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For questions about the Top Network Posts list in the profile of a user, which shows their best posts on other parts of the Stack Exchange network.

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Accepted top meta/network posts aren't green colored in the profile

My profile link. Most "top meta posts" and "top network posts" are accepted but they're not green colored like the "top posts" are.
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Dollar sign becomes MathJax on top network posts

This is basically the same issue as these (all of them are status-completed at the moment): Dollar sign used as currency renders incorrectly in Android app Dollar signs breaks formatting of 'Hot ...
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Incorrect answer score for a top post in my Network Profile

I've experienced the same error described in Answers in top Network Posts showing incorrect score for my answer about the solvability of y = xeˣ. Its score has remained constant at 6 for a long ...
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Top network posts can be misleading

In my profile, can see the following "Top Network Posts" This doesn't show Q&As from current community Answers in questions that got closed Could we also show it or add an info icon ...
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Link for migrated post is in negative under "Top network posts" in user's profile [duplicate]

Set time zone without root privilege was migrated from Server Fault to Unix & Linux with the answers. One of the answer is among the top network posts of Eduardo Trápani. But the post shows only ...
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Odd entry in 'Top network posts' for a user [duplicate]

I've loaded the profile for a user and noticed that there's something decidedly odd about one of the entries in their Top network posts: The blank space is hyperlinked to https://travel....
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Strange nonexistent link in a specific user's Top Network Posts

I discovered a strange, blank link in this user's Top Network Posts: The above link and screenshot are of the user's Unix & Linux site profile, but this issue can be reproduced on any of the ...
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Top network post URL bug for migrated posts [duplicate]

I tried to see if this rare bug was brought up before, but I didn't find anything. The following profiles:
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Answers in top Network Posts showing incorrect score

There is already a question Top Network Posts showing incorrect score which is posted around a month ago (which was fixed). My question reports a similar issue of showing inaccurate scores along with ...
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Top Network Posts showing incorrect score

There's a post in my list of Top Network Posts that is showing an incorrect score. The second post listed there shows a score of 14. But if you actually go to the post you see that the score is 15. ...
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Why are wrong titles shown sometimes?

I was on the profile of affable geek and there I saw this question in his "Top Network Post"-list: (NSFW language used) But this "question" on the history-stackexchange-side resolves to be this ...
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Profiles on Top Network Askers panel are blurred [duplicate]

The profile pictures on the Top Network Askers (right side) have always looked awfully blurry. why is that? I'm not sure if it's a bug or intentionally done As Ilmari Karonen pointed out: They're ...
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Why is the accepted answer, below another (very highly voted) answer? [duplicate]

In this HNQ of Unix and Linux SE, I saw that the accepted answer, with 248 votes, is below another answer with 1382 votes (Yes, I am talking about gimme gimme gimme!) . But as far as my knowledge ...
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Can I hide a post from my top network questions? (Preferably without hiding an entire community)

According to my Stack Exchange Network Profile, my third highest scoring question on the network is the English Language & Usage post What is a less controversial name for the clothing item known ...
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Are the two top network posts sections supposed to match?

Currently there are two places you can view a user's top network posts. You can view top posts on a user's site profile: You can also view top posts in a user's network profile, the difference here ...
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2 answers

Top posts taken from hidden communities

From Edit Profile & Settings, we have below information Hide Communities Choose which communities will appear in the Communities and Top Network Posts sections of your profile Hiding a community ...
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Disassociated posts are still linked from the network profile [duplicate]

An anon user (which I assume stands for "anonymous") doesn't seem to be very anonymous. This particular screen shot was taken from a post which I found by following a link on a (very non-anonymous) ...
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