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Did the purple highlight just get worse?

I just refreshed a page on MusicSE, which got a nasty purple highlight after the recent colour changes - see New colors launched - to be presented with an even darker purple on a new contributor user ...
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Title may not fit into popup width on contact page

On contact page in some cases the popup title may not fit into width because is covered by close button, e.g.:
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Browsing for any non-recent blog post is significantly harder with the new design

The new blog design looks great! But it's left behind a feature that was really useful for navigating through old content: the archive/ date-based browsing page(s). The old blog design had date-based ...
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On/off switch on mobile has shrinkable width

The on/off switch widget on mobile doesn't have fixed width and shrinks depending on other elements, e.g. in settings: It's OK for one-line text, but shrinks otherwise.
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8 votes
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Search has an extra border in the topbar

As seen in the screenshot, there is an extra border over the search icon on the topbar. This started today, coincedentally with the start of Winter Bash, but not caused by it as confirmed by staff. ...
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Bulk Fix possible for "Old New Thing" links? Important Win32 resource

I keep running into broken links to Raymond Chen's Old New Thing blog posts, which are a very valuable resource for winapi / win32 programmers. There are probably close to a thousand of them site-...
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The [un-]bookmark and "Unfollow" tooltips for deleted posts are barely visible

In light of some recent design changes regarding the Following and Bookmarks tabs, for questions/answers which have not been deleted, the [un-]bookmark and "Unfollow" tooltips show just fine:...
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Tool tip for "No hats for me, please" button needs to be in sentence case

The tool tip for the button No hats for me, please isn't in sentence case and reads as: opt out of Winter Bash To comply with Stacks standards, which require sentence case for UI elements, it needs ...
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Weird scrollbar on "Report this Ad" popup

The "Report Ad" popup has a weird and disabled scrollbar on the right side: Windows 10, Firefox 94.0.2 (64-bit)
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12 votes
1 answer

Many authors' profiles are missing in

I was going through and could not find the profiles of many authors (including the CEO of Stack Overflow). Please add the profiles of all the authors.
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19 votes
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"(drag next selection here)" is treated as a candidate in an election

I have recently came across a very strange bug. "(drag next selection here)" gets treated as a candidate. I attached a GIF image to reproduce it exactly: As ...
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2 answers

Make cookie preferences configurable in profile

As shown in e.g. Could the cookie banner please be made less intrusive? and multiple answers to We’re adding more user controls for cookie consent the current cookie banner design is less than ideal. ...
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Don't add new lines when quoting some text

Current behavior: When selecting some text and clicking on the "quote" icon, > are added as well as new lines. For example: CRISPR gene editing is a genetic engineering technique in ...
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Extremely long one-word leaves boundary

It is an exceptional case but still worthy of attention, I feel. Currently on EL&U, there is a question about a single word in Joyce's novel, “Finnegans Wake” Meaning of “...
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Horizontal Rules in spoilers expose text without revealing

This used to happen on mobile only. Now it also happens on desktop with the new spoiler tags. If the content of the spoiler contains <hr>, everything without markdown is visible without ...
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63 votes
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How long should SE store IP addresses of users?

Right now as far as I know, SE stores the IP addresses used to access any SE site forever. Every moderator or employee with moderator powers can see a list of every IP address a user ever accessed the ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Inconsistent tooltip capitalisation on question pages

The capitalisation of tooltips on question pages is quite inconsistent. Looking, for instance, at the featured Meta Stack Overflow question "Take the 2019 Developer Survey", many inconsistencies can ...
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Review queue buttons aren't visible, can't be scrolled to when browser is less than full screen width (Chrome/Chromium)

Since the redesign, I have a problem. I use Chrome on Linux principally, and can test on Windows and OS X if desired. I use the browser window at less than full screen size because I have other small ...
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19 votes
1 answer

When does SE update their google-code-prettify builds?

Developers in the Elixir community have been trying to get Syntax Highlighting support for the Elixir Language on Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange websites since 2013: We have gone through all ...
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Sign up banner can't be closed

I try to close the web banner and it's not work on Chrome and Safari. Another question is why we needs two "Sign up" button? MacOS: 10.13.4 Chrome: v67.0.3396.87 Safari: v11.1
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Make it clear that advertisements are "official" and not spam or part of the answer

Today I saw this, and on first glance it looked as if the advertisement was part of the answer: On first glance it's not trivial to spot it's not part of the answer, and the small Like/Dislike ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Undefined site for chat room

I just tried to create a chat room and wanted to change the related site. Accidentally I typed 1 and saw an item named "undefined" with broken icon: Selecting this item shows "No records." ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Users lookup in chat search breaks with JavaScript error

When using the chat search and trying to filter by user, I get this after typing several letters: Two letters work fine, third or fourth letter breaks the lookup. Can this please be fixed?
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6 votes
1 answer

Allow rollbacks for tag wikis

So, on Myth.SE, there were some interesting tag wiki suggested edits, using content directly copied from Wikipedia. Stack Exchange does not appreciate that. So some of our newer users approved it, as ...
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Meta-site flairs seem to be broken

