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Questions tagged [status-review]

Indicates that the circumstances behind a bug report are set to be internally reviewed, or that the feature request contains merit to consider but the decision on its approval or decline requires more investigation.

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9 votes
1 answer

In the inbox, "N hours ago" is underneath the envelope icon when there's a URL in the notification

In this image, see how both messages were posted 9 hours ago but in the first one that text is covered by the envelope icon: It still happens when the message is read. I think it's because of the ...
39 votes
1 answer

If someone is tabbing around the site, offer to turn on keyboard shortcuts

Turning on keyboard shortcuts... isn't the simplest thing to do. You have to either previously know about them, or happen to stumble upon them buried deep in your settings. This isn't really helpful ...
11 votes
1 answer

Duplicate modal - row hover state not cleared

There seems to be a bug regarding the hover class in the Duplicate modal: Full resolution GIF: As commented by @VLAZ, it seems to be related to the following ...
65 votes
0 answers

When implementing a major design / workflow change, offer an opt-in beta testing option before release

As we've seen recently with both the updated user profile and homepage designs, it's difficult sometimes to gauge the impact that this will have on users' experience just from screenshots or a video ...
15 votes
0 answers

No margin between tags in the search results on

If you search for anything on, the results show tags that are way too close together. Surely a result of other recent changes to tag rendering.
5 votes
0 answers

Questions of another user now appear as if asked by me

Shortly after I asked this question I received an email update and I found out that another question asked in another group by another user now appears as if it was asked by me. What is happening?
30 votes
0 answers

Child protection: adding recognition filters to block obvious offensive content related to pornography

We've had yet another unsuitable post on Worldbuilding. The title was innocent enough: I'm think of making steam punk/fansty hybrid do you have any suggestions The body of the question contained ...
26 votes
0 answers

Could we revisit WebP support with the new uploader?

There's a feature request from last year requesting WebP support. I'd say the arguments made there were persuasive, and I'd encourage people to take a look at that post. I'd say that with the new ...
40 votes
2 answers

How do I remove my contributions from Stack Exchange, in the event of a license violation?

Stack Exchange is now partnering with OpenAI. While the company has received a commitment from OpenAI that attribution will be maintained, and the company has not relicensed our contributions (as of ...
41 votes
1 answer

The "A day in the penalty box" needs a comments cleanup, and better curation

There's a proper, fairly well documented process of appealing a suspension - via moderator message replies or the contact pages. For some reason, folks, including many who know how things work, have ...
38 votes
2 answers

Wrong language in recent achievements

The "Achievements" menu on Skeptics shows me Russian text near my achievements: The Russian text is: Узнайте больше об этом в Справке Which means: Learn more about it in Help. I have ...
18 votes
0 answers

Is Stack Exchange explicitly blocking web crawlers that have a potential to be used for training AI models?

The robots.txt for all SE sites explicitly blocks GPTBot and Amazonbot. GPTBot is OpenAI's web crawler that is used for training their large language models as well as allowing their applications to ...
39 votes
0 answers

Why am I receiving marketing emails from SO when I have unchecked every option in the email settings?

I received the email that is being discussed here. The thing is, I don't subscribe to any emails in the settings on SO. It seems like a bit of an oversight that a user who went out of their way to ...
7 votes
0 answers

Login failure using Google password keychain on Android

I use a Google account as a keychain for all my passwords. Until now, I was able to log into the Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange site on both my MacBook Air and my Android phone using this ...
13 votes
0 answers

Close search "help" box on unfocus

I don't specifically require any accessibility features, but I prefer to use the site with my keyboard sometimes. When I tab through the link/input fields the help box that appears below the top-bar ...
54 votes
4 answers

Can't delete the filter called My Filter

I'm unable to get rid of a filter that goes by the name of "My Filter". This is the default name you get when you click on New Filter. There's a clickable "Delete this filter", which leads to a ...
56 votes
2 answers

Allow adding a custom rejection reason when marking an edit as "Reject and Edit"

Since we are rejecting the edit, we should still be able to add a comment to the reject reason when reviewing a suggested edit as "Reject and Edit". For example, take this suggested edit ...
1193 votes
14 answers

