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Questions related to saying thanks and other forms of gratitude, whether in comments or at the end of posts, or a Meta Stack Exchange thread dedicated to waving an employee who is leaving goodbye. Questions about the 'Thanks' reaction on Stack Overflow are OFF TOPIC and should be asked at Meta Stack Overflow instead.

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7 answers

Farewell Yaakov and thanks for the haiku!

You may soon notice one fewer diamond around the site. The amazing developer, tech lead, and community advocate Yaakov Ellis - user 51(!) - has taken an opportunity elsewhere and today, December 7th, ...
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7 answers

Thank You, V2Blast

V2Blast is one of those folks who - to me represented a rare mix of skills. I knew him before he was hired and I often found he was a tireless advocate of the places he community managed at and ...
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271 votes
18 answers

Thank you, Catija

I've had the pleasure of working with some great community managers here. Cat is one of those folks who's always been cheerful, and deeply cared about this spot. We often nagged her to go to sleep ...
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18 votes
3 answers

Is flagging a bunch of "thanks" comments OK?

I made a SEDE query to find all the comments that contained thank, the @ character, weren't saying yes/no to something, and were less than 20 characters. The query is here. It returned over 1400 ...
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Thank you, Marc Gravell!

Today, valued associate #6 Marc Gravell announced he's leaving the company: Excited, scared, happysad. The end of a personal era; after over 11 years (
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2 answers

Thank you, Jarrod Dixon

Jarrod Dixon, Stack Overflow Valued Associate #00002, announced yesterday that he is no longer working at Stack Overflow: @jarrod_dixon: After over 13 years at @StackOverflow, today is my last day :( ...
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3 answers

Farewell, Brian!

Thursday we said goodbye to Brian Nickel, the dev largely responsible for the (sadly, now de-listed) Stack Exchange iOS app... but he's done much more than that in his time here as a valued member of ...
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3 answers

So long, and thanks for all the fish Nick Craver!

Some folks tend to leave an indelible impression on the spaces they've been in, whether or not they're noticed. While admittedly, most of my interactions with Nick have been off the sites proper - ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Automatic reply or dialog for "thanks, this solves my issue" comments [duplicate]

I've stumbled upon many answers which had OP comments such as "thanks, this solves it" but OP forgot to accept (or possibly upvote) the answer. I noted that if I flag such comments some of ...
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11 votes
0 answers

How do I thank Stack Exchange users in my thesis?

I am a graduate student of mathematics. I find the site very useful in my understanding of mathematics. (I never used the site without mentioning about it in my homework, etc.) ...
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16 answers

A big thank you, Tim Post

As you may have seen, this was Tim Post’s last week at Stack Overflow. To say that he has been a staple of this company for a very long time is an understatement. Tim has served as a community manager,...
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Thank you, Tim Post [duplicate] Tomorrow is my last day at @StackOverflow. I can't begin to say how grateful I am to everyone that made the last (almost) 8 years of my career ...
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0 answers

Is there any way to thank editors of my questions? [duplicate]

I recently asked a handful of questions. Since my native language isn't English some of my text isn't on par with what some users are used to reading. While I always try to learn from other users' ...
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504 votes
7 answers

Thank you, Geoff

It seems that after 11 years, Geoff Dalgas - "Valued Associate #00003" - has decided to hang up his hat as a developer at Stack Exchange. That deserves... Some recognition and gratitude! Let'...
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1 answer

Display number of votes by <15 rep users to poster

The new thanks feature on Stack Overflow is terrible. But there's a reasonable problem that has been identified: non-signed-in users don't get to say anything. For obvious reasons, we have avoided ...
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3 answers

When can someone show gratitude on this site for things a person has done (not necessarily on this site)?

I have read this question. It doesn't seem like a question to me; it looks more like a comment one can put below questions and answers. I thought one should avoid comments (assuming this question is ...
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100 votes
15 answers

I am sorry. Please, accept my apology

To the Community Team and those behind them. To the developers and those who assist them. To any Stack Exchange employee who might have read something I said out of anger and took it personally. I am ...
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810 votes
16 answers

Thank you, Robert Cartaino

The title says it all. Thank you, Robert Cartaino, for everything you did for SE and the community. I don't post much on MSE, but have been a mod for about eight years. There is a lot that can go on ...
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46 answers

Thank you, Shog9

@Shog9, a longtime Community Manager here at Stack Exchange, has just tweeted that he is no longer working at Stack Overflow: @shog9: Well... I suddenly find myself in need of work. If anyone's ...
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A thanks to this network [closed]

Till now, I have learned a lot from this network. I believe that there is unlimited knowledge here. It is a good place to share and gain knowledge of almost all types. This network inspired all the ...
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9 answers

Goodbye and thank you, Jaydles!

Today is Jay Hanlon’s (aka Jaydles) last day at Stack Overflow. Since I’ve been working with him for nearly 7 years now, I wanted to take a minute to wish him a public goodbye. Jay joined us way back ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Time for a "thank you"!

Thank you, Stack Exchange and JNat for this that arrived in the mail today just in time for my trip tomorrow! Despite watching all the spam from Stack Exchange users and also from DHL, this is a ...
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18 votes
4 answers

Thank you for my cheese overflow board!

