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Should I search for posts to make trivial edits to?

Is it OK to search for posts that contain trivial errors (e.g., spelling mistakes, signatures, taglines), and then systematically edit each one, correcting only that one trivial error without making ...
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Has edit functionality changed? I cannot edit just tags

Ran into an issue on that wouldn't allow me to edit just the tags for a question. Did Edit functionality change? It was suggested that maybe this was a recent change for all of SE. I was ...
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Input required on a rejected edit suggestion

Was it correct to reject this edit suggestion? If yes then what would have been an appropriate reject reason? Closest would be "Invalid edit" which states, "This edit is incorrect or an attempt to ...
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Prevent edits of under 6 characters of your own post from bumping it to the top of the active list

So...I just found a typo in one of my old posts. It's only one character off. On the one hand, I want to fix it because I'd like my posts to be typo-free. On the other hand, I don't want to look ...
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If tag only changes are too minor don't allow them to be made [duplicate]

So I deliberately didn't make an edit solely to remove a tag to this question as I've been told and learned that such an edit is too minor. As ...
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Pedantic edit, yes, no, approve, reject?

Summary What is the official position on pedantic edits? Should we ... perform them when we have the opportunity? approve them when we review them? reject them because we don't want (to review) ...
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1 character edits from 2k+ users

Sometimes I see edits by 2k+ users, where the only difference is an trailing , or an equivalent minor change. Like this example. What drives experienced community members to make such minor edits? ...
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Is adding/removing tags too minor an edit? [duplicate]

Ive just started doing reviews on stackoverflow, and after reading some of the debates about minor edits here on meta and developing my personal thoughts thoughts on the topic, I wonder about the case ...
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Who will peer review my edit on a post that's three years old?

I suggested an edit on three years old post. Who will peer review it? Why can't I just change a -s to a -u? That's a pretty critical change despite not being 6 characters. Why can't I ask a question ...
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Change the wording on the "too minor" suggested edit reject message to indicate that most errors must be corrected

The current wording on the too minor suggested edit reason is Too minor: This edit is too minor; suggested edits should be substantive improvements addressing multiple issues in the post. But I ...
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2 answers

Edit rejected twice as minor edits

Twice today my edits have been rejected by minitech. The chosen reason was This ...
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Judging if a Retag is a Minor Edit [duplicate]

I've just found my access card to the suggested edits review queue, and find that there are a lot of low-rep retag edits in the queue thanks to this: Kill the Retag option, use just Edit Now, as far ...
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2 answers

Minor edit of an old question

I saw other questions regarding this but I'd like to bring this issue up again: I got a notification today saying a very old question of mine was edited. The edit? Removed my "Thanks, Noich" postfix (...
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Are backtick/<br>-only edits to be banned?

This question and my recent experiences in the suggested edits review queue (e.g. this one or that one) made me realize a very typical pattern: Keywords are put into backticks and line-breaks not ...
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15 votes
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Is editing a working URL of a link "too minor"?

Yesterday, while going through the Suggested Edit queue, I ran into a couple of edits that only changed the links from one URL to "". The one in the original post does redirect the ...
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2 answers

is copying code from jsFiddle too minor?

When I see a question with a jsFiddle link, but without any code, I always edit the question and copy-paste the code from the fiddle. My last edit almost got rejected. The interesting thing is that ...
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Minor change policy regarding real names [duplicate]

When reviewing edits, I often find minor changes which simply remove the name from the original question. So the user wrote something like Thanks, myname at the end of the question and somebody ...
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Edit too minor ends up involving way more people

I just saw one edit suggestion that had 5 reviewers: two said it is too minor, three approved it. It is funny to see that it is when one suggestion is declined with "Too minor" that ends up involving ...
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Question/answer improvements regarding grammar/formatting

During my review activity I found out that there are many questions/answers that really need some grammar fixes / code prettification or at least formatting improvement. I, as well as many others, do ...
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Should I edit a post only to replace profanity words (which are used in non-offensive way)?

If a user posts a question/answer which contains "bad words" in code examples, should I edit such a post only to replace bad words? For example, if a user includes this code in his/her post: var ...
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Code syntax error edit often rejected

For a few times, I have seen code in an answer has syntax error, but when I try to correct those, the edit gets rejected for several reasons. One example is
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2 answers

Prevent tag only edits

If an edit that only adds or removes a tag should be closed as "Too Minor," why do we allow them?
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Automatic minor edit capability [duplicate]

I often come across posts containing really irritating typos, but the post is otherwise OK. This has been asked before in different forms (e.g., here), but previous requests have included things like ...
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Should minor edits not be rejected?

Why are those types of forceful edits approved when the content is logically and syntactically sound? Below I have provided some of my posts which have been edited in this fashion. So I would like to ...
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Reject or approve suggested edits for "removed clutter"?

There have been many suggested edits with the sole purpose of removing expressions like: Thank you. Thanks in advance Thank you, Sean and so on, while many other aspects of the question are left ...
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Minor edit of posts: allow typo correction for low-rep users

Related, but subtly different, proposals (they were created before the edit for the masses changes): Mark edit as "minor" to prevent bumping Could we have the ability to mark a change as minor in ...
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