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The initial announcement blog article titled "The Loop", listing the preparation work and next steps planned by SE Inc.

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What about the community is "toxic" to new users?

In Chapter #2 of The Loop, the following graph is being shown: The blog post states the following as explanation for what it defines as "unwelcoming": Unwelcoming community (10.6% of responses):...
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The "loop" has arrived. What does the community think about it?

According to plan, SE Inc. has released a lengthy blog post about "the loop", and their vision of a new "community feedback" system. Or something: TLDR; We’re going to be sharing our product ...
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Will Meta Stack Exchange be removed now?

This is a question related to the new feedback procedures announcement. This site (Meta Stack Exchange) has various functions: (per the help center) Meta is for... ... Stack Exchange users ...
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3 answers

Please consider gathering Meta feedback before the "ship" stage

The blog post "The Loop #1: How we conduct research on the Community team" sheds a little light on how the current process for making changes on Stack Exchange works. Today, our research ...
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Why is "The Loop" survey asking about race, age, and gender?

While I understand that "The Loop" is not a research instrument in the same line as what a social scientist would develop, it is still a survey instrument and reflects upon us all (i.e., poorly ...
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How will Stack Exchange get the resources to track and handle all the new feedback gathered by The Loop?

Stack Exchange has announced: With our new mixed method research approach, one thing we lost was regular, in-depth conversation with a group of folks highly invested in Stack Overflow’s growth. We ...
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"The Loop May 2020" contains inaccessible image with no transcription [duplicate]

In the latest blog post, The Loop, May 2020: Dark Mode, there's an image directly after the first line. It contains a chart and looks like it contains useful information, which is nice. However, if ...
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Feedback for The Loop, September 2020: Summer Bridge to Tech for Kids

September’s Loop Blog post was just published: Summer Bridge to Tech for Kids. In this post, we go over the Summer Bridge program that we got to be a part of! The purpose of the program is to expose ...
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Focusing on race, gender and sexuality makes minorities feel exposed and unwelcome

Before the Code of Conduct debacle, I never felt like a member of a minority. I was just a developer asking and answering questions. Now I feel pressured to come out of closet and announce every ...
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Can we have the dataset for the loop #2?

Independent verification is a pillar of the scientific method, partly for sanity-checking and also because (and I've mentioned this multiple times before) both the cohorts used for the loop and the ...
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16 answers

Feedback for The Loop: March 2020

Sara Chipps (our Director of Product, Community) just posted to our blog for The Loop: March 2020. The post gives some context behind some of the breakdowns in communication and interaction between ...
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8 answers

How does one join the new "working group"?

In today's blog post Introducing “The Loop”: A Foundation in Listening, it is mentioned, That’s why we’re creating a working group of users made up of people from all corners of the developer ...
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94 votes
1 answer

Please don't bring The Loop to per-site metas

On my fourth reading of the blog post introducing The Loop, I noticed something that seems to indicate that the company wants to introduce changes in how the child metas function - something I didn't ...
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How were the racial backgrounds used by The Loop and previous surveys designed?

In the current version of "The Loop", the following question is asked: Which racial background(s) do you identify with? Please select all that apply. (optional) Multiracial Hispanic ...
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Feedback for The Loop, August 2020: Community-a-thon recap

In this month’s “The Loop” blog post, we did a deep dive and recapped our Community-a-thon event from our Q2 roadmap. I know that the Community has been eager to hear about how the event went. We ...
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6 answers

Feedback for The Loop - June 2020: Defining the Stack Community

June’s “The Loop” blog post was just posted: Defining the Stack Community. In this post, I attempt to define the term “Community” as it is used on our Public Platform. My overall suggestion can be ...
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Will the composition of the two work groups mentioned in The Loop blog post be public?

The blog post "Introducing “The Loop”: A Foundation in Listening" recently published on the official Stack Overflow blog mentions the creation of two working groups. One for users: That’s why we’...
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Feedback for The Loop - May 2020

May’s “The Loop” blog post was just posted, you can read it here. A popular response last month to our post about how we receive, prioritize and implement feedback was a question around how this ...
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Could Stack Exchange be less American-centric?

In the loop survey, a question wrecks my mind: Note that this survey has been updated; the original version had far fewer options which staff explained was a mistake. Of course I selected Other: ...
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Is the Community capable of coming up with better solutions than "the Loop"?

My irony bone has absolutely snapped in two over the last few days. We have a company trying to monetize a system where they've spent tremendous resources assembling a huge community of experts to ...
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Will there be a version of The Loop survey for users of the Stack Exchange network?

The newly announced The Loop survey asks for our satisfaction and thoughts about using Stack Overflow. Will there be a version of this survey for users of the Stack Exchange network, or is the ...
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Does Stack Overflow employ any social scientists?

This question is a follow up to a longer comment thread, the gist of which is that the approach that Stack Overflow uses to develop surveys can introduce significant bias into the results. Social ...
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Is "The Loop" covered by SO's Privacy and GDPR policies?

SO's "GDPR Policy" states in part we describe how we collect and use your data, and how we use technologies like cookies to understand how we can better help developers. However, The Loop's first ...
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44 votes
2 answers

Will comments on "The Loop" blog posting be shared?

From The Loop Blog Entry Our commitment to you, moving forward, is to continue to share reports on what we’re learning here publicly on the blog. I can't help noticing that after this has been ...
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40 votes
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Why is the "Loop" survey restricted to those 18 and above?

The new blog post Introducing the Loop: A Foundation in Listening links to a survey, that appears to be what the Loop is at the moment. That is this: "Through the Loop Survey" on SurveyMonkey When I ...
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"In the loop", what are the selection criteria for the working group users?

We’ll share regular updates about what we learn through our research, as well as create a new working group of users (made up of people from all corners of the developer community — from folks new to ...
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This month’s “The Loop” is all about how we utilize feedback

One thing we’ve discussed a lot in the past here on Meta and at Stack Overflow is how we receive, prioritize and implement feedback. A project that we announced in Q1 this year was identifying and ...
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Feedback on The Loop: Adding review guidance to the help center

I just posted to our blog about our recent review guidance work for the help center. In the post, I go into detail about our motivations, thinking, and the work that took place to complete this ...
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Feedback on The Loop: A Community Health Indicator

A community is a living organism. As we measure our pulse and blood pressure, we need to be able to monitor the community's health to understand if there is something that we should pay special ...
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What is the role of Meta after the arrival of "The Loop"? [duplicate]

Meta is ( was?) a place where the community can come together to discuss about site policies, feature requests and to understand about how the site works. The community can vote up or down a question ...
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