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The Teachers' Lounge is a chat room only accessible to the Stack Exchange Network's moderators.

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Regular moderators can still purge the history of messages in moderated private rooms

The Teachers' Lounge is a "moderated private room", in which regular moderators like me have limited powers: They won't be able to ... purge the history of messages I can see that the ...
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4 answers

New chat moderation tools for the Teachers' Lounge

The Teachers' Lounge (or "TL" for short) is a private chat room that is a dedicated space for the diamond moderators of the Stack Exchange sites to communicate with each other for a variety ...
1 vote
3 answers

Correct link to the Teachers' Lounge

It's not a big bug, but can we fix the UI error to no longer show the recent activities from the old Teachers' Lounge chat room please, which is a lot quieter than the new room too, and point to the ...
92 votes
3 answers

A letter to SE Inc. - please protect our moderators

I care about moderators. They are here to make their community a safe and "happy" place. They help newcomers, and they make you feel welcome. They protect you against bigots and rude people. They tell ...
-24 votes
3 answers

Rename the Teachers' Lounge

I've always found the name of the Teachers' Lounge to be mildly condescending, as if those who inhabit it see themselves as holding a superior position over the common users. This isn't what was ...
81 votes
7 answers

Is the Teachers' Lounge toxic, if so why?

To clarify, as described below. I have seen various mods in the past few weeks describe TL as toxic. I have also seen various accounts of very undesirable behaviour that goes on in there. However, I ...
11 votes
1 answer

Why don't I have access to the moderator chat room anymore?

I'm still a moderator pro tempore over at Parenting.SE and therefore ought to have access to the "Teacher's Lounge" chat room, but when I visit the link I get "access denied". Is something broken? ...
29 votes
4 answers

Disclose the discussion that started the current SE-moderators debate

Recently there was a discussion between the moderators and the SE staff that led to one moderator being fired and many other resigning as a protest. Unfortunately, all I could see was accusations ...
-8 votes
3 answers

"refer to the Teachers' Lounge" and "your fellow moderators" is inconsistent with reference to site mods vs network mods

When preparing to send a moderator message, all moderators see this: I'm talking about the last line: If in doubt, please refer to the Teachers' Lounge and ask your fellow moderators. Now... the ...
12 votes
1 answer

Teacher's Lounge inaccessible for Stack Overflow Moderators

I tried to access the Teacher's Lounge (Stack Exchange Moderator Chat), but it says I must request access. Another moderator on Stack Overflow has also had the same thing happen to him (late yesterday)...
6 votes
1 answer

Are there any topic boundaries for the private chat room Teachers' Lounge?

Because privacy and confidentiality means "what happens here, stays here", does that mean that participants there can freely voice concerns or questions that when brought to the public would be closed,...
-24 votes
3 answers

Why do moderators behave as a separate, private sub-community? (i.e., why does the Teacher's Lounge exist in its current form?)

This is, of course, a response to [gestures broadly at everything]. One recurring theme in the discussions about these issues, reflected even in the headline of the article in the Register, is that ...
16 votes
1 answer

How to be allowed entry to the Teacher's Lounge?

I'm a moderator on SharePoint Stack Exchange and requested access a few days ago. The request hasn't been processed yet (although it may have been over the weekend in some timezones). Is there ...
17 votes
1 answer

Access denied on TL, what gives?

Every other chat room works as expected.
5 votes
1 answer

Can't find teachers lounge?

Thankyou Robert for hosting a moderators chat in a time that's not 1am where I am! The link the email that I received however, is returning a 404 not found, and the teachers lounge doesn't seem to be ...