Moderation Strike: Stack Overflow, Inc. cannot consistently ignore, mistreat, and malign its volunteers

Update On August 2nd, 2023, negotiations between community representatives and representatives of the company concluded with an agreement being reached. The details of the agreement can be found at ...
50 votes
1 answer

When a retraction is not a retraction. Please update close-menu message

Sometimes, when close-voting, the question gets closed and subsequently reopened in very short order. If attempting to recast a close-vote, this dialogue appears: It tells me that I can't vote to ...
33 votes
2 answers

Sporadic login/logout issues after February 24 maintenance

Since at least 2 hours ago (7:00PM (EST) on Saturday, February 24, 2024) and about 6 hours past the time today’s maintenance was declared “COMPLETED” by staff member Dalmarus I have experienced login ...
8 votes
1 answer

Comment notifications for close voters: regression from 2018?

According the the comment reply FAQ, it's possible to @-notify close voters in a very particular set of circumstances: For questions: The moderator or gold badge holder who closed or reopened the ...
26 votes
0 answers

Rate limit for posting comments seems to not be enforced

According to The Complete Rate-Limiting Guide creation of comments is limited to 3 per 30 seconds. However, today I saw a user seemingly post a lot more comments than that limitation suggests. Since I ...
16 votes
0 answers

I'm clicking the same message multiple times to get it to clear, is it broken, or is something else happening?

My inbox indicates that I have a message! I click it to see what that message is. My expectation is that the message would be cleared from the inbox's active queue (the red-circle number decrements ...
17 votes
3 answers

Can a user request to know if/when a moderator accessed their PII?

Moderator have access to user's PII, for the sake of moderation activities. Can a regular user request at any moment to know when and if moderators of a given community have accessed their PII?
7 votes
1 answer

Does the network minimum age requirement also include users without an account?

Context: why I am asking this Recently the network Acceptable Usage Policy was changed. As a result of those changes now it is technically possible to include what the policy defines as "Sexually ...
51 votes
0 answers

Sometimes, two or more identical copies of the same question get posted at the same time despite only submitting once

I've noticed that with the new question asking form, sometimes, attempting to submit a question will post two, or rarely more than two, identical copies of the same question with identical timestamps ...
58 votes
1 answer

What is the status of the changes to the moderator agreement agreed to during the negotiations in August?

As part of the strike negotiation results, several changes to the Moderator Agreement were agreed upon. These include: A mandatory review period for binding policies Stack Exchange, Inc. staff cannot ...
15 votes
2 answers

Is it possible to manually update one's display name on comments/answers/etc. to avoid deadnaming? [duplicate]

Two months ago there was a question asking about whether it would be possible to implement some semi-automated tool for changing one's username in past comments, answers bodies, etc. I've recently ...
16 votes
1 answer

Code snippet link text conflicts with underline in Firefox

On my browser, the Show code snippet link for the code snippet alert("This is some example code"); renders as follows: It looks like the line and the text are in separate elements, allowing ...
74 votes
1 answer

Flag window redux: proposed syntax

There's been some consternation about the new flagging, but I wanted to focus on the syntax for a moment. I think the current shift doesn't really fix anything and it seems to fall into the same trap ...
31 votes
2 answers

Visited Calendar pop out on user activity pages missing

Update Jan. 17, 2024 Yay! The calendar pop-out is back in action. When I click the link on "Visited xxx days" (hover text:Click to view daily visit calendar) on user profile page I get only ...
44 votes
0 answers

Lack of Company follow-through / Company failure to meet expectations

It brings me no joy to write this post. Just over a month ago, Stack Overflow announced their most recent round of layoffs for the 2023 calendar year. Following that announcement, Philippe (VP, ...
7 votes
0 answers

Ordering by columns not working on many columns in Tag Synonyms page of SOes

In the Tag Synonyms page of Stack Overflow en español, the ordering by many of the filters does not work. The only one which does work is the first column, 'Sinónimo' (Synonym), while 'Destino' (...
59 votes
2 answers

Indicator on Meta next to the display name of former Staff and/or Mod users for actions performed with that status

When a staff member or a mod posts or performs an action on a site (like commenting, reviews, revisions) their status as Staff and/or Mod status is clearly identified using symbols or text set next to ...
-4 votes
2 answers

Make the background of code blocks darker (or a different color)

When we use code blocks, created for example by the "Code Sample" button ({}), the background is so light: Example: hsl(0,0%,96.5%) But when we use backticks (`) to create inline code the ...
27 votes
1 answer

Will the tracking pixels replace the existing advertiser tracking?

