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Copy link doesn't have highlight when using TAB key to put it in focus

I noticed that in the "Share a link" dialogue, after you press Tab to cycle the buttons, if the "Copy link" button is selected it doesn't have a highlight around it like the other ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Some topbar items aren't properly 'selected' when using the Tab key to navigate

When using the Tab key to navigate the top bar, most items have a vertical line to the left and to the right when they are selected. Except for the profile link and the Stack Exchange 'hamburger' menu;...
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1 vote
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Let the user choose what the TAB does in the editor with caveats

I've read in the meta the discussion on why it's not a good idea to Change 'TAB' keyboard press functionality when typing a question so that it insert spaces instead of changing focus. The ...
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10 votes
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Make all the links in user profile page reachable with keyboard only

Sometimes I love to put my mouse away, let it rest, and navigate the site only with keyboard. With enough TAB clicks I can reach any link and activate it - all good. However, in the user profile ...
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14 votes
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Marvelous new keyboard-friendly image uploader has some issues

First, let me state that I love the new image uploader. I can now paste screenshots with CTRL-G, Enter, type the first letters of my image, arrow keys to adjust, Enter to exit the dialog, Tab to the "...
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Pressing Tab on Searchbox when Highlighting Auto-Complete Jumps the Cursor on Answer Box

I'm not sure if this is an intended behaviour, or has been questioned before. Let's just take this secenario: I focused the cursor on search box, ready to do a query while I'm inside a question (say,...
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