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Expand magic tag-links so all sites can be specified [duplicate]

Apparently after the split, all the tag-links (once they are fixed) will point to MSE instead of SO. It seems like many questions will want to reference tags on a particular site. We already had the ...
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Tag links broken

I noticed that the tag link is not working in this post for the mass-assignment tag. It redirects to a Meta Stack Exchange tag page, instead of the tag page for Stack Overflow. I've tested with a ...
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Inline tag links rendered in plain text on the "tagged" page for a tag [duplicate]

In the google-mirror-api tag, the wiki text includes an inline link to the google-glass tag. On the info page for the tag, it shows up as google-glass; however, on the tagged page for google-mirror-...
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tag:* links incorrectly when using Save And Copy Profile To All Stack Exchange Accounts

The css tag in my Stack Exchange profile links to different sites depending on where it's being viewed: Profile on StackOverflow: [tag:CSS] => ...
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Tags that need to be escaped when used as a link sometimes aren't

This happens very occasionally, although has happened twice today. I'll go to then find a question with the c# and click it to view that tag's questions. However, the page i'...
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Tag links in tag excerpts not shown properly

If a tag excerpt contains a link to another tag with the [tag:foobar] syntax, this link is not properly shown in every context. For an example see this list of tagged questions. The link is shown as [...
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Equivalent of [​tag​:​X​] but allow linking to a tag on any SE site [duplicate]

If I enter [tag:X] on, it is rendered as a link to tag X on Similarly if I post [tag:X] on chat, it is interpreted as a link to that tag on the SE site ...
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Why can't open link for .java tag?

When I click on .java tag on this question it redirect to link: but can not open it. Shows error: OOOPS!! The link is broken. One more thing ...
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`[tag:]` should work in comments

I think it would be useful if the [tag:] tag-linking syntax worked in comments.
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Character formatting leaks into tag links

asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf You can also do asdf, but that's probably okay to leave alone. It's mainly just the character styles (bold, italic, etc.) that I think could use ...
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New "[tag:" syntax interferes with Markdown links

Links in [link text][number] format don't work properly if they follow a tag using the new [tag:tagName] format. Here's the result of [tag:python] [gold badge page][1]: python [gold badge page]1 ...
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