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Tags on Stack Exchange aren't hierarchically ordered (and, in all likelihood, will never be - several proposals have been made already). Please check the list in the tag wiki to see if your question/proposal has already been asked before.

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Is there a taxonomy behind the tags to be assigned to the questions?

I need to know if there is a taxonomy or ontology (or concept net) behind the tags that are assigned to the questions people ask. My goal is ultimately to facilitate a "topic extraction" ...
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Can we group, constrain and add heirarchy to tags?

On Ask Ubuntu we allow version tags ("12.04", "13.10", etc) so that, in questions is is relevant, people can specify which version of Ubuntu they are running. Now before you tell me Ask Ubuntu is ...
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How to request a tag-subdomain?

Once upon a time (2010) I suggested to Provide a virtual URL hierarchy for tags, which was originally declined. Then almost one year later (2011) along came, which is ...
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What was the reason for not using nested tags?

Note: this is a general interest question, rather than a feature request. I noticed that nested tags have been discussed before, and declined. However, there was no reason given - just this from Jeff ...
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Is there a notion of "primary tags"?

Are some tags more important than others? Is there something like a "primary tag" that identifies the largest-scope problem domain which always appears first? For example, in this question, the ...
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Won't it be useful if there is a exclusive set of top-level tags which is maintained by special group?

I believe that for proper classification of questions, users should not be allowed to tag as they wish. Of course, this restriction is there to some extent since creating new tags require certain ...
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Tags tree-like relation (esp. for ignoring) [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Tag hierarchy to browse through tags I would be very happy to see tags tree-like relation. For example if I'm not interested in SQL discussions on StackOverflow, I can add SQL ...
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"Root" tags to organize larger sites with multiple categories

This is more of a "research problem" wrt UI's, but I think the tagging system needs a better UI overall. Assuming that tags are supposed to categorize content (akin to sticking labels on things), a ...
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Does the ruby-on-rails tag apply to all questions that also have ruby-on-rails-# tags? [closed]

Is it intended for people to tag all questions where ruby-on-rails-3 is appropriate with the ruby-on-rails tag as well? This question has been proposed in a comment on a previous question but was ...
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Automatically add category tag(s) to questions, or at least suggest them

It seems almost all requests to add tag category/hierarchy/organization/etc have been shot down. I'm suggesting a different variety: automatically add the appropriate "category" tag(s) when the ...
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Provide a virtual URL hierarchy for tags

For example, could behave like a virtual SE which covers only questions tagged [tag:git~] and latex. The intersting/ignored part would be ignored for these tags, ...
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10 votes
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Another kind of tag hierarchy/relationship

Ok, now we have synonyms which is great and helps a bit more to organize the tags. But I think we need something more (in addition). I know that having tag hierarchy was proposed before and more or ...
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Implicit tagging hierarchy

I am aware of similar requests but I ask this regarding SE-2.0 sites, as the example I will take gaming: Both answers on the question Should questions always be tagged with either a console/platform ...
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108 votes
7 answers

A proposal for tag hierarchy on Stack Exchange sites

Executive summary Introduction of sparse hierarchy (partial inheritance relation) into the set of tags on Stack Exchange sites, in order to allow more efficient question organization/filtering/...
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Tag hierarchy absence - design reasons? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Implicit tagging hierarchy I've seen some references on MSO to the fact that Jeff rejected (supposedly repeatedly) the idea of a tag hierarchy. However, my searching failed to ...
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Auto assign language tags to questions based on other tags

I found very difficult to filter the questions based on the programming language because most people forget to specify the language and they are using more specific tags like JQuery but they forget to ...
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Add "tag categories"

Currently questions are added in a rapid pace to SO, so that new questions disappear very quickly from the homepage. It I want to see questions from my areas of interest I can do either: Go to the ...
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Tag hierarchy to browse through tags [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: A proposal for tag hierarchy on SO Since so many thousands of tags and topics exist, it would be really useful to visually browse through tags by organizing them into a ...
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Could we make tags imply other tags?

The prime example is C# and .Net. 95% of C# questions are also tagged .Net. The reverse isn't the case so it's not a synonym. Basically, C# is a child of .Net. Would it be possible to create some ...
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