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Indicates that the circumstances behind a bug report are set to be internally reviewed, or that the feature request contains merit to consider but the decision on its approval or decline requires more investigation.

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1 answer

Explicitly mention the consequences of the different user destruction options

There are two options when destroying a user: While it might not look that way from the dialog, the consequences of the two options are somewhat different. Both remove the user and all their posts, ...
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69 votes
1 answer

Revisiting question templates

This question suggested to have templates for tags. Their example was with the regex tag on Stack Overflow. I'm suggesting a more general approach: Templates, Mark II I suggest that each site will ...
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13 votes
1 answer

MSE itself should have a community bulletin

MSE should have it's own Community Bulletin like the rest of the SE sites do. It would basically just be hot questions of the main MSE site, instead of the meta (which doesn't exist here, obviously)......
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On a slow mobile connection attempting to open the notifications before fully loaded disables the button permanently

When on a slow mobile connection (30+ second page load time) the page appears to finish loading but the load bar still has a small amount to go. If there are inbox notifications the temptation is to ...
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3 votes
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Out-of-view inbox items can still be selected in mobile view

This bug is weird and hard to describe, so I'll demonstrate instead. These screenshots are of the stock Android browser. You can click any of these screenshots for a full view. Here's my inbox (left),...
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37 votes
2 answers

Duplicate answers should be blocked rather than just flagged

Currently the system detects duplicate answers from the same user and flags them for moderator attention. This is useful, but could be streamlined. Duplicate answers fall into two main categories: ...
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57 votes
2 answers

Automatically reject suggested edits where edit summary is an email address

Could we automatically reject a suggested edit if the edit summary is only an email address? We all know it is very common for spam bots to enter email address to the one-line field that is after a ...
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11 votes
5 answers

Improve the usability/intuitiveness of direct comment links

I have seen many people share links which go directly to a specific comment. I wanted to do this too today but I couldn't figure out how. I had to search here on Meta to find this Q&A: Direct Link ...
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156 votes
2 answers

Delete votes from users who later become moderators shouldn't prevent community undeletion

If you vote to undelete a post that was deleted by a moderator, you will get the message A moderator has deleted this post and it cannot be undeleted Interestingly, this extends to posts that a user ...
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48 votes
5 answers

Display Tag Excerpt tooltips when editing a question

When editing a post, the tag excerpt tooltips (that you get when viewing a post) are not available. You do get the live tag preview (that you get when asking a question) for any new tags you add, ...
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40 votes
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Site oneboxes are often white, invisible

Oneboxing of site links is often not visible, especially on beta sites: Many sites, like Ask Ubuntu and Sharepoint also have predominantly white logos in oneboxes. These images should have a ...
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74 votes
4 answers

Use "score" instead of "votes" in the list of questions

When viewing questions in the normal, "Interesting Questions" tab, (or any other view for that matter), the question's score is displayed to its left, and is labeled "votes". But is it the correct ...
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134 votes
6 answers

Can I please be trusted to not to script a bot that dumps an endless stream of spam messages into the chat?

I will have been at Stack Overflow for three years this summer. Although I have mostly stopped answering questions long ago, I still rake in the occasional piece of rep, and have thus amassed >60k, ...
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161 votes
3 answers

Can we have a way to edit bounty custom message?

I put up this bounty over on SO with the assumption that the text would be formatted like it is for a question or answer. I'm not really sure if I was incorrect in my assumption, or if I just ...
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25 votes
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Confusing review UI leads editors to accept tag wikis while rejecting corresponding excerpts

I suggested a few new tag wikis. Most were accepted, but in a few, the tag wiki body was accepted but the corresponding excerpt was rejected, leaving them with no summary. I inquired about it on Super ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Can we have the user page tabs on the flagging summary page?

When visiting the sites, I often check my profile page for any changes to: Flags I have submitted (and consequently my flag weight) Reputation changes Favourites However, at the moment, when I want ...
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48 votes
8 answers

Notify close voters when a closed question gets edited

As mentioned in this discussion, a question closed because it was not well-phrased is currently very unlikely to be reopened after an edit clarifying the issues. Those who voted to close should at ...
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