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Add guidance on Good Subjective answer citation to the help center

Good Subjective, Bad Subjective underpins the current network approach to subjective questions. It lays down the principles found at the bottom of What types of questions should I avoid asking? which ...
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Answers that direct the OP away from technology the question was posed in

I've recently gained the ability to edit and have been spending some time cleaning up very old questions. In some cases, I have seen that a person asks a question within the context of a certain ...
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2 answers

How does Stack Overflow define subjective? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does the automatic subjective filter work? A while ago, I was writing a post on Stack Overflow and I received an error message indicating that my post was likely to be deleted ...
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Happy and Sad Answers Feature

Well. There are two types of answers, IMO, Happy, and Sad ones. When found a "Happy" answer I am happy that a solution of my problem is found. Happy is a real overall solution to the problem. When ...
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Subjective stackoverflow [duplicate]

The concept of stackoverflow is nice. It is great Q&A site on programming where anyone can answer. The main problem I see is that certain questions are looking for subjective answers and are being ...
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