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A user's Top Answers overview, which can be found on their network profile.

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Network Profile: Top Questions are scored by upvotes only, but Top Answers by total + -? [duplicate]

Is this intentional? Both the question and the answer received (n + 1) upvotes and 1 downvote. On the Network Profile page, the net score is reflected on the answer, but not the question. The ...
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In the top answers list on my network profile, an answer deleted five years ago shows up

When displaying my own top network questions and answers on place 7 a deleted answer shows up. I tested that this behaviour is the same when I am not logged in, so it has nothing to do with some ...
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Editing your network profile's Top Questions and Top Answers

Make editing of the Top Questions and Top Answers possible. Currently, based on some code, Stack Exchange chooses your top questions and answers from different sites and formats them into a list by ...
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Top Answers in network profile shows incorrect score

This post of mine has a score of 13, but the network profile page shows that it has 14: This seems to be a recur of this bug; @Catija's answer says it's been fixed. Can we fix that (again)?
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Place top answers above top questions in Stack Exchange network profile [duplicate]

From Jeff Atwood: In March 2010, we rebalanced our reputation system to favor answers. In all my sites' profile pages, my top answers are placed above the questions. But in the Stack Exchange ...
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CSS breaking on Top Answer User list for long names [duplicate]

I spotted that CSS is breaking on Top Answer User list for long names. The image is not rendered and long names are causing a small scrolling section.
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What does the up arrow in the "top posts" section of the user profile mean?

When I'm looking some user profiles via ios-app, I noticed that most of the time all visible user's "top posts" are marked with an up arrow sign. But sometimes, I see posts without this sign. Here ...
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What happened to the words' size

I was frantically searching for my profile page link when I came across this. Don't you think the question "Are secret hats limited to..." is getting all the spotlight? I'm using Safari for iPhone. ...
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Aren't SE sites discouraging additional answers to old popular questions? [closed]

People like getting their answers upvoted and quick. Especially if a lot of effort was put into them. Some of the older questions are quite interesting. People might be getting a new perspective on an ...
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Show if an answer is accepted on the network profile

On the network profile top answers section, it would make sense to show if the answer is the accepted one. Over here: Perhaps even in the questions section, show if the question has an accepted ...
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Why is the question's top answer different when I log in?

There's this question on English Language & Usage. When I visit it, while not being logged in to EL&U (but I am logged in to Stack Exchange and all other sites, if that matters), I see, that ...
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I thought top posts count 5 score

When I was a starter for the Network, I read that all the posts, that have a score of 5 or more, are shown as the Top posts on the Network profile of the user. // Just for fun! bool showPost = ...
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Why aren't my answers migrated from a site to EE appear on the "Top Questions/Answers" Page?

Okay: here's the situation. I participated on an Area 51 site that was closed, and migrated. However, in the process, there was some bugs. Here's what has happened: All my questions were migrated ...
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Discrepancy between Top Answerers on tag info and tag topusers

Once I saw that order of Top Answers on[tag]/info and All time Answerers on[tag]/topusers were different I believe it happened, when ...
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Top Answers section on network profile shows answers with less than five votes

Stack Exchange network profiles show the top questions & answers with 5 vote or more votes, but the following profile shows answers which only have 3 & 4 votes. How it this possible, is it a ...
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How can I get a list of the best answers from a particular site?

I'd like to browse through the best answers from a site, for example from ServerFault. I'm sure they would contain great information but I can't find a way to access just the top answers (...
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Bug: Google search result entry cites a closed question's closure reason as "Top answer"

While testing some queries to see how a few money SE questions are ranking in Google's search results, I came across the following. Witness:        Is this inference of ...
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Post not displayed under "Top Answers" in network profile

My MSO post does not show up under "Top Answers" in the network profile. Is it delayed or is that a bug?
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'Top Questions' and 'Top Answers' headings interchanged on stackexchange user page

On my SE user page, my most popular questions are displayed under the heading Top Answers and my most popular answers are displayed under the heading Top Questions. (i.e The two seem to have been ...
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