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Various time limits are imposed on users and posts, e. g. time to edit (comment, chat message, grace period), on hold status of closed questions, auto-deletion, posting (questions, comments), voting (reconsider an up- or downvote), flagging, acceptance of an answer, bounties etc. Use this tag to ask about / discuss these time limits, request changes or report (possible) bugs.

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Can we lower the two-day minimum wait for placing a bounty to one day for smaller Stack Exchange sites?

After posting a question, can we lower the two-day minimum wait for placing a bounty to, for example, one day, for smaller, more inactive Stack Exchange sites?
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Has the maximum time threshold for question CAPTCHAs been reintroduced recently?

I've noticed that when I take a long time to write up a question, and don't submit until the next day or later, I get prompted with a CAPTCHA. After some searching, I found that there used to be a 40-...
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Posting timeout because of bad tags

I am currently undergoing a posting timeout on the IoT site: But I have never posted anything (successfully): I think I tried to post a question, but I lacked the rep to create a new tag. I then ...
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Why does the 5-minute edit limit apply to last comments?

If I make a comment on some answer, and after 5 minutes it is still the last comment, why does the 5-minute edit limit apply to it, when one can very easily just copy its contents, delete the comment, ...
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Why are we allowed to ask only one question per 40 minutes? [duplicate]

Why are we allowed to ask only one question per 40 minutes? Shouldn't this time be reduced? Also, when I was posting my second question on Computer Science.SE then this time limit was 40 minutes but ...
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Flag and downvote without delay

I post a question today in server fault and I get two spam answers. So, I try down vote this 2 answers and then flag it, but SO It's not allowed that: Link to my question:
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Display countdown timer for comment editing

Sometimes I find something wrong enough with my comments to want to change them. Up until now I have been fine with trying to submit the edit within the 5 minutes, and copy; delete original; then ...
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A state of grace. Period

In chat, if you notice a typo in a message you have a certain period before the capability to edit goes away. I have no problem with this. Nevertheless, what is the point of notifying someone that ...
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Stackoverflow Up vote counting time 14 hours [duplicate]

This is my 1st post in "Meta Stackexchange". I notice that in "Stackoverflow" the daily "up vote" limit is 40, and if a user complete his daily limit, the next 40 "up vote" will start after 14 hours. ...
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How long will a question be in on-hold status?

When will a question be closed in Stack Overflow, i.e. transform from "on hold" to "closed"? I searched about it on Meta and found five days as the answer; but this question has been on hold for ...
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Change "You can only ask 6 questions in a 24-hour period" to non-positive scoring questions only [duplicate]

I'm getting this message: You can only ask 6 questions in a 24-hour period I understand we don't want users flooding the stack. However, when these 6 questions are good, then why not allow the ...
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How long can a flag wait for review?

Is there a limit on how long a flag (on a question/answer, not on a comment) can wait for a moderator's attention? Does it vary from site to site (I believe it may take longer on SO)?
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What is the life span of a question on SO?

What is the life span of a question on SO? Or more to the point... do valid, relevant, answered, questions get deleted in a "house cleaning" effort periodically? I didn't see any obvious answers to ...
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Add "You have less than x seconds left for editing" warning while editing post comments

Chat allows two minutes for editing a message, and if there are less than 10 seconds left for editing a chat message, the following warning is displayed: You have less than 10 seconds left for ...
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Deleting your comment appears to trigger the 5-second rule [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Deleting a comment (mine) shouldn't count as a comment vote After I submitted a comment to a question I discovered a couple of other comments had been posted before mine. ...
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Getting "can only post questions every 20 minutes" but posted over 10 hours ago [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Getting “can only post questions every 20 minutes” but did not post recently I did not post a question for more than 10 hours, but still I get following error: Oops! Your ...
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Can we have more than 2 minutes to edit comments in chat?

Is it possible to increase or remove the edit time limit on comments in chat? I think that 120 seconds is a bit of a short period in order to correct any typos or errors. Consider this: Many of the ...
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Make comment time limit enforcement match comment vote time limit enforcement

The time limit for comment voting is 5 seconds. If you try to vote before 5 seconds you get a popup and have to finish waiting the 5 seconds. However, for posting a comment the limit is 15 seconds....
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You can accept this answer in 10 minutes [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why do you have to wait 8 Minutes before you can accept an answer? Yay! I found my answer! Let's give it +1 rating and accept it. So I click the +1 button and then I get this ...
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Why the 5s Comment voting limit?

I find it strange that there's a 5 second limit between Comment votes. I sometimes read a few comments, and decide on the good ones, and then when voting it's like "damn, now I must wait".
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Why is the time limit for editing comments 5 minutes?

What is the reasoning behind this?
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Please allow a few extra edits within a minute of the post before sending Captcha

For one thing, the system would not be spammed by edits,, Also the last edited date does not change if the edit was less than a two or three minutes after the post. I don't think robots are as much of ...
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Could not answer or ask questions from Starbucks [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Some low-rep users cannot post anywhere While I was at Starbucks earlier today, I tried answering a few questions and asking a few questions, but the Stack Overflow system ...
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Discouraging Down (or Up) Voting "Sprees" (Rapid Voting)

Is there anything in place to discourage or prevent rapid voting across the site. I know there is one vote per five seconds limit on comment votes, however is there anything like this for questions ...
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Why is there a time limit/ waiting period before accepting an answer?

Why is there a 15 minute waiting period before allowing users to accept an answer on Stack Exchange?
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10-minute wait to accept a question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Allow me to accept an answer immediately Please, S/O, stop placing these ridiculous time limitations on Questions and Answers. Fair enough, you want to stop people from gaming ...
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Bug: Vote to old to be changed, but no vote present [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Bug with ‘Vote too old to be changed’ Vote Reversal Time Limit Concerns This was already reported by Click Upvote, but wrongly closed as a duplicate. I found ...
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Min time allowed to edit a question before closing it [duplicate]

Hi Look at the bellow question. It was asked just 2 mins before and was closed immediately. I think the user was not given enough time to edit his/her question. alt text
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Countdown timer is off by 1 interval

I tried to choose an answer for a question on Seasoned Advice and someone immediately answered with the correct response. I try to click the check box and it says wait 2 minutes. I keep clicking until ...
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Permit Delete-Votes Sooner, Please

There's really no purpose to keeping questions like this (now deleted) around for any length of time. Why should we wait two days to delete this? In two days it will slip off the radar, and out of ...
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Bounty - Page 1 & 2 Differences

In asking a few bounty questions I've noticed that the average page views per hour on page 1 is about 8x higher than on page 2 (small sample based on a 2 of my questions, but I'm sure the large ...
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How about decreasing the allowed time between comments? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Can we get x comment votes per x minutes, rather than one vote per 5 seconds? To change the 30-second time limit in comments I often read through the answers to a question ...
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