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Tag wiki and profile editors missing control toolbar

When I was trying to create/edit a tag wiki on iOS Chrome/Safari (example), I didn't have a toolbar: Note that the edit summary field is also (usually) missing. After you submit, it auto fills "...
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Achievements toolbar said I have a +2, but doesn't say where

I've just seen a green +2 on the achievements menu button, on the newly introduced toolbar that's just a couple of days or weeks old, but when clicking on it, it didn't say which site this +2 was at. ...
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"Tools" button does not appear in toolbar

On beta sites, it takes a mere 2K to receive 10K privileges. I've just acquired them on History SE and have had them for a full 12 hours (pats self on back). However, the Tools button does not appear ...
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Negative/0/blank suggested edits counter [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should it be possible to have a negative number of suggested edits in the queue? The suggested edits counter seems to have intermittent display issues when hovering around the ...
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On MathJax-enabled sites preview and toolbar break completely when MathJax fails to load

Recently I experienced some problem (I have no idea what it was) which caused the MathJax CDN to be unreachable from my network location. Here's how "Ask Question" form looks like then: You see, ...
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"Mathjax is not defined" JavaScript error and no toolbar is shown and preview doesn't work on Mathjax-enabled sites

This is reproduced on Math SE and Electronics SE. I assume it is reproduced on all Mathjax-enabled sites. Currently if I try to open and ask a ...
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Editor toolbar not showing up [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: WYSIWYG editor missing Recently, the editor toolbar on Stack Overflow hasn't been showing up for me (it is on THIS site, though!). What's going on? It's really annoying not to ...
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Toolbar with floating position [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: An optional navigation bar floating at the top Should the top navigation be frozen? It would be more comfortable to have a floating toolbar like current FB toolbar. It's ...
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Toolbar missing when asking and editing questions

My toolbar is missing on StackOverflow when I ask or edit a question. It is fine for Meta, Superuser and ServerFault. This is only happening in Firefox (I checked in IE and it was there). I have ...
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Make editor toolbar more distinct when images are turned off

If I turn off automatic image loading in my browser, which happens to be Firefox if that's relevant, the editor toolbar buttons become invisible and the toolbar itself quite indistinct. Here's an ...
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Can we please have a few additions to the toolbar?

I humbly request the following toolbar buttons when composing a new question: Notice the addition of four new buttons. I will briefly describe their functions below: Freehand circle button - ...
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Stack Overflow browser toolbar

Is there a toolbar for Stack Overflow that can be added to a browser window?
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