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How can a student ask better questions on Stack Exchange sites? [duplicate]

I usually ask learning-related questions on Stack Exchange sites and unintentionally get myself voted down with bad questions. When checking my questions like a year or so later, I see that the ...
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When will students be taken into account? [duplicate]

As student, I recently asked myself - and other mates did - why Stack Overflow had no special diet adapted to students, more indulgent than with developers. Indeed, we noticed that our questions were ...
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What do you think of a set of Stack Exchange sites for universities?

So at my university (Aberystwyth) we all seem to have Q&A groups on Facebook for all the various courses and disciplines. Alongside societies, websites and all the rest. I think it would be ...
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Using Stack Exchange share solved practice problems with other students

Note: I was initially planning on posting this on Physics.SE, but it is likely relevent to multiple Stack Exchange Sites. Because of this, I will be using examples relevant to the specific case, which ...
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Student / Seasoned programmer ratio evaluation on SO

I'm a CS/programming teacher encouraging student to go on site like SO (though they are not English native, so it may be too hard to them) and also teaching them how to ask good question. I would like ...
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If I get stuck on a Codingbat exercise, which Stack Exchange forum would be appropriate for getting assistance so I can understand and move on? [duplicate] provides interactive coding exercises, and I'm using it to practice my Java. I do however want to understand where I went wrong with human aid here and there. Which forum is most ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Where can students ask for professional volunteer assistance?

I'm a student and a member of our high school's newly founded robotics team, which we are currently trying to get off the ground. We've gotten past our first major hurdle, obtaining the sizable sum of ...
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I'm a professional (homework/student related) [closed]

I've been using SO for a while now, and it's become more and more useful as a professional tool, which is why I'm finally registering and joining the community. I actually use SO every day, including ...
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43 votes
7 answers

Stack Exchange as a class assignment?

I'm a professor of Computer Science at an American university. I teach a variety of courses, ranging from Intro to C++ to Advanced TCP/IP Programming. For the upcoming semester, I was considering ...
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Learning to fish one painful question at a time (or: Can SO function as a TA?) [closed]

By TA I mean the (largely US, I think) role of Teaching Assistant, who helps students work through course material. I'm finding myself unable to come up with a good way to help venkysmarty, who comes ...
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Learning by asking

I'm not sure if this question is 'allowed' here, or if it even is a valid question. I'm a student of Interactive Multimedia Design; I don't learn a lot at school. I learn by reading, by doing, and by ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Is the complimentary student filing of a CV still happening? [closed]

Hello, sometime last year(note, it may have been in January or February) I noticed the student filing feature of Careers. I of course took the student filing option which was free. Now has it really ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Careers has a nominal fee to weed out non serious applicants, and yet everyone can file for free if they want

From the FAQ page: Why are you charging the job seeker? Shouldn’t the hiring managers be paying for everything? When hiring managers search through CVs, they want to know that they’re ...
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11 votes
4 answers

Stack Overflow and interns... Good or bad? [closed]

If you do not want the background information, please read below the horizontal ruler. I'm taking three interns for a three month unpaid internship starting in March. Those interns are coming ...
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Will SO Career's free student filing rate continue in 2010? [closed]

Right now, a student can file their resume on Stack Overflow Careers for free. Will they be able to do so after the price changes in 2010?
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4 answers

"cheap-ass" option StackOverflow Careers

Thank you for making the listing option free for students, but the penalty sucks. There's a big blue student on the top right of my CV. Had I known that was the penalty, I wouldn't have signed up as ...
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5 votes
8 answers

Why is there resentment towards students on the SO sites?

I've seen a few very strong statements recently here on META about students asking questions on SO. Personally, I think that we are all students in some way shape or form, just at different levels in ...
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Stack Overflow Careers and Internships? [closed] With the launch of this new career connection, I had a question concerning student signups. I know the primary goal is full time positions, but will internships be a ...
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