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This tag is for issues of what is allowable or desirable in question titles. For questions about window/tab titles of Stack Exchange pages, use the [window-title] tag instead.

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Title vanishes when editing a question

While trying to edit this question I noticed the title vanished: This is for inline edit, in the edit page there's no title and no tags as well. Most likely the cause is the first revision of ...
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Some necessary words are filtered in question title [duplicate]

Yesterday I was trying to post a question on Stack Overflow about the 'halting problem', which had the word 'problem' in the title. So I was not able post the question. It said that the title cannot ...
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Issue with Profile Page Title "User Midhun MP - Stack Overflow"

In Stack Overflow, when I navigate to Profile page using Winter bash icon. It shows the URL on title instead of normal title (User Midhun MP - Stack Overflow). In normal case, Title: When I Navigate ...
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Empty title on Community Promotion Ads statistic page

The title on the stats page for Community Promotion Ads is empty: <title></title> Examples: WordPress Development and Web Applications.
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"Using" Tags in the Title

I've begun to think that titles like this: Custom Annotations to Validate End Date Doesn't Come Before Start Date Using ASP.NET MVC 4 C Sharp are the same thing as Custom Annotations to ...
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Can't use the word "question" in title in the context of "a security question implementation"

I tried editing a question to have a more fitting title. The questions is about how to implement a password reset function by having a "security question" in a certain security framework. The title as ...
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MSO bugs/reqs tabs show wrong window title

Minor nitpick: When on the homepage, browsing the bugs or reqs tab shows the same window title as the featured tab. Featured Questions - Meta Stack Overflow I assume this should say "Bugs" or "...
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Titles can have [on hold] in them, if the space used is non-breakable one. [on hold] [duplicate]

I discovered it by accident here. I guess I'm not the only one who fixed non-breakable unicode space U+00A0 to something like Alt+Space. So it's pretty easy to circumvent your prevention without even ...
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Duplicates show as "on hold" in the weekly/monthly list of questions

I'm not sure if I'm seeing a bug or regression here, since I believe it worked at some point… anyway. If you look at this list of questions: The second question here is actually a duplicate, so ...
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Remove tag in question title for logged-in users [duplicate]

We all hate the tags in the html page title, but they seem to be necessary for SEO: First tag in the title of the page is not that convenient. Scraper sites used to destroy stackoverflow in the Google ...
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Is it ok to state in my question that any user is allowed to edit my title to fit the question?

I'm currently writing a question on the main site, however I'm finding it very hard to set a title. Would it be ok if I added a text in the question that states that if someone finds a good title fit ...
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Who will peer review my edit on a post that's three years old?

I suggested an edit on three years old post. Who will peer review it? Why can't I just change a -s to a -u? That's a pretty critical change despite not being 6 characters. Why can't I ask a question ...
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2 answers

Allowing a duplicate title for a question

I often hit the restriction that does not allow a title of a question to be one that already exists. As a result, I would have to add extra words that do not add much information, just to make the ...
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Raising awareness for improper use of tags in titles, where they are not part of a full sentence

Check out these search results: is:question title:" - " A significant portion of results are questions with titles that have a tag that stands separately from the rest of the title. Having tags in ...
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Can we automatically detect discouraged patterns in question titles? [duplicate]

Given Should questions include "tags" in their titles? I was wondering whether it would be viable to detect patterns like Foo: Does the quick brown fox jump over the lazy dog? in a question'...
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New Users Tend to Post Questions With Titles Containing Most Words Starting With a Capital Letter [duplicate]

I've been editing out tags from question titles for the past several hours, and I noticed that a lot of questions have that pattern, especially from new users. I don't know who and when decided that ...
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Warn about inclusion of unnecessary tags in question titles at the time of posting

This search will reveal a ton of questions with c# in their title, which are also already tagged as c#: [c#] is:question title:c# Currently there are 93,199 such questions. In rare cases it may be ...
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How to save the world... One question title at a time

If you got here because you googled "How to save the world," I apologize. This post really has nothing to do with saving the world. I picked the title specifically to illustrate my point. This ...
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How are the tags which are shown in the question title chosen [duplicate]

When a question is asked, I notice a tag is appended to the question title as the tab title in my browser. For example when a question is tagged c#, winforms. The tab title will be c# - Question title....
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Bad wrapping of long words in question titles on S.E. landing page

I saw this pop up on the real-time 'recently active questions' list on the Stack Exchange landing page: I know this is a minor thing, and anyway that question will disappear in a few seconds and be ...
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Is it good practice to capitalize/not-capitalize a question's title? [duplicate]

Knowing that in some English texts, it is common practice to capitalize words in titles, I want to know whether this is true for Stack Overflow et al, too. So my question is: Should I capitalize ...
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How should I find an question with a funny title to make sure I don't dupe

I had a problem with my profile picture and looked through the search to make sure I didn't post a dupe. The problem is, the title to the question I should have found is : Why is there a peeking ...
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Change "What's your Programming question, Be Specific" to "What would someone search for if they had your issue?"

I've seen a lot of issues recently where users put in a half-baked title, like: What is the difference between these two lines of code? (About 1 Million Results) Since I believe in organic titles, ...
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Cannot remove tag from title - error message tells me nothing

I tried to remove the c# tag from the title of the question C# Why does Web browser Drop Down Does Not Update The Price?, but when I went to save the edit I was presented with an error that told me ...
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Discourage use of tags in title

(Especially new) users often use redundant tags in the title redundantly. In fact, by far the most common edit reason I use a the moment is “removed tag from title”. There’s a consensus that tags don’...
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Should we change vague question titles to more descriptive titles? [duplicate]

Sometimes, I encounter questions with vague titles: they do not always specify what is really being asked. For example, there is a question called How do I find all the files that were created today ...
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Implement a simple title-tag check [duplicate]

I notice a lot of questions like this: C# My Question Details... Details... c# Can't a simple check be done that says "you cannot start a question title with the name of a language tag" or ...
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How to name questions about closed questions?

I just posted a question on English and Usage meta asking about why a question was closed, but because I couldn't come up with a better title, the first one I tried was "Why was this question closed?" ...
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Title and question body are the same

Look at this question. The title and question body are the same. I think this is not a good practice. Is it possible to create a mechanism to force a user to give a brief description which is ...
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Question titles collapse "-​- " (double minus signs) to "— " (mdash) [duplicate]

-- in a title is collapsed to —. This probably isn't so great if the title contains <!-- --> or x--. Is this intended behavior? Running this query on data.stackexchange (I don't claim to be ...
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Can we have a whitelist of exceptions to the title filter?

As has been pointed out previously, the controversial title word filter prevents people like this one from referring to things like the Halting Problem in their question titles, which - besides being ...
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How to ask about the 'halting problem' on StackOverflow, regarding the title filter

At the time of this question, the word 'problem' is disallowed as a title word in StackOverflow. Some problems have been mentioned about it, ex. here. This is a question about accepted/acceptable ...
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2 answers

Android app question titles?

I know the "rule" about tags in titles. When I made my first Android app post, I made the title "Unable to follow links in comments", then Cody Gray added "on Android app" in his edit. I could ...
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Post a Question in MetaSO Prompt Error

I am not sure the below mentioned details are bug or the way Stack Overflow works. I tried entering invisible characters in the title and I found few more things which I need to share with you guys. ...
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Should we flag question titles that aren't very descriptive of the problem?

Stack Overflow detects when your title is not good enough or not long enough. I came across a lot of question like "Layout problem in Android". Does not give any clue until you read the question. ...
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Questions with "Interview:" in the Title on StackOverflow

I'm seeing questions with "Interview:" in the title in some fashion or another. Do we take that stuff out the same way we do with Tags?
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Display tags in/near question title?

Seems we are not allowed to inorganically include tags within titles, for example "jQuery: How to append to an element?". When displaying questions, what if the tags were moved to be displayed next ...
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How to prevent tags from being used in question titles [duplicate]

There are numerous questions on meta requesting automated removal of tags from titles (1, 2, 3), and the rule that questions should not have tags in their titles. This is obviously an issue with many....
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Getting rid of questions with tags in title [duplicate]

Tags in titles are not okay and I usually go out of my way to search for those and edit them, since this seems to be very common with iOS questions, which is where I usually live. What is interesting ...
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Curly quotes in titles revert to straight quotes after canceling an edit

This scenario is happening to me in Chrome 28 and IE9 (the only two browsers I have installed): Be signed in Observe a question whose title contains quotes which have been rendered in the "curly" ...
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Titles should not be able to literally contain "[on hold]"

A user just posted this question: Ubuntu booting stuck at checking battery status after upgrade from 10.04 to 11.10 [on hold] The title literally contains [on hold]. Before the closing process was ...
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Can we do something about people adding C# in their titles? [duplicate]

Commonly, you see questions that state the problem (in very bad, lowercase Engrish) followed (or proceeded) by (lowercase) "c#". Can we do something about this? Maybe ban C# from titles? c# is ...
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Deliberate misspellings in titles to get around 'probelms' with banned words? [duplicate]

It's very irritating to go around dealing with titles that are misspelled only to find that the misspelling is there because of the banned words stuff. Can't we get some AI into the title parsing? ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Question title misaligned when title begins with "I"

We can see in this question that the beginning of the question title, which starts with the English word "I", appears at the far right of the screen, below and to the right of the Ask Question link. ...
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Question titles showing up as "undefined"

Recently, the titles to some questions have been displaying as "undefined": "undefined" is replaced with the question's true title upon refreshing the page. Is this a bug?
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Should 'Q:' be removed from question titles

The leading Q: seems redundant to me. Is there a reason I should not remove it from every question title I come across?
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Should I [not] put type sigs in titles throughout the Haskell tag? q -> IO [MSOUser] -> a

For those of you familiar with Haskell you know type signatures are extraordinarily small and concise, and I find often times when hoogle's not doing the job a question on SO will find the already ...
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Trailing characters stripped from titles bypass length minimum

Test to see if the title length requirement can be circumvented by appending lots of dots. How did a new question with a title shorter than 15 characters come to exist?
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How did a new question with a title shorter than 15 characters come to exist? [duplicate]

When I tried to edit this question, I got an error saying the title must be at least 15 characters. How did this come to happen (given that it is a new question)? Shouldn't the title written during ...
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Duplicate title for "why has xxx happened" on meta

Often, there are questions about why (for example) a question was closed for a specific example, a edit was rejected, etc. However, since users are unable to create questions with duplicate titles, ...
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