those who learned and used some site features, first of all Autobiographer and Informed. Scholar, Editor, Supporter, Citizen Patrol, Critic, Custodian also look worth ...
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2 answers

To improve first poster experience, can questions have a suspend state before they can be voted for close? [duplicate]

Possible names for this feature: "Suspended" "Under review" I am sure newbies find it quite confronting to ask a question and then have it "closed". A suspend state ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Rollback of a post to a revision with an older license version does not make the post relate to that older license version

A month ago it was noticed that a rollback could change the license version backwards. In a comment, it was noted by Yaakov Ellis that the license version on a post should relate to the license ...
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2 votes
0 answers

"copy link" doesn't work on Opera on Android

"copy link" doesn't work on Opera Mobile on Android (tested with the responsive site):
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38 votes
2 answers

Do not repeatedly require trusted contributors to solve captchas when they attempt to post

By now, I've solved hundreds of captchas on Stack Exchange, maybe thousands. Often when I post (conservatively, at least 30% of the time), I'm presented with this: We can't quite tell if you're a ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Let us know when we can change display name again

Once upon a time, we could see recently used (90 days back) display names, then according to this, to know when we can change again, in case 30 days didn't yet pass since last used name. However, ...
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15 votes
1 answer

When you get the "Your question is ready to publish", allow submitting it from that modal instead of moving to the bottom of the page

As described in The new ask page is now live on the network!, all new questions now go through a workflow that finally leads to the pleasant announcement "Your question is ready to publish!": I would ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Allow sites to disable or otherwise tweak Community auto-bumping

So the Community user bumps posts occasionally: Posts eligible for bumping are those scoring >= 0 that have gone at least 30 days with no activity, have at least one non-deleted answer scoring 0 ...
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How can the required number of votes for community promotion ads be lowered on smaller sites?

Martial Arts SE just got our first community ads a few months ago. The requirement is that in order for an ad to be shown, it must have at least 6 votes. However, I'm sure I speak for many small ...
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