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Questions tagged [tactical-downvoting]

The act of downvoting questions or answers in order to increase the chances of "winning," as defined by the person casting the vote.

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1 answer

What would be the impact of downvoting a question because you disagree with it?

It seems to me that when there is a topic that involves strong emotions, people will use the (down)vote to express their disagreement with the content of the question, regardless of whether the ...
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3 answers

Protesting downvotes

I saw a downvote on a question that I want to contest, because I think the question I asked, or somebody asked, isn't off-topic, too broad, etc., commonly the reason for downvoting. Should we have ...
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-13 votes
3 answers

Why are people downvoting for scoring? [duplicate]

I'm not complaining about being downvoted, I won't care, but I'm just curious if this is allowed when the site is proposed to reward correct answers and not competition. My answer just got downvoted ...
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What to do with a person who deliberately downvotes correct answers to be in the top of the answers? [duplicate]

Today I saw a behaviour which really surprised me: I answered the question and then after a minute another guy answered it as well. The answer was basically a duplicate of my answer (which was not a ...
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3 votes
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Down-voting of answers for generic open question

Yesterday, there was a very open question in which the user hadn't shown his/her attempt. It is always expected that the person posting a query shows their attempt which will help others in the forum ...
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2 answers

Malicious Downvotes [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Preventing users from downvoting good answers to bad questions What is serial voting and how does it affect me? I believe a user is using malicious down voting as a tactic ...
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2 answers

Is it fair to be downvoted when other people's answers are similar and they didn't get downvoted?

Is it fair to be downvoted when other people's answers are similar and they didn't get downvoted AND the person who ASKED the question says he didn't downvote you?
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3 votes
4 answers

Down voting someone to get an edge [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: If you just witnessed tactical downvoting, is it a reportable offense? Some time ago I posted an answer, I got +1, seconds later I got -1. Someone gave a similar answer, and ...
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1 answer

Should votes lock quickly only if you have answered the same question?

Currently, votes get locked after a very brief window. The reason is to avoid tactical downvoting being later removed - which forces a permanent -1 rep for the tactical downvoter (although it doesn't ...
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1 answer

Recourse for Competitive Down-Voting [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: If you just witnessed tactical downvoting, is it a reportable offense? Recently miffed about an answer I gave that was technically identical to a competing answer, and ...
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4 answers

Understanding downvotes - what happened?

So, I was answering some questions in SO earlier, and I came across this post: C++ - called object 'char *' type is not a function or function pointer And I was the third to answer, and my answer ...
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16 votes
4 answers

Down voting correct answers, and community values vs. individual decisions

Is there a category of questions/answers, or a situation in which it is considered appropriate to down-vote correct answers? As a case study, I'll refer to the question, Finding duplicate values ...
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-15 votes
2 answers

How to deal with this behavior?

How do we deal with this behavior, and what is the term for it? [POSTSCRIPT: this post is not about any one individual question, or answer, or comment, or downvote, all of which are irrelevant, as am ...
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-2 votes
3 answers

Cache downvote count in profile for longer

I find it excruciatingly annoying when people strategically down vote competing answers in a new question in order to gain an edge in the up voting. I've realised that it's actually quite easy to ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Does answering a question lock you out of downvoting on other answers to that question?

This question isn't about whether the code of SO actually prevents you from voting after posting an answer, I know that's possible. I've answered many questions correctly only to find a different-but-...
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-13 votes
2 answers

Do you think [meta information] affects users' decision when vote on SO?

I was thinking of this... when I vote on SO, i will focus not only on the answers... I find myself doing almost subconscious evaluations of people, reputation and vote count while deciding. For ...
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-8 votes
3 answers

Apply different cost to downvote for voter who answered the same question

I have read some of the discussions on meta regarding the "fastest gun" and "tactical voting" problems. As mentioned before, there is a conflict-of-interest here, when you answer a question the ...
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3 answers

Mistaken downvote cannot be undone after matter is being clarified by the answerer [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Undo a up/down vote after a comment is left Problem: I've found multiple times that people downvote, and give reasons why they do so, but that they are actually wrong. The ...
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-12 votes
2 answers

Disallow downvoting other answers if I've posted my own [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: The answer to tactical downvoting problem? As Dan Dyer mentioned in his comment on tactical downvoting, there is a conflict of interest when you have posted your own answer ...
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39 votes
8 answers

The answer to tactical downvoting problem?

As we know, the tactical downvoting (I'm talking especially about SO, as I don't know about other sites) is more and more becoming a serious problem, as I see, the community can't stop this behavior ...
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17 votes
3 answers

Does reducing the window to change votes really solve the tactical downvoting problem?

The way I see it, the new reduced window to change a vote only imposes a very small cost rather than solving the problem. Before: t0: Good guy answers t1: Bad guy copies answer t2: Bad guy downvotes ...
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70 votes
6 answers

If you just witnessed tactical downvoting, is it a reportable offense?

I don't want to be like the little kid that got beat up at school and runs home crying to mommy, but I just got tactically downvoted in a question. Someone else posted a virtually identical answer to ...
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29 votes
19 answers

Is Tactical Down-Voting ever valid?

Has anyone noticed any tactical downvoting of their, or other people, answers? For example, in a recent answer to a question, my answer described a possible solution. Shortly afterwards, another ...
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