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Questions tagged [tor]

The [tor] tag refers to the Tor browser - this tag is typically used for questions about accessing the SE network via Tor

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When can we expect the Tor experience to be fixed?

Since about half a year ago anyone using Tor was unable to comment, flag, VTC, and more. This all is extremely frustrating because I as a Tor user have to edit my posts instead to respond to comments ...
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Stack Exchange IP Block Exemption Policy (Tor)

Does Stack Exchange have an IP Block Exemption Policy? There are countless at-risk users around the world who must use Tor for all Internet activity to protect themselves and/or their families. ...
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Stack Exchange inbox messages don't work with the Tor browser [duplicate]

When I try to check out my recent messages or recent achievements using the top right buttons I can't. It simply says "Something went wrong. please try again." I guess Cloudflare is not ...
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23 votes
1 answer

Why are many features not working on Tor?

My question got closed as a duplicate as another one. I'd have cast the duplicate vote myself but the bug the post is about prevented me from doing so. But anyway. Apparently all the GET and POST ...
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Moderation tools are broken for Tor users

Related to: Top bar navigation partially lost when accessing from Tor network - unable to post answers or comments Moderators are unable to perform most moderation actions when using Tor. Network ...
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21 votes
0 answers

Top bar navigation partially lost when accessing from Tor network - unable to post answers or comments

Starting around 2023.09.17, I've been unable to access the review queue, recent inbox, or achievements using the top bar menu, when using TorBrowser. At the network level the response to the GET (for ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Cloudflare CAPTCHA for Tor Browser

I'm living in a country where it is illegal to access the internet. Thanks to the Tor browser we can access the internet freely. Before today, it was possible to access this website with the Tor ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Stop telling Tor users to contact support for registration, if their request will be dismissed anyway

When Tor-users try to sign up, they consistently get this error message: Something went wrong. Please contact us at [email protected] for assistance. update: somewhere between 30 ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Switched favicons for certain sites in inbox, achievements, and community tabs

When I click on my inbox or on the achievements button, it appears that the icon for Meta.SE has been switched with the one for Stack Apps; it's basically displaying the Stack Apps favicon even for ...
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Can you be IP address-banned from registering?

Sometimes when I tried to use Tor for privacy to sign up, I would get a message along the lines of You cannot register at this time. If this error persists contact us. Given that this error can ...
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The 'You cannot post due to spam and abuse' message should appear when I click 'Ask question' instead of 'Post your question' [duplicate]

I use Tor for anonymity and I often see the Your post could not be submitted at this time due to the volume of spam and abuse originating from your network message, because apparently some malicious ...
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430 votes
2 answers

Update on the ongoing DDoS attacks and blocking Tor exit nodes

For the past month, Stack Overflow has been hit by weekly DDoS attacks that progressively grew in size and scope. In each incident, the attacker(s) have been changing their methodology and responding ...
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0 answers

Missing StackExchange web elements in Tor Browser [duplicate]

When accessing StackExchange with Tor Browser certain elements (favorite star, