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Will there ever be an offer like the Telerik promotional free controls?

I just found out that the Telerik offer has been discontinued. I was chasing this one hard in the full spirit and what I just saw today was terribly disappointing. Will such an offer ever be ...
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Telerik Premium Collection - how to get back the link

Early this week I hit 10k in SO and I saw the Telerik Premium Collection offer. I decided to check it out later at home. But after few hours the "Rep" moderation job ran and I lost about 300 points (...
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Thanks to both StackOverflow and Telerik for the awesome promotion

I had a pretty rough weekend. It turns out I was 95 days into my Fanatic badge and somehow didn't log in on the 96th day. I have no idea how that happened as I had made every attempt to log on every ...
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