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For questions regarding the Stack Exchange Network Terms of Service.

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A Terms of Service update restricting companies that scrape your profile information without your permission

Update (April 19, 2016): This change is now live. You can view the updated Terms of Service here, or read about them below. tl;dr: We’re planning to make some changes to our Terms of Service to stop ...
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Why can't I use Stack Exchange if I'm under 13 years old, or if I'm under 16 years old and from the EU?

I was just reading the Terms of Service, and noticed something: You must be at least 13 years old to access or use the Network or Services, including without limitation to complete a Stack Overflow ...
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Electronic opt-out, correcting miscommunication, and additional questions answered about the 2018 ToS update

We’ve listened to what you’ve been telling us about the arbitration clause that our most recent ToS update introduced. While we can't incorporate all of the feedback you offered, we did listen to it, ...
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Sudden increase in off-topic posts on MSE

It seems that the Updated Terms of Service message linking to the MSE post discussing it had a undesired side effect: there is a huge increase in off-topic (mostly programming) questions. (Not to ...
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A new (2018) update to our Terms of Service is here

But not just because it's 2018, although that's a fine reason to do a great number of things. We're changing our Terms Of Service (ToS) shortly to address three things: Stack Overflow For Teams is ...
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Brace yourselves: The GDPR is coming!

It's actually nothing to worry about. You as users end up with more protection, and companies like us are left in a place where we've got a framework for handling your information that puts much ...
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"Attribution Required" misses requirement to reference the license [duplicate]

The license info in the footer of every Stack Exchange page contains a link to the blog post Attribution Required. In this post, Jeff Atwood explains what the attribution is required to contain. ...
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Shouldn't the Terms of Service use Stack Overflow, Inc.?

The Terms of Service still uses the term Stack Exchange, Inc. However, I believe that the name is now Stack Overflow, Inc. , so I believe that should be changed to that. It is weird to have the wrong ...
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Was the retroactive change to CC BY-SA 4.0 approved by Stack Exchange's lawyers?

Update: I have started a GoFundMe in an attempt to have a court or arbitrator settle this. It has raised a decent amount, but more will be necessary to retain counsel. On 2019-09-05, Stack Exchange ...
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We're examining the implementation of arbitration in the 2018 ToS update

This is an addendum to our announcement about a recent ToS update concerning Stack Overflow For Teams and GDPR; I'm starting a separate discussion because concerns about the third bullet, an ...
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imgur, copyrighted images from the web, and imgur accounts

I noticed that when one uses the new super-cool WMD Image tool and choose "From the web" that the image is still uploaded to imgur. Are there any concerns that this might result in the unauthorized ...
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How can we opt out from the arbitration clause of the new terms of service?

The new Terms of Service went live yesterday following an 8-hour heads-up on meta. One key change that was mentioned as an aside with no real explanation is the new arbitration clause. Opt-out ...
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Can you ditch the attribution for own content clause from the Terms of Service?

Deep in the bowels of the SE Terms of Service you will find the following sentence (in section 3. Subscriber Content), with one clause highlighted by yours truly: In the event that You post or ...
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Why are there separate copies of the Terms of Service per site, if the link in each site just goes to Stack Overflow's version?

I noticed that each site in the network has its own copy of the Terms of Service, e.g.,, https://...
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What licence is subscriber content provided under 4.0, 3.0 or them all?

In the footer it says: site design / logo © 2018 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa 3.0 with attribution required. rev 2018.8.7.31273 However, in the footer under ...
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To refuse arbitration, give us your name and address

To opt out of mandatory arbitration and retain the right to participate in a class action, the terms of service state: Your written notification must be mailed to us at Stack Overflow, Attn: Legal ...
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When did Stack Exchange start to dual-license user content?

Stack Exchange currently dual-licenses user content, which allows them to sell user content without attributing users. When did the dual-licensing start? The Wayback Machine's first save of the ToS ...
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We’ve made changes to our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy - January 2022

We’ve just made two adjustments to our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy. They were made to return a section that was accidentally removed about the DMCA Designated Agent - there’s little to no ...
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What is the status of the secure electronic opt-out of the mandatory arbitration that was promised?

In the comments of this post, Tim Post responds to my request for a "secure, electronic means" of the opt-out of mandatory arbitration with the following @jhpratt And you'll get one. And a lot of ...
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Can an anonymous user opt out of arbitration?

The new terms of service announced recently include an arbitration clause. The new terms specify that one can opt out of arbitration by sending a letter including their name and their mailing address ...
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Are we allowed according to the ToS to exempt a part of our post from the CC license?

tl;dr: Right now we are not allowed to quote outside sources (unless they are compatible with cc by-sa 4.0) or use images under fair use exceptions in our posts. Creative Commons provides guidance how ...
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Does the dual license in the pre-2018 Terms of Service allow SE to permit others to redistribute subscriber content outside of CC BY-SA?

I was reading around the topic of the precise details of subscriber-content licensing on SE, and I found (and read more carefully than the previous times I'd seen it) this thread on FOSS.SE from 2017, ...
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How do users escalate concerns about an abusive employee?

