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Syntax highlighting changes in the middle of a token; resolved in a later version of Highlight.js

The code in my answer over at Stack Overflow highlights very strangely: I discovered this at Stack Overflow, but it affects just as much all other Stack Exchange sites with highlighting enabled (I ...
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TechGraph: The landscape of a tag/tech in Stack Overflow [closed]

I built a website which can provide an overview/landscape of certain tech (tag) in Stack Overflow. (will be extended to all sites in Stack Exchange) Given a tech ...
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Github logo for Stack Overflow on Google Developers page

When I was browsing through Google Developers (Google Glass) page I noticed a thing Stack Overflow is being represented by Github logo. <img src="/site-assets/logo-github.svg" class="devsite-...
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Is providing tutorial URL allowed

Would you please tell if below is allowed: When answer questions: Is it OK to provide third party site link in the bottom for user to click and see details of answer with implementation ? How many ...
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What will the partnership between Visual Studio and Stack Overflow look like for VS "bing code search"?

An article written today titled Introducing Bing Code Search for C# indicates that (emphasis mine) "We partnered with MSDN, StackOverflow, Dotnetperls and CSharp411 to deliver some of the best ...
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Does Stack Exchange donate to SQL Fiddle?

This query shows that a significant proportion (7% or 12.5K answers in the last 12 months alone) of answers to SQL questions on Stack Overflow referred to SQL Fiddle. Surely this constitutes "a ...
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Is it a phishing? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Gender, Representativeness and Reputation in StackOverflow I've seen an advertisement in one of developer communities to help a certain research. When I went to a page, there'...
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Can we support oEmbed?

From the oEmbed site: oEmbed is a format for allowing an embedded representation of a URL on third party sites. The simple API allows a website to display embedded content (such as photos or ...
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Stack Exchange's heavy reliance on external scripts

I dislike running third-party scripts in my browser and have disabled these generally. I can enable them on an exceptional basis, but it strikes me that Stack Exchange has an unusually heavy ...
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I want to constructively link helpful answers from other sites

Sometimes I'll follow a link from a StackExchange answer to an external website, and that website will help me find the answer. Or sometimes I can't find the actual question (& answer) on ...
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Stack Exchange and third party cookies

I tried to log on for advice on increasing my computer's security. Using Firebug, I had discovered a one pixel "image" which caused my Mac to be studied by I've since learned a bit more about ...
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Policy on third-party JavaScript integration on SE sites

Topic Should Stack Exchange sites utilize third-party scripts or libraries to augment the user experience on the SE sites in such a way that they provide additional information without the need for ...
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Will StackExchange sites be part of Federated Fluther?

It looks like Fluther is trying to make a Q&A site aggregator (See Fluther's website and TechCrunch post on it). It claims to drive more traffic to sites that partner with it. Has SE looked into ...
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If an answer contains only a suggestion to use commercial (not open source) third-party software?

The type of question I refer to is a question that can be answered using easily available Windows Forms bulit-in capabilities, or, in some cases, references to CodeProject articles. When I see an ...
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Using StackOverflow (or its engine) for theDailyWTF programming praxis

I heard or read somewhere that SO is working with Alex, from theDailyWTF fame. He's running a silly code competition named Programming Praxis. You can find the lastest one here. When I see the ...
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What third-party tools are there for the trilogy websites?

What third-party tools, plugins, addons, widgets are there for the trilogy websites? Return to FAQ index