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For questions about free gifts Stack Exchange sends out to its users for reaching milestones, contests, and other events as well as the processes behind them.

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If the mug is gone, could there by some kind of hard physical token of the 100K achievement?

My 100K moment is coming up soon. For many years I was looking forward to the mug, mainly because - unlike T shirts or socks - the mug is something I can have on my desk permanently as a reminder of ...
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Swag for non-SO folks - a couple of thoughts

The return of swag post is very welcome, however I see a couple of tiny things that we could perhaps improve. In the early years of Security.SE, giving sec.SE t-shirts to speakers at conferences and ...
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Swag is coming back! (temporarily paused)

Update May 2022 I know everyone (myself included) has been excited by the return of swag. I just wanted to give y'all a heads up that we're currently revamping our swag options and shipping process, ...
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Swag in "Community Milestones Notifications about bounties, reputation and more. Hint: sometimes involves swag"

What does swag mean in "Community Milestones Notifications about bounties, reputation and more. Hint: sometimes involves swag"?
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Replace the 100k and 250k swag instead of just dropping it

In a half-sentence to Unfortunately, we are no longer able to promise swag for any activities on our site. That covers spontaneous contests which aren't ...'s user avatar
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Will there be an Amazing 2019 Stuff-A-Way?

Almost a year ago, there was an Amazing 2018 Stuff-A-Way. It encouraged charitable giving and was rewarded with swag. I even learned new ways to give to charity. :-) Will Stack Exchange have an ...
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Are there any plans for celebrating the 10th anniversary of Meta Stack Exchange?

Is there any plan for Meta Stack Exchange's 10th anniversary? The first question was posted on Meta Stack Exchange on June 28, 2009. A few months before, Stack Overflow celebrated their 10th year ...
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2019: do six-figure reputation users on non-SO sites still get swag?

I've always been told that hitting the 100k reputation threshold gets you a nice swag package from Stack Exchange - regardless of mod status, and except possibly on Stack Overflow where 100k ...
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Thanks SE, love the swag!

In the Amazing 2018 Stuff-A-Way, SE sent me the following: I just wanted to say thank you. I already put the stickers on my travel trunks and had to wash the mug three times by now. Unfortunately, ...
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Stuff-A-Way swag held by customs and they want a detailed list of the content

DHL says the Stuff-A-Way package is held by customs (in Germany). As suggested in this question I told them that any duties and taxes should be handled by Stack Exchange. They now wrote me back that ...
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Are "unofficial" fun or swag questions allowed?

A recent question about possibly applying a historical lock to old swag/fun posts led me to think about how on-topicness is defined for swag/fun questions. Right now, all or virtually all of our fun ...
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Should we let users delete their answers in official swag events after it's already over?

I just noticed someone who deleted their answer in the recent swag contest, apparently because being frustrated at not getting the swag yet. I don't think that's a valid reason to delete the answer. ...
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Multiple watch invoices [duplicate]

Continuing on from the great multiple watch shipment saga I also received 3 separate waybill numbers however additionally I was sent 2 SMS messages each wanting me to pay £17 import duty. Each SMS ...
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Time for a "thank you"!

Thank you, Stack Exchange and JNat for this that arrived in the mail today just in time for my trip tomorrow! Despite watching all the spam from Stack Exchange users and also from DHL, this is a ...
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I did not receive any email asking for my address for the "Amazing 2018 Stuff-A-Way" swag - what to do? [closed]

I've participated in the Amazing 2018 Stuff-A-Way, here's my answer. The question/contest has been closed at the end of January, and the participants have apparently been emailed with a question ...
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One watch, two watches, three watches.. If I get three will someone get none?

"Two time's a charm"... but "two watches's an error". Apparently DHL has just started getting ready for shipment of the watches from the December swag contest. Some users already got a mail from them....
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Announcing Our Amazing 2018 Stuff-A-Way! [closed]

Mar 5 UPDATE: This order is proving a bit more laborious to expedite than our vendor had originally anticipated, so these boxes haven't been shipped out yet. Anyone who filled in a form should receive ...
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Let's shoot down the Fastest Swag-Hunter in the West

The Bad Guy If you have competed in one of the Stack Exchange competitions which run here on Meta from time to time, you know all about the Fastest Gun in the West Problem. This problem is ...
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Thank you for my cheese overflow board!

I was one of the ones who did not come in the top 25 in the who cut the cheese contest, and was very surprised to find an email from JNat about the cheese board. 😲 Fast forward to just three days ...
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Will there be some kind of award for participation in this year's Winter Bash?

Stack Overflow frequently gives out swag for contests, such as the Stack Overflow's 10 Million Questions contest. More recently, more contests were organised including Who cut the cheese? and Time for ...
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With your permission, can I send you some stuff?

From time to time, companies and project teams approach us about sending users stuff as a special thank you for participating in a particular tag or other activity on the site. Historically, our ...
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127 answers

Time for some more swag! [closed]

UPDATE: I just sent out emails to collect addresses from the lucky users getting these watches — be on the lookout for those, and try to fill it in the next two weeks! :) On occasion of our ...
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I'm entitled to a cheese board? Really?

I'm sure you know about all the cheesy happenings here on Meta. I understood that only the top 25 answers would receive a cheese board. Mine did not come close to the top 25. Yesterday I received an ...
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Have the e-mails for the "Who cut the Cheese" contest been sent out yet?