I assume this is something to do with the big HTTPS change ... Just now I was fixing up some broken images on meta sites by changing http to https. Many of these were on pro-tem mod nominations, ...
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Can we change the contrast of questions which have at least one of our favourite tags? (For Chem.SE) [closed]

I asked the question on meta chemistry stackexchange about the difference of contrast which is less obvious for us in Chem.SE than in Math.SE for example. We will be glad if someone can help us. ...
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Make URLs of flair image representing your votes in the final phase HTTPS

I have cast my 3 votes in the final phase of the Ask Ubuntu elections 2016 and now my Firefox browser warns me because of mixed HTTP/HTTPS content. Examining this further, the only HTTP content are ...
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hot network questions have inconsistent CSS for visited/not visited depending on the site you're on

This is a HNQ excerpt from Stack Overflow. Visited questions are objectively darker. This is a HNQ excerpt from Super User. Visited questions are objectively lighter. This is a HNQ excerpt from ...
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Ban ImageShack images because they are reusing old URLs for advertising

There's a very popular topic on Stack Overflow's Meta asking to Ban ImageShack Images. This was created because ImageShack deletes old images to free up server space, making images within older posts ...
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Can we list more blog posts per page?

I love the new blog format, but paging back to find an older blog post is somewhat arduous — there are only five short excerpts per page. Instead of scrolling down a short ways to click 'older'...
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5 votes
2 answers

Are there RSS feeds for the different channels/sub-sections in the new blog?

I see that on the main blog landing page there's an RSS link, but I couldn't see one for either the Company or Engineering channels, or the sub-section pages within those channels. Are there RSS ...
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Fixing some drawbacks of the fragmented login system [duplicate]

SE intentionally set up the whole account system so that each site is treated separately. Joining a specific SE site doesn't create an account on any other site. If you want to use multiple SE sites, ...
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Opt-out of being logged-in without SSL

For me at least, partial SSL support with mixed content has been working for a long time. I'm aware that the SSL rollout is a slow process, but whenever I'm connected without an ‘s’ after the ‘http’, ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Display comment flag next to vote instead of below to reduce whitespace

On the desktop site, most of the vertical whitespace in one-line comments is to make space for the flag button, which is below the vote button. I find this whitespace to be excessive, especially given ...
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Allow Chinese names with less than 3 characters on Chinese Stack Exchange

...and possibly elsewhere on the network, but I really think it should at least be allowed on Chinese Language. I and many others are not able to use our names on Chinese Stack Exchange without ...
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55 votes
3 answers

Inform new users about the option to edit their own post when adding a comment

When reviewing close votes, I regularly encounter questions with the following history: New users ask a question which is unclear because it is lacking relevant information. People add comments, ...
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Can we move "Start a bounty" to a more intuitive location?

Can we please move the "Start a bounty" link to be in the same location as all of the other action buttons? It makes no sense to me for this to be buried after the comments - It's an action on the ...
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Can we have more-consistent flag colors within a site?

The topbar now uses blue for flag counts across all sites: This adds a third color representing flags to the mix. On Mi Yodeya and Writers (beta), the only ones where I have direct knowledge, the ...
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14 votes
3 answers

Cannot navigate into the multicollider with keyboard - so cannot access main / meta anymore

The original multicollider™ wouldn't even open with a keyboard, but the new one can be selected and opened with enter. However you can't actually select any of the options within it with the keyboard; ...
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3 answers

Can a user gain more than 2 rep for editing?

I edited this post and noticed my reputation change from 1466 to 1470 (i.e +4). I went to check my reputation changes and found: Note: My reputation later went down from 1470 to 1468, so it ...
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Are meta site questions linked to each other?

I do not know if this is feasible, as I do not know the current design of meta sites. This also might have been implemented already, for all I know. I think that without linking to SO as the ...
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30 votes
3 answers

Review Queues and Ignored Tags

Steps to Recreate: Have enough rep to use some of the review queues. Ignore a popular tag. Go to your profile-> prefs-> check 'hide ignored tags'. Open a review queue. You will get questions from ...
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2 answers

I'm ranked twice in the leagues!

I'm not as famous as Jon Skeet but I thought I'd file a bug report anyway for appearing twice. Here FYI - I changed my user name within the period being viewed. I wonder, is StackExchange hiring ...
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8 votes
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Favorite Tags list error

I'm trying to browse for questions having my favorite tags and it fails with the following error: Oops! An error occurred while fetching questions for this filter. Detailed information about this ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Imgur images are (re)disappearing again

I've seen several of these, the last few days: "The image you are requesting does not exist or is no longer available." For example, see this post. So, searching, I found this answer to "My Stack ...
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Reject edit suggestions on old revisions

If somebody submits an edit and the post has changed in the meantime, the edit fails with an error message and the user needs to resubmit it on the latest revision. The same doesn't happen with edit ...
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