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Tooltips are the little blurbs that pop up when you hover over an element on a web page. They are typically taken from an element's "title" attribute.

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Change upvote/downvote tooltip on meta sites

Since voting on meta sites mean something different on the main sites, can you change the tooltip as well: This question is useful and clear --> I agree This question is unclear or not useful --> I ...
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"Yesterday" time specification shown when it was actually the day before yesterday

Looking at this question of mine, I see "asked yesterday" (which I really hate; I'd like to see an exact time specification rather than this vague one, especially in the list of questions). But it was ...
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Display Tag Excerpt tooltips when editing a question

When editing a post, the tag excerpt tooltips (that you get when viewing a post) are not available. You do get the live tag preview (that you get when asking a question) for any new tags you add, ...
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"This is a favorite question" tooltip when not favorite

When viewing a question, when I hover over the star icon (under the voting module) the tooltip says I've made it a favorite when I haven't yet.
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How to get my hover-menu back?

What happened with the menu that comes if I hover over my username in the top-bar? It was one of the most used feature on Stackoverflow since I've used it regularly to get a quick overview over my ...
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What's the reasoning behind the vote button tooltips having changed?

I recently noticed that the vote button tooltips have changed. They now say: Downvote this <post-type> if you find it unclear or not useful Upvote this <post-type> if you find it clear ...
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Show timestamp of a vote in the tooltip when mousing over it

Sometimes I come across an old question or answer that I voted on in the past, but I don't clearly remember when (or sometimes even why) I voted it up or down. Being able to see the date/time that I ...
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Tooltips on the badges page need checking

I just hovered over the Gold tag-badge on the badges page and this is what I saw*: 4 problems: The tooltip says it needs 20 answers. The text says 200. The silver is incorrect too. Other tooltips ...
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Escaped line break tag in tooltip on election page

Over on Lifehacks (a beta site with the standard beta template) we're having an election. I just cast my votes and was presented this tooltip: Please fix the escaped line break tag so it either ...
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Please add a delay to the hover tooltips

Apparently, the hover tooltip style that was already present for the follow button, has now been added to other places as well. One thing that really bothers me about these tooltips, is that they pop ...
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Mouseover tooltip for delete count is wrong

Normally, it takes three votes to delete. It still does, though the mouseover tip for a question with one delete vote cast on it already appears to be stuck at '1' And then after casting a delete ...
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Tooltip with the question's tags in the hot questions column

When browsing Stack Exchange sites, I often notice questions that may interest me in the Hot Questions column, however they sometimes have titles that don't exactly tell what product/game/software/...
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15 votes
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Rep tooltip doesn't provide any context

I noticed that user rep in tooltips for usernames in comments has been implemented. This is great, except that the tooltip doesn't provide any context as to what this number is. It is just a raw ...
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Can we add the number of bounties an answer has earned to the bounty award tooltip?

As researched in this post, an answer that receives multiple bounties does have separate bounty votes in the system, but this is not visible to anyone on the Stack Overflow interface itself. The ...
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Tooltip for negative reputation change is strange; shows "--" [closed]

So I lost… negative negative two reputation! Technically right but completely strange.
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Use a consistent style for tooltips

This post is a spin-off of "New round of UI updates... apparently". Recently we got new, differently styled tooltips, for all buttons displayed to the left of questions/answers (upvote, ...
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Reuse image description (alt text) as hover tooltip (title) by default

As What's the point in adding alt-text to an image? explains, currently, image description text only shows when browsing with images disabled and as such, can't be seen at all (and thus is ...
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Missing space when hovering over tag score on Meta

A little pedantic, but once I noticed it I couldn't unsee it. When I hover over the tag score for a user who has asked and answered a question in the tag on Meta, there is no space after the first ...
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Combined flair is double escaping some Turkish characters

This isn't a serious problem but in Stack Exchange flair tooltips, there is some problem with rendering Turkish characters; they are being double escaped when converted to HTML entities. The following ...
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Misplaced tooltip in Site Analytics graph

The tooltips in the Posts graph on the Site Analytics page are misplaced. Sometimes, they appear to be part of the next graph (see below) - the arrow indicates the point I was hovering over. This ...
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New Contributor hover card information opens a scrollbar on a post

Not sure when this started happening, but the new contributor hover information now makes a scrollbar appear, and keeps all of the hover card information constrained to a small area surrounding the ...
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Minor alignment issue in Activity page Impact section's tooltip

There is an alignment issue in the Activity page Impact section's tooltip for the "people reached" and "votes cast" captions. The tooltip is displayed correctly for the "...
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Mouseover Tooltip on Title; weird spacing

When mousing over a link to a question on the main page, a tooltip appears with the first few sentences of the question. When a question includes a picture or quote in those first sentences, this ...
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Change misleading tooltip for feature request questions [duplicate]

A downvote on a question generally means that the quality is low and should/can be improved. However questions tagged feature-request have a different meaning as per the help center On posts ...
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New round of UI updates... apparently. Edits in close banners, summary tab changes, and now new vote tooltip (content)s?

There's a lot going on in the UI right now that I can't find announcement or discussion posts for. An edit button is now prominently displayed in the close banner (for all users, for some reason, ...
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How does SE have 233, 119, and 117 sites?