The company has recently announced a change to its advertising practices: they plan to allow the use of tracking pixels by select advertisers. I am under the impression that this is merely formalising ...
29 votes
1 answer

Does Stack Overflow Inc have a 'plan B' for their current AI strategy failing?

As a long time user, I've seen SE go through multiple cycles of trying to find new revenue sources (Careers, Teams, and now AI), and when it fails we go through cycles of downsizing like the most ...
43 votes
0 answers

User avatars are noisy in screen readers

The user card currently has "user avatar" as the alt text for the profile picture. This is problematic for two reasons: It's on the image, not the link, so it ends up as both the text for ...
10 votes
0 answers

Transifex missing a string about incorrect e-mail

When I try to login in ruSO but put in an incorrect e-mail address, I get the string "No user found with matching email", untranslated. I wrote a bug-report in ruSO meta, but a moderator ...
18 votes
1 answer

When did Stack Exchange start to dual-license user content?

Stack Exchange currently dual-licenses user content, which allows them to sell user content without attributing users. When did the dual-licensing start? The Wayback Machine's first save of the ToS ...
19 votes
0 answers

Vote buttons in the tour page are different from the actual vote buttons

Essentially the same as this question, Vote buttons in the banner are different from the actual vote buttons, except that this is about the example vote buttons in the tour page; the depicted buttons ...
18 votes
0 answers

Moderation tools are broken for Tor users

Related to: Top bar navigation partially lost when accessing from Tor network - unable to post answers or comments Moderators are unable to perform most moderation actions when using Tor. Network ...
10 votes
0 answers

Unfollowing a post by clicking on the [following] button does not work on WebKit browsers (all iOS browsers and Mac Safari) [duplicate]

Summary: With some browsers on macOS and iOS, unfollowing a question or answer dows not work anymore by clicking on the [following] button below the post. The test results (below) strongly indicate ...
2 votes
0 answers

Unable to translate a comment on user Rate Limit History

The autogenerated comment on user Rate Limit History (История ограничения рейтинга) like the following one is not ready to translation: User Id {id} is blocked from asking questions for {days} days ...
10 votes
0 answers

A lot of sentences not prepared to be translated on Post Flag History page

Below is the screenshot from one Post Flag History page on ruSO: There are many items don't prepared to be translatable: Post Flag History for Creation Date Creation User Type Deletion Date Deletion ...
7 votes
0 answers

Some fields on contact page contain encoded placeholders

There are encoded placeholders on some fields on contact page. For instance: Trust and Safety Account Issue Reproduced on all non-English sites if non-Latin symbols are used in resulting ...
8 votes
0 answers

Per-site inauthentic usage policy links to MSE for referencing standards (as opposed to per-site pages)

I've picked two sites here - Magento and Aviation as examples. Each site, linked from the per-site CoC, has an inauthentic usage policy. At the end of the policy, it has a link to referencing ...
-5 votes
1 answer

Change the attach-pictures icon to something more appropriate?

We spend a lot of time explaining to newbies that the "attach photo" button is the mountain-landscape icon. Aren't we overdue to replace that icon with something more self-evident, like a ...
20 votes
1 answer

When deleting as a sock don't move all accept votes to the Community user

Let's say I have user A with a sock puppet, B. B asks a question, A answers (somewhat poorly) but get accepted by B. Then a diamond moderator comes along and verifies that B is a sock puppet and ...
17 votes
0 answers

Why is the URL advanced search operator only finding lowercase URLs?

Consider the search url:DarthFubuMVC (even searching globally). It returns posts that have that GitHub username in lowercase (, but not ones like A: fubumvc - ...

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