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Getting the SO sticker for the meetup group

We run Azure group in Charlotte, NC and want to distribute the SO sticker to our members. Unfortunately, ...
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What sites have stickers?

So apparently you can get Stack Overflow, Super User and Server Fault stickers by sending a self addressed envelope to Stack Exchange, does anyone know if you can get stickers for any other SE sites? ...
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Stickers still available? [duplicate]

Does anyone know if this is still a valid link? Can I still send an envelope to the address to get stickers? I can't find ...
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May we have some more SO stickers, please?

I realize we did receive some stickers before, but I believe more stickers would be tolerated. Of course, you should deserve them first. Are there any possible sticker competitions?
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When will we get the stickers from the Stack Overflow survey?

So I took the entire annual Stack Overflow 2012 User Survey, and when do the stickers come? They said we'd get stickers for filling it out. Just curious, it's been a while ^_^ Note: I do live in the ...
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Stack Exchange Store now in Beta [closed]

Update: The store is closed now. As you may have noticed, Alex M has been working on more awesome swag items. The fruits of his labor are now ready for a public beta at http://store.stackexchange....
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35 votes
15 answers

Stickers for Stackers (i.e. post your sticker shots!)

UPDATE: For those feeling left out of the sticker party, details on how to obtain stickers are now on the blog! Look what arrived in the mail yesterday - stickers! Thanks Jeff! First, I put a ...
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Meta Stack Overflow Stickers are Here!

As requested in We need a Meta sticker Which reminds me.. Navin R. Johnson: The new phone book's here! The new phone book's here! Harry Hartounian: Boy, I wish I could get that excited about nothing....
19 votes
6 answers

Stickers for non US residents?

John says: August 28th, 2009 at 12:25 am Why do you not put a SASE question on meta and see how many votes it gets? Jeff now has the trilogy + How to Geek Stickers. But, for now, he is planning on ...
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We need a Meta sticker

In the latest blog post, Jeff has revealed that he's making some stickers for the SO family sites: As mentioned on the podcast, we’re working on Stack Overflow Trilogy stickers. I just placed the ...
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