Evey other time I received swag, I had to confirm shipping information beforehand. Each time someone would send a helpful e-mail out, but I have yet to see one. In the contest post it said, "Winners ...
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188 votes
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Who cut the cheese? [closed]

UPDATE: JNat will be sending out emails to collect addresses from the lucky users getting a cheese board — be on the lookout for those! :) We've moved quite a bit of stuff around this year, and you'...
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New swag for Stack Overflow's 10th birthday: wear-ables or desk-ables? [closed]

Stack Overflow is turning 10 soon, and we're going to be throwing some shindigs here and there to help celebrate it. While some of it will be exclusively on MSO, quite a bit of it will be asking all ...
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Thank you for my "A Moose, Some Silly Putty" Swag!

Wow a box full of surprises showed up at my door today. I did not even know some of this stuff existed. Thank you SE this was wonderful. (more swag then when I became a mod or our site graduated.) ...
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Can we please get real hats to go along with our digital ones?

I have a feature request to be added to SO: I think that when you win a hat, or maybe just a few special hats, the hats should be sent to your house for you to keep. When I was looking at the Winter ...
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A Moose, Some Silly Putty ... And A Desperate Plea For Help [closed]

Note: This event ended on Friday, December 22. This question is now closed to prevent submissions of new answers. Due to a rather unfortunate series of events that can be directly attributed to a ...
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What is this strange diamond logo on my Stack Exchange cap?

Today, I received some swag (thanks!). One of the items was a cap, and I was puzzled by the logo on it. I've never seen it before, but it's related to the Stack Exchange logo as it seems to have the ...
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What sites have stickers?

So apparently you can get Stack Overflow, Super User and Server Fault stickers by sending a self addressed envelope to Stack Exchange, does anyone know if you can get stickers for any other SE sites? ...
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Do Pro Tempore Moderators get swag like elected Moderators on graduated sites?

It's been said that moderators get some Stack Exchange or site-specific swag (after site graduation) after being elected. Do Pro Tempore moderators also get swag?
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Does Stack Exchange have a policy about supporting sites' occasional competitions by providing swag for prizes or otherwise?

Firstly, since this was not apparent, I'm a Travel Stack Exchange contributor since it was in Area 51. I don't have a company or an organization or even a job right now. I'm an independent traveller ...
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How can a fan get swag / promotional gifts without any challenge or high reputation score?

Today is my 51st day on Stack Overflow and I am a huge fan of SO/SE. Yesterday on Twitter I read about SE swag / promotional gifts and I really fell in love with it. Is there a way to get this swag?
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Is my SO Coffee Mug defective?

I received a really nice SO mug as swag for the choose your own swag contest this year. Everything was working fine until this morning. Was there a patch or update or something? Here's the relevant ...
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What happened to that contest swag I was promised?

We've run a couple of large-scale swag-yielding events around these parts lately. So far we haven't had a good way of keeping track of each one's status, short of long comment chains on the individual ...
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Choose your own swag - the craziest contest idea ever! What were we thinking?

Contest Has Ended Thanks to everyone for participating. I will be contacting those who participated for shipping details and item verification within the week. Keep a lookout for the email! Tired of ...
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There should be system to send users gifts like free stickers [duplicate]

There should be some system to send small gifts to users on some criteria. Gift should include stickers and other things. Stack over flow should email user and ask them to provide address to send a ...
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How to earn Stack Exchange swag or goodies?

How can one earn Stack Exchange swag? For which sites is it applicable and is there any specific criterion for each site? If applicable what are the things one can get?
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How will graduation/election swag work with the changes to the "graduation" process?

Hooray, Design-Independent Graduation is happening! Sites that have been deserving of graduation all over SE are getting their elections and (hopefully eventually) getting the "Beta" label removed ...
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Where can I get a Stack overflow T-shirt? [duplicate]

Where can I get a Stack Overflow T-shirt? I read this before posting my question, but the answers are outdated. Where can I buy one?
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Why aren't there any Stack Exchange dry-erase markers?

I was at Stack Exchange HQ earlier for the Reinvent 311 hackathon, and I got to meet some pretty cool people and got some neat swag. I noticed that while there were pens and permanent markers with the ...
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Custom SO t-shirts and swag - is there any interest?

Since SO content has the cc-wiki license, it can be remixed to make fun swag. I'm considering setting up a shop to sell t-shirts, calendars, cups, and other stuff with SO user content. Users who ...
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Swag Request Delays for April/May

I've been receiving a lot of requests for swag due to contests, conferences, elections, and many other reasons. This includes swag/prizes from the most recent Gaming event, as well. Many of you have ...
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Am I allowed to create a Stack Overflow business card?

Am I allowed to create a Stack Overflow business card for myself, using this template: Stack Overflow Moderator Cards Those are dedicated to moderators, but are we regular users allowed to create ...
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Can we get more opportunities to "earn" Stack Overflow swag?

In light of the Stack Exchange swag store closing (luckily I already got my SO shirt), I've realized it's very difficult to get a Stack Overflow t-shirt. I propose we get more opportunities across all ...
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Buy Stack Overflow shirt

Is there any online merchant that is selling shirts with the Stack Overflow logo? I've been searching the web without any success; I'd really be happy to have one! Update: Seeing that I can't buy ...
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Stack Overflow Mug [closed]

A friend got me a stack overflow mug and its amazing - but one thing has always troubled me. Is the code written in a real world language? The code seems like it could be improved slightly. if (...
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Awesome package from Careers 2.0

So, I got home yesterday, and found a mysterious package waiting for me. I opened it up to be greeted by a very fancy Careers 2.0 box, with the phrase "go forth and be awesome" on it. Inside this ...
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How can moderators re-order business cards?

I've burned through just over a third of my awesome Stack Overflow business cards. I'm in no danger of running out yet, but as I re-stocked my backpack the last time I began to wonder how I'd go about ...
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