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GET requests to methods return HTTP 400 "Violation of backoff parameter" without previously warning to back off

We have the following logic to make GET requests to : private async get( apiMethod: string, // can be 'users', 'tags', 'info', or 'questions' url: string, //...
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Too many requests from this IP address [duplicate]

I am using the StackAPI library for Python to access Stack Overflow questions. I need to collect all question IDs attached with a particular tag (for example, regex). I used the search bar on Stack ...
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Stack Exchange API inconsistently causes CORS errors for client applications after a certain number of properly throttled requests (again?)

After a certain number of sequential requests made in short bursts (normally around 180 requests but I managed to get it down to 50 if the first batch of more than 180 requests succeeds) respecting ...
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The SE API fails with a CORS error when hitting the rate-limit

I'm experiencing the same/similar problem as described in API has been failing with CORS errors since 11/13 When I run the below stack-snippet that basically makes various calls to the SE API, I'm ...
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'StackAPI' throttling exception

I am trying to use StackAPI to query your API. I am trying to fetch the top questions/answers from each of your Stack Exchange sites. Here is my code snippet. As you would note, I am making the thread ...
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Why could Stack Exchange block someone just for visiting 64 or more tags on tagoverflow?

On this question at biology - meta, I found the following link:, noted as TagOvwrflow. The site shows the following dialog box. I could not ...
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Include backoff value (or remaining time) in API backoff violation response

When a rate limit violation in the API occurs, a response such as the following is received: { "error_id": 502, "error_message": "Violation of backoff parameter", "error_name": "...
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How many requests are too many?

I'm writing a small script that makes a large amount of requests in order to obtain data that can't be acquired via the API (for example, getting a user's network profile URL, scraping the network ...
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Room owners should not be throttled in the Chat systems

I see a point in the throttling system, however for regular chat users and room owners it can become quite a nuisance. The room owners already have no star limits for the rooms they own, would it ...
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Comment vote throttling makes it annoying to clean up obsolete chat

If I have a back-and-forth of say 4 comments each while refining an answer, I will then need to clean up my comments (presuming they are incorporated into the answer), then possibly flag my partner's. ...
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Chat throttling should kick in after the second message

In a recent discussion about throttling, I suggested that throttling should kick in after the second message. This allows for: Posting things along the lines of look at this: \ [onebox link] without ...
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Can throttling be eliminated for users with a certain rep?

I hate dealing with throttling of comments and edits. I like to write a quick answer, and then go back and edit it to be more detailed. However, I frequently have to type CAPTCHAs and wait. Is there ...
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