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The [throttling] tag refers to the rate-limiting of certain actions on SE, such as using the API or posting chat messages

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GET requests to methods return HTTP 400 "Violation of backoff parameter" without previously warning to back off

We have the following logic to make GET requests to private async get( apiMethod: string, // can be 'users', 'tags', 'info', or 'questions' url: string, // ...
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Too many requests from this IP address [duplicate]

I am using the StackAPI library for Python to access Stack Overflow questions. I need to collect all question IDs attached with a particular tag (for example, regex). I used the search bar on Stack ...
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Stack Exchange API inconsistently causes CORS errors for client applications after a certain number of properly throttled requests (again?)

After a certain number of sequential requests made in short bursts (normally around 180 requests but I managed to get it down to 50 if the first batch of more than 180 requests succeeds) respecting ...
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The SE API fails with a CORS error when hitting the rate-limit

I'm experiencing the same/similar problem as described in API has been failing with CORS errors since 11/13 When I run the below stack-snippet that basically makes various calls to the SE API, I'm ...
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'StackAPI' throttling exception

I am trying to use StackAPI to query your API. I am trying to fetch the top questions/answers from each of your Stack Exchange sites. Here is my code snippet. As you would note, I am making the thread ...
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Why could Stack Exchange block someone just for visiting 64 or more tags on tagoverflow?

On this question at biology - meta, I found the following link:, noted as TagOvwrflow. The site shows the following dialog box. I could not ...
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Include backoff value (or remaining time) in API backoff violation response

When a rate limit violation in the API occurs, a response such as the following is received: { "error_id": 502, "error_message": "Violation of backoff parameter", "error_name": "...
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How many requests are too many?

I'm writing a small script that makes a large amount of requests in order to obtain data that can't be acquired via the API (for example, getting a user's network profile URL, scraping the network ...
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Room owners should not be throttled in the Chat systems

I see a point in the throttling system, however for regular chat users and room owners it can become quite a nuisance. The room owners already have no star limits for the rooms they own, would it ...
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Comment vote throttling makes it annoying to clean up obsolete chat

If I have a back-and-forth of say 4 comments each while refining an answer, I will then need to clean up my comments (presuming they are incorporated into the answer), then possibly flag my partner's. ...
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Chat throttling should kick in after the second message

In a recent discussion about throttling, I suggested that throttling should kick in after the second message. This allows for: Posting things along the lines of look at this: \ [onebox link] without ...
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Can throttling be eliminated for users with a certain rep?

I hate dealing with throttling of comments and edits. I like to write a quick answer, and then go back and edit it to be more detailed. However, I frequently have to type CAPTCHAs and wait. Is there ...
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