Is there a formal grievance policy for reporting incidents where you believe an employee of Stack Exchange has been malicious towards a user of the network? I'm looking for some official, ideally ...
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The Terms of Service prohibit editing other users' content

The second paragraph of section 4 of the Stack Exchange Terms of Service, "Restrictions," reads: Under no circumstances will Subscriber use the Network or the Service to ... (d) post any ...
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Remove the arbitration clause from the Terms of Service

There is a lot of pushback against the new ToS, specifically the arbitration clause. The fact that the vast majority of people will not opt out due to not sending in snail mail within the first 30 ...
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Does Stack Exchange have an official policy on honoring "Do Not Track" browser settings?

I know that everyone in the world today wants to know pretty much everything (possibly more than one's spouse) about everyone. Does Stack Exchange have an official policy on honoring Do Not Track ...
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Please don't ask us to act on other websites in a way you made impossible on yours (aka be fair about nofollow)

Currently ToS requires, that when we reuse content from Stack Exchange sites: You will ensure that any such Internet use of Subscriber Content Hyperlink each author name directly back to his or her ...
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When opting out of arbitration, how will the email address I provide be used?

As a followup to Can an anonymous user opt out of arbitration? and We're examining the implementation of arbitration in the 2018 ToS update, I would like more information as to how the email ...
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What happened to the electronic-opt out of arbitration, and to the other "correcting miscommunications" that were previously announced?

Today I received an email about new Terms of Service. It contains no trace whatsoever of the changes that Tim Post announced several weeks ago. In fact, the page
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Can SE codify or clarify sockpuppeteering in the Terms and Conditions and rules?

So as a moderator on Ask Ubuntu yesterday, I found a sockpuppet account and nuked it from orbit. I then suspended the puppeteer account through the standard moderator messages interface. Usually when ...
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Show Code of Conduct and other terms of service within version control highlighting

I wanted to highlight something I think SO got right today. Within the blog entry about the Code of Conduct, Sara Chipps shows VCS highlighted changes to the CoC This is a simple quality-of-life ...
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What is our policy regarding Apple developer questions covered under NDA? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Do some of the questions/answers of Stackoverflow break SDK agreements? Should they be allowed to close naturally, or killed with fire? I've skimmed our Terms of Service but ...
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Bad text in Notice for Quantcast Measurement

In iPhone → Settings → Stack Exchange → Notices → Quantcast Management, the text near the end is messed up. Version: Stack Exchange iOS App Version 0.1.25
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Update the Terms of Service to reflect the established community consensus on shared accounts

In this recent question the issue came up as to whether shared accounts were permitted on Stack Exchange. I remember this having been discussed many times over the years, and the consensus has always ...
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Why doesn't the new TOS email or blog post mention the arbitration clause?

Tim Post's initial post on the new TOS provides a three-point summary of the new terms, along with a link to the new text and an opportunity to ask questions. That, of course, sparked a re-...
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Will I receive any acknowledgement/reply of my arbitration opt-out letter, if I sent one before the electronic opt-out announcement was made?

I sent a letter in the mail to opt out of the new arbitration clause to the Terms of Service, before the new electronic opt-out was put into place. Should I be expecting a reply in the mail? If so, ...
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Should we allow Questions/Answers about password cracking [duplicate]

I was going through his link Quote from that link Use of the Network or Services to violate the security of any computer network, crack passwords or security encryption codes, transfer or store ...
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Why do users in the European Union have to be at least 16 to participate in SE? [duplicate]

I noticed this new paragraph in the Terms of Service: If you are located within the European Union, you must be at least 16 years old to access or use the Network or Services, including without ...
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Send an email to users if any changes are made in the privacy policy and/or terms of service

If any changes are made in the privacy policy and/or terms of service of SE/SO, please send an email to the users (at least a month in advance before the legal agreement comes into effect). For ...
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Can users 13 to 15 years old who are based outside of the European Union use SE while traveling to the EU?

The Terms of Service contains the following snippet: If you are located within the European Union, you must be at least 16 years old to access or use the Network or Services, including without ...
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No "Disable Analytics" setting for Quantcast Measurement

In iPhone → Settings → Stack Exchange → Notices → Quantcast Measurement, it says, near the end: If you would like to learn more or opt out of such data collection, please use the Disable Analytics ...
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Stack Overflow - no terms and conditions?

I have not seen/accepted any term and conditions/terms of service in the sign up, or when posting. There is a link to a privacy policy and a creative commons statement in the bottom of the pages. But ...
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Can I copy my answer in Quora to Stack Exchange sites or vice-versa? [duplicate]

I am a member of both Quora and some Stack Exchange sites. Sometimes, I see that the same question is asked in both. In such cases, is it OK for me to copy posts from Quora to Stack Exchange or vice-...
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Is my website compatible with Stackoverflow Content Terms and Conditions?

My website is pretty old, but I have started putting in more effort into it lately with the following idea: Fetch RSS feeds from technical sites like stackoverflow, drupal, ...
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Merge the Code of Conduct and Terms of Service

There has been a lot of recent discussion over the Stack Exchange Code of Conduct - what it means, why it says what it does, and what it does and does not forbid. There is an additional document that ...
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Who serves as the General Counsel of Stack Exchange Inc.?

I could not find any general counsel or other legal position in the Stack Exchange management page. I believe it's common for companies this size to have one, see e.g. a company from the same a16z ...
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