While browsing on slow internet at another person's house, there was a little bit of lag when I clicked on the site switcher. It was enough to trigger the tooltip. What it read surprised me: A list ...
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27 votes
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You earned -30 reputation today

You earned -30 reputation today on ... The above doesn't sound right to me. It appears as the tooltip in the "recent achievements" dialog: Can this please be changed to something like: You ...
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Can we make it clear that there is a tooltip hidden behind certain text?

Tooltips seem to be pretty important on Stack Exchange. And it seems a lot of them get missed. For example, the new mark your own question as dupe 'thing' lead to 2 questions being asked about that (...
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Make tooltip for migrated posts on localized sites human readable

Tooltip for migrated post on localized sites, e.g. on Stack Overflow in Russian* contains URL encoding and completely unreadable: Could it please be fixed to display not only Latin symbols? Same for ...
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Interaction with vote buttons on tag synonyms page break tooltips

I just tried to vote on suggested tag synonyms page on ruSO and got very weird tooltips as a result (looks like some kind of encoding issue): Before voting or after the page reloads all tooltips look ...
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Inconsistent text on user's tag badge page and on tag badge tooltip

See these three pages: Bronze C# tag page Silver C# tag badge Gold C# tag badge All three of them say: Earned at least X total score for at least 20 answers in the c# tag. This same text also ...
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Should I be able to see the first few lines of a deleted post from my flag summary section?

I don't have enough rep to view deleted posts yet. So should I be able to see the first few lines of a post via the tooltip?: (ie. rolling over the titile of a post gives you a tooltip with the first ...
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Could "edited x mins ago" tooltips possibly contain the summary instead of/in addition to the timestamp?

Under questions and answers, we get the little edited x min ago, edited x hour ago, etc. When mousing over this text, we get the raw timestamp. I think that it would be more useful if the tooltip ...
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Expand tooltip hover area for questions with >1,000 views

I was just browsing through some of my questions looking at the ones that have more than 1,000 views on them, which get abbreviated to 1 kviews in the list. The problem I'm having is the tooltip ...
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Strange hint alignment in the Advanced Search Tips

For many of items in the Advanced Search Tips section you can see curious indent for the second line: Does it make some sense? Related question in ruSO.Meta
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9 votes
1 answer

Tooltip of reputation not changed

Reputation has been changed but not reflected on tooltip.
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Bounty tooltip shows same name multiple times

I just noticed this issue on the bounty tooltip of this answer: This answer has been awarded bounties worth 150 reputation by Rand al'Thor and Rand al'Thor (emphasis mine) I understand that the ...
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Down/up vote tooltips should speak differently on meta [duplicate]

As more experienced users know, votes work differently on Meta. However, the tooltips still say the same as on other StackExchange sites: The tooltips are: Question up vote: This question shows ...
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Area 51 site missing count of Stack Exchange Network sites

The count shown on the Area 51 topbar sites-switcher tooltip (hover over Stack Exchange logo on the top-left) is missing the count of Stack Exchange Network sites. Area 51 topbar sites-switcher ...
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3 answers

Incorrect tooltip for suspended users

While trying to accept an answer during suspension gives a tool tip suspended users can't vote shouldn't that be suspended users can't accept answers
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Change the hover-text on vote buttons not to say "click to undo" when it's not going to work

I'm still getting flack about this downvote I made. I downvoted an answer and added a comment explaining my reason. I was later convinced by other comments that it was not a good reason for downvoting....
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Use tooltips to reduce mystery

Add tooltips (HTML attribute "title") in all places where the meaning of an item is not completely obvious. Explain in clear English and in full sentences what items mean. The following is only an ...
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The "loading when this answer was accepted" tooltip won't go away by itself

Something I noticed a while ago and finally decided to pick up the glove and report here. For some time now (guess since the live updates rolled out) the time in which answer was accepted is not ...
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2 answers

Snow Flake sitting alone in the dark, crying silently

See this? All parts of the new top bar has a tooltip, e.g. But the poor snow flake? Nothing. No tool, no tip. Can a tooltip be added, to explain to the clueless user what this is all ...
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Increase reputation bar hover size

I noticed today when I was viewing my profile, looking at my reputation, that if you hover over a bar on your "reputation graph" the tooltip shows the date and the exact reputation earned like so: ...
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Add tooltips to the questions on the profile page

I have migrated this request from now deleted "New User Profile - LIVE" thread where it received ~25 upvotes. It would be convenient to have tooltips in the "Summary" section. For example, on the ...
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Why are there "greater-than-signs (>)" in locked post vote-totals tooltips?

Wherever I go, if I click on the vote totals tooltip on a locked question or answer that has historical significance, there is always a > present just before the description. This screenshot: ...
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Change "View tag" to "View tag info" in tag tooltip

In the tooltip of any tag below the question you can see a link "View tag" in the end of text that refers to the list of questions that have that tag. In the same time you can just click on ...
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Tooltip for comment flags gives an option that cannot be done

Just a short while ago, we got a non-answer on Arqade. Which then got a spam comment from the same 1-rep user. So, I was planning on flagging it as spam. However, when you actually click on the ...
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Hover text (title attribute) missing in question title

Perhaps this is an intentional user interface change, but it appears that the title attribute has been removed from the question link on the main page of at least several SE sites (cs, electronics, ...
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