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TLS for meta.*, again

When Stack Exchange transitioned to HTTPS, meta.* subdomains were changed to * subdomains. The old meta.* subdomains now redirect to the new *.meta subdomains. ...
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What is the status of the removal process of Stack Exchange OpenID? [duplicate]

Back in October 26th 2018, SE project manager wrote: Currently, is still on the internet, but we are in the process of completely removing it It's still on the ...
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SSL Certificate Error on

When checking to see if there is a meta for I found out that there is none (and a different Panda photo than I'm used to seeing). Also there's an SSL certificate error. This is probably ...
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Add softwarerecommendations subdomain, aliased to softwarerecs

Currently it just gives an error page saying it doesn't exist. Obviously it resolves to a web server, so better to just serve the Software Recommendations site directly. Even the error page can be ...
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Could language learning questions without their own SE site be redirected to or be mentioned on the error page?

I had a question about learning modern (spoken) Greek, and my first attempt was to look for, but there is no such real site (now). After some digging, I found https://...
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List of Stack Exchange subdomains that are not mentioned in "All Sites"

I wanted a list of sub-domains of Stack Exchange that are not mentioned over here Some of the sub-domains I found which were not mentioned are Stack Exchange Chat ...
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Search all Stack Exchange Sites from Google

Is there a simple way to search all Stack Exchange sites (i.e. including those with their own domain; e.g. Stack Overflow) using Google's site: option? I.e., for lots of questions I want to ...
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Why does Meta Stack Exchange have its own chat server?

Edit: It looks like someone's already suggested merging chat for Meta Stack Exchange and Stack Exchange. The proposed duplicate explains that Stack Overflow has its own server due to sheer volume of ...
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Why is there not

Ask Ubuntu, for example has redirect. Why does Stack Overflow have no such redirects?
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Criteria for subdomains for sites [duplicate]

Based on what list of criteria or requirements does create a subdomain site? For example, they have & so on I'm curious to ...
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If SE site exists, could redirect to it? [duplicate]

I wanted some feedback on Windows 10 upgrades (basically, whether a free upgrade from 7 to 10 is desirable), so I went to, which doesn't exist... so I went to what I should ...
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Where should I ask a question about a possible postscript exploit?

There is a file which is way too big to be a valid postscript file. It could be just a honest mistake by the creator, or it could be an exploit. If it is an exploit, does it belong to Security or ...
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SSL cert continues to fail to cover second-level subdomains [duplicate]

If you try to log in from a meta site (meta.*, you get an "Untrusted Connection" from Firefox, even without HTTPS Everywhere enabled. For example, I just tried this on
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How does StackExchange support subdomains?

Background: I have read an answer to the question : Which tools and technologies are used to build the Stack Exchange Network?. It is mentioned that IIS 8.0 is used as a WebServer. Question: In ...
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Why do some Stack Exchange sites have their own domain names?

I've found a strange thing: some Stack Exchange sites have their own domain names instead of https://[site name] The websites which have their own domain names are: Stack Overflow ...
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403 views is broken (When does Winter Bash 2014 start and end?)

When I open I get The Q&A site doesn't seem to exist…yet. This is the same message as when I visit ...
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For what is used?

When loading a question, I noticed calls to Upon loading the subdomain's landing page, I only get this uninformative message: Oh, hi. I didn't see you there. SE's CDN has a ...
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The subdomain of Amateur Radio?

Why is the subdomain for the site Amateur Radio (Beta)
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How does StackExchange chain its subdomains?

I'd like to know how StackExchange works? Is it just one installation which is divided to different parts or they use a separated installation for each subject?,, ...
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Does stackoverflow have an equivalent subdomain under

I know that most stackexchange site urls are subdomains under, such as and Do the legacy sites (namely Stack Overflow, Super User and Server Fault) and others (e....
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What is

I accidentally found this page: It looks just like the normal Meta. Upon the second look, though, I noticed that all questions there have the bug tag, on the main ...
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Encourage users to use SharePoint.StackExchange instead of posting on SO

There is a dedicated SharePoint.StackExchange and yet users post their questions on Stack Overflow. Is there a way to encourage people to use SharePoint.StackExchange instead of Stack Overflow or ...
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How to find out sub-sites (like of a SO site?

Somewhere I noticed reference to I checked and found this announcement. I want to know if there are other sub-sites also, if they exist, how to find them? I would be more ...
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Providing subdomains of SO to popular open source projects [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can an opensource project get its own stackoverflow site at I'm wondering if it is possible (or will be in the future) to have a subdomain on ...
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How do they decide to open new SE domain for a topic? [duplicate]

When I take a look at the available SE domains, I see some very particular and very specialized ones. There are domains which doesn't need to exist because there is already a super domain for it which ...
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Creating Q&A for our own site using Stack Exchange engine? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is the Stack Exchange engine available? Is it possible (or planned) to sell stack overflow as a service, so we can create Q&A for our own site, maybe link it to our own ...
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498 views is too long; can we have something shorter?

It seems like each SE site having its own domain is no longer possible. All sites are under the banner of the United States of Stack Exchange. And I am fine with that (actually, I am not. But since it'...
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Can we differentiate the sub-domains (blog/chat/etc) favicons to help with tab organization?

Like many people I keep lots of tabs open at once. It would be nice if the favicon was slightly different for and hinted at each of the subdomain for things like blog and chat, so the tabs can be ...
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151 views is down

It looks like the problems haven't quite ended yet. As far as I knew, the *.SE redirects were permanent and would always point to the actual domain.
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Can we shorten Stack Exchange URLs by using .se domains? [duplicate]

I have encountered a problem when trying to introduce new people to the SE network: they can't remember Stack Exchange. So, for example, I might tell a non-tech user: "You should ask your question on ...
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Very confused about domain names

A little while ago, there was a pulse of noise here about the question of domain names: * versus My recollection is that the endstate of that discussion was ...
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What could be done to serve domain specific "communities" better on SO?

There are some domains in programming which seem to have a specific approach, tools, knowledge, .... As an example of such domain let us take Game Development, with gamedev site already in beta. You ...
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Are meta and stack-overflow hosted on different machines?

Are meta and stack-overflow hosted on different machines? I ask because, I can't get to, but I can get to (obviously). My ISP has been particularly crappy ...
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Do Server Fault and Super User have to be separate from the Stack Overflow domain?

Having separate domains for Server Fault and Super User from that of Stack Overflow's, yet keeping Meta as Stack Overflow's subdomain seems arbitrary and unintuitive as opposed to the very intuitive ...
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Should all links to meta.* be "nofollow"

Does the community want meta.* to be listed on Google and other search engines? Surely it would be confusing to noobs - they would find this site that kind of talks about programming, but not really....
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