I was one of the ones who did not come in the top 25 in the who cut the cheese contest, and was very surprised to find an email from JNat about the cheese board. 😲 Fast forward to just three days ...
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How to show gratitude to all the people who posted great answers to my question? [duplicate]

I have posted a question about the Romans in London (UK) and I liked all the comments and specially both answers that were given to my question. Both answers were very good, I just chose the one I ...
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2 answers

SE paid membership with payout to users who answer questions [duplicate]

I use SE and SO a lot. I am so thankful for all the folks who volunteer their time to help me and answer my questions. While I want to, I rarely have time to give back by answering other folks' ...
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13 votes
3 answers

How do I thank someone for a helpful edit to my post? [duplicate]

Sometimes, someone edits my posts. The edits were very helpful, so I want to thank them. How do I thank someone for a helpful edit to my post? Adding a comment, or something else?
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Is it appropriate to thank users for their answers on stackoverflow? [duplicate]

I know stackoverflow wants to be very concise about their questions and answers, so I was thinking that they may not want formalities mixed in with the Q&A. To be clear, I am asking if "Thanks!" ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Are thankful announcements allowed in meta sites?

The SE network has a "protected question" feature that is justified by saying "this question is protected to avoid 'me too', 'thanks' and similar responses. It is perfectly understandable. It is ...
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2 answers

Where to put Thanks and +1 and say I did it without creating extra work? [duplicate]

Many times I want to tell the person who answers thanks and want them to know I up vote them. In the comment section it says not to so as a comment. Where should I say thanks ?
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16 votes
1 answer

How do I thank the community?

Let's say I'm working on this really complicated application and I took help from quite a few Stack Exchange sites on the way. How do I thank the network/community? Are there any badges/buttons/...
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2 answers

How to transfer some of my own reputation to a very nice effort but not exact answer?

I asked this question and received only one answer, a wrong one, but a really nice one. An awesome one. Although it is not answering fully the question, it brings good idea on how to partly fix my ...
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-6 votes
2 answers

I think a simple "thank you" do add more information [duplicate]

I understand that a comment should add (or ask for) information, therefore a "thank you"-only comment will waste people's time. While it is not encouraged to give thanks only on Stack Exchange, I ...
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Is it possible to thank Stack Overflow without writing it as a question? [duplicate]

I would like to thank all of Stack Overflow for already having solutions to so many of my problems that I almost never have to post a question.
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1 answer

How can we better recognize truly extraordinary contributions to the SO community?

It would be nice to explore ways to recognize the far-greater-than-ordinary contributions from the users who work hard to make this a great community. There have been several posts on similar topics: ...
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23 votes
2 answers

I Would Be Thankful for your Help

Today, I tried something new when editing on Stack Overflow. I tried searching for "Thank you in advanced". I found several hundred posts, and got rid of quite a few - anything posted this month, as a ...
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37 votes
2 answers

How do we thank the diamond moderators?

Is there a way to do this? I made a delete request yesterday and it was granted. Wanted to express my appreciation. I kind of just did what I wanted to do, but I fully understand that this is a ...
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21 votes
1 answer

Automatically recognize and remove "thanks"

There is a regex that should automatically remove all greetings from the top of posts. It does its job very well: ^ # begins at start of body \s* # possible spaces ( hii?...
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4 answers

Put a note on "Hi," "Thanks," "(name)," etc. on How to Ask

Should 'Hi', 'thanks', taglines, and salutations be removed from posts? This is definitely an established rule in the SO community. However, I see way too many posts with "Thanks" or ...
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33 votes
1 answer

Nudge for low rep users that leave 'thank you' comments

This happens regularly: A new user posts their first question They get a good answer So they leave a comment saying "OMGz Thx it WORKEDD!!! you have saved my life :D" or something similar. ...
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29 votes
3 answers

Acknowledging "thank you" comments

Previous discussion: Official reference for “don't leave ‘thank you’ comments” Is it acceptable to write a thank you in a comment? I think there's general agreement that thanking a person for a good ...
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12 votes
3 answers

How can I acknowledge, thank, or otherwise approve of an edit? [duplicate]

Sometimes I get an edit that greatly improves a question or answer I have submitted. I'd like to acknowledge an edit like this, so that readers can know that the revision was approved of by the OP (...
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118 votes
2 answers

Is it acceptable to write a thank you in a comment?

There have been a number of cases where I would like to thank someone for providing me with a thorough response and give them feedback beyond the vote up. Often I wish people would tell me why they ...
334 votes
12 answers

Thank you Jeff Atwood!

I'm quite a new user, so it feels somewhat inappropriate for me to post this (I kinda thought it would have appeared already ^^). But as a member of the Stack Exchange network who just read Jeff's ...
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20 votes
2 answers

Official reference for “don't leave ‘thank you’ comments”

The Why and how are some answers deleted? page in the Help Center says: Answers that do not fundamentally answer the question may be removed. This includes answers that are: “thanks!” or “me too!” ...
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79 votes
8 answers

Why is it considered rude to say 'thanks in advance'?

A high-rep member told the OP of this question that saying 'thanks in advance' is rude. Why is this so?
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71 votes
2 answers

Suggested Edits add "Thanks in Advance"

This user: has been adding "Thanks" or "Thanks in Advance" to the bottom of a question as a suggested edit and titling the change as "improved formatting". ...
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1 answer

Pleasantries in questions [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should 'Hi', 'thanks' and taglines and salutations be removed from posts? I just saw a question that stated the problem and said 'Thanks in Advance'. An ...
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How can I repay all the help from the wonderful Stack Overflow community?

I am thankful to the community for all the answers, comments that I have received all this while. From silly questions, to advanced questions, you guys have all been helpful. I have learnt so much, ...
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3 answers

Can an anonymous user post a thank-you message or vote?

I'm not a registered user but I want to thank or vote for the person who answered my question. Is that possible, or must I register for an account on the website to do so?
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22 votes
4 answers

There should be a way to thank the editors of posts

As English is not my first language, I make a lot of spelling, grammar and phrasing errors. Thankfully, some people are kind enough to edit my post to correct those mistakes. (Yes, Dori, Grace note, ...
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