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The use or definition of a term in the context of Stack Exchange.

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Minor terminology improvement for the AI policy,,,, etc. state: ...
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Tag Info vs. Tag Wiki: be clear they are NOT the same

Here the user has just edited a "Tag Info" item. They then read about a seemingly additional "Tag Wiki" that they might want to edit. As Tag Info and Tag Wiki are probably NOT in ...
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What is "Community" in the Stack Exchange/Stack Overflow context?

I've been reading a bunch of messages from assorted staff. Some internal, such as on Meta, some in the company blog and other annoncements, and some on media releases. Most from the CEO, or C-level ...
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Is there a tag on MSE for the block of links under the post body and above the comments?

Is there a tag that can be used for questions related to the block of links under the post body? (share, edit, close, delete, flag) If there's not, how can we name it?
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Ask a "public" question… as opposed to what?

When I clicked "Ask Question", the next page shows "Ask a public question". I heard that Stack Exchange can be purchased for use within a company through the Stack Overflow for ...
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Demonym (nickname) for a Stack Exchange user? [duplicate]

I wonder if there is a noun meaning a person who uses Stack Exchange. Please see this question. What is the equivalent of a demonym, but for organizations?
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What are 'ForYou nudges'?

I just did a tag merge; that always gives a rather technical summary of what database records have been updated. I understand most of the messages, but I'm puzzled by the ForYou nudges (this ...
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Does "sock-puppet" always carry the meaning of abusive, non-main accounts? Is there such thing as a "benign sock-puppet"? [duplicate]

Does "sock-puppet" always carry the meaning of abusive, non-main accounts? Is there such thing as a "benign sock-puppet"? The source of my confusion is that the post "What are ...
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Can we please avoid calling this staff / bot / mod identifying label a "badge"?

Recently, indicators have been added to make explicit the fact that some accounts have a special status. Unfortunately, the term "badge" has been used to describe this feature; but calling ...
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Could we talk about turd polishing better?

Aside from the fact that you can actually polish a turd, it's a bit of scatology that might potentially be best flushed away. It came up in an answer to another question and I feel like it's worth ...
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Does "up to 50 users" in Stack Overflow Teams' free tier mean total users or active users?

In this announcement, we are told that Now, Stack Overflow for Teams has a free tier for up to 50 users, forever. Is that current users? Or total users? I ask because I am associated with an ...
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What term is appropriate to use to describe activity/engaging with others on SE user?

If I were to describe myself as an active user, should I say "I'm a micro blogger at Stack Exchange/Stack Overflow"? Or is there a better term to use?
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2 answers

Can I consider myself a moderator of any Stack Exchange site if I have 500+ reputations?

I have 500+ reputations on Stack Overflow which gives me the privilege to review some posts on SO. So, can I consider myself a moderator of Stack Overflow?
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What's a disallowed tag called now?

Clearly there's a lot of work to do to fix it historically (and I will be quite miffed at people getting overenthusiastic about this) - but previously we had tag blacklists and tag blacklist requests. ...
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Should we have FAQ style questions for tag related terms coined by the community that are commonly used across SE sites?

I have being participating and reading discussions about tags. On some of these discussions the OP included a tag term that looks easy to understand like "hyphenated tag" (a tag having an ...
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How can I operate the UI to propose a tag synonym?

I'm at a loss about how to propose a tag synonym. The FAQs do a good job explaining what a tag synonym is, who can propose it and who can vote it. Users with this privilege and a total answer score (...
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What is the proper capitalization of "Question" and "Answer"?

Basically, I've been capitalizing Question and Answer when referring to Stack Exchange Questions and Answers - that is, the pieces of content on the site - to distinguish them from just questions and ...
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What does "Mod" stand for in "UpMod"?

I've gone through relevant posts such as (Database schema documentation for the public data dump and SEDE) and (What do these votetypeids in the votetypes table mean?). I am also aware that in terms ...
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Swag in "Community Milestones Notifications about bounties, reputation and more. Hint: sometimes involves swag"

What does swag mean in "Community Milestones Notifications about bounties, reputation and more. Hint: sometimes involves swag"?
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19 answers

Is there a good term/phrase to denote the "current events"?

I just answered on Warning potential new moderators? and people (rightfully) rejected my first version where I spoke about "the Monica situation". I agree, we shouldn't associate the name of a ...
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Is “Stacker” a common term for Stack Overflow members?

In the official Stack Overflow blog post What a very bad day at work taught me about building Stack Overflow’s community the Director of Public Q&A at Stack Overflow, Ms. Sara Chipps described ...
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What is "OP" referring to for nested citation? [duplicate]

I've already read through this post, and I know "OP" stands for Original Poster. Now I would like to know what is "OP" referring to for nested citation? Assume, asker A posted a question (...
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What is "Meta Cruft"?

While working on my question Should we have a tag for questions involving new users asking blatantly off-topic questions here on MSE? , two different users referred to editing out what they called "...
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1 answer

Usage of the word "binding"

First of all, this is really two questions: a specific question and the meta question: where do I ask questions that are of the same type as the specific question? I am only expecting an answer to ...
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What is the "signal-to-unicorn ratio"?

I was reading in the comments of this question: If downvoting is so important, why does it cost reputation?, and came across the term 'signal-to-unicorn ratio' and I have been unable to find out what ...
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Why is the script for deletion called Roomba?

In many posts I see that the script for automatic post deletion is called Roomba: Turn off the roomba for child meta sites Turbocharging the Roomba: solutions for premature deletion Lost 5 questions ...
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Has "the SE Network" been changed to "the SO Network"? [duplicate]

Today as most of you did, I received an email entitled [Terms of Service and Privacy] What's new In the last paragraph, I noticed this expression: Please read these updated terms and take your time ...
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Meaning of 'CVers'? [duplicate]

I have seen this used on a few posts and tried searching what it stands for. Sure it will be glaringly obvious once someone tells me, but what does 'CVers' mean?
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Technical term for an SE page with question and answers [duplicate]

Which term should be used for subj? "Question" is ambiguous because it can also mean just the question part. "Thread" is used, too, as per What is a "thread" called on SE? , but the current ...
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What's a frozen post?

When trying to add a comment to a deleted post (supposing I've managed to make the comment box and the "add comment" button appear, see this bug), I get the following error message (emphasis mine): ...
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Winterbash or Winter Bash?

From the creators of The Space In Stack Overflow, and its sequel The Space In Stack Exchange, comes an all-new production… Yeah, should I put a space in "Winterbash"? Or are they interchangeable? The ...
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What's the difference between [retag-request] and [synonym-request]?

I'm a bit unclear what the difference is between a retag-request and a synonym-request. retag-request This tag is for requests to replace one tag with another existing tag. It also applies to ...
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What is a blocked tag?

Following Implement a Tag Black List, I would like to know what exactly it means for a tag to be marked as blocked (formerly blacklisted) on a Stack Exchange site. Does it mean I can't use that tag ...
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0 answers

What is the proper way to refer to a given Stack Exchange Network Site? [duplicate]

One of the problems I've encountered is how to refer to a given site within the Stack Exchange network. Of course, each site has its own name, but what if I want to use a non-specific place holder? "...
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More consistent wording for the synonyms creation page [duplicate]

The tag pages - such as refer to "master" and "synonym." The "create a tag synonym" page refers to them as "source" and "target." Could ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Under "all actions", why are edits called "revisions"?

In order to edit a post, I click on a link called edit. To finish editing I click a button entitled Save Edits. Afterwards, the post says edited 1 min ago. So why does the "all actions" section of ...
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4 answers

What is a "thread" called on SE?

How do we refer to a question and all of its answers and comments collectively? What is the normal word to use for this? I associate thread more with forums, not with SE. But is it used? What's the ...
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Does "topic" have a special meaning on Stack Exchange, and should it?

Often on at least some Stack Exchange sites you see people equate "topic" with any and all qualities of a question, answer, or comment, rather than just their topic in the usual English sense. ...
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2 answers

What does 'close invalidated' mean

Recently I flagged Align views in a relative layout to the bottom of the screen as a duplicate. A few days later, when I checked it again to see if it was closed, I realized it wasn't. Searching in ...
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Should I refer to SE topics as "" or "topic@se" [duplicate]

As I've realized on this meta post at the RPi SE, there are multiple .se domains that are ambiguous with the SEs on the site. I frequently see people refer to stacks as "Topic.SE" ( for example)....
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Name for "read-only" user on Stack Exchange

Is there a name for or something to reference Stack Exchange users that only they look and don't collaborate or provide knowledge (ie. answers)?
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51 votes
2 answers

What is a "spam seed"?

Here I found a new terminology first time: Looks like a spam seed is a post, which "is designed to allow spammers to post questions so it looks legitimate". What does this mean? Maybe it is some ...
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What are these "useful artifacts" on Stack Exchange?

The phrase "useful artifact" or similar appears semi-frequently on the Stack Exchange network, usually when someone is explaining or commenting on site policies on Meta. I've even started ...
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What is the "meta effect"?

I often hear the term "meta effect" on many meta SE sites. What is the meta effect? I have Googled it but can't find anything about it on any meta site.
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What do Meta SE users mean by referring to SE as a Mechanical Turk?

Some meta posts refer, in disparaging terms, to users of SE sites (especially SO) who treat the site as a Mechanical Turk. What do they mean by that?
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1 answer

Should we find a new term for "duplicate"?

It has come to my attention that the term "duplicate" on SE has no direct relation to the English term. Whereas in the English language, "duplicate" refers to something which is ...
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3 answers

"Closed" is to "Reopened" as "On Hold" is to (what)?

Now that questions are first "On Hold" instead of "Closed", what is the best phrase to use when telling users the requirements to "Reopen" their question? Although behind the scenes everything is ...
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Requesting help from others on terminology for your answer

Sometimes, I know the answer to a question, but I don't know the accepted, scholarly, book-definition vernacular to use in my description of the answer. While it is never my intent to publish ...
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What is the official term to use to call the one who posted a question? [duplicate]

This maybe sound very "common sense" but is there a official term here in stackoverflow to call the one who posted a question? I searched some posts and I saw "asker", "poster", "one who posted a ...
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Change "Vote to close" to "Nominate to close"

I realized a confusion in the word "voting". Currently, you can either "vote to close", "vote to re-open", "vote to delete", or "upvote/downvote". Refer to a comment of mine on this question. I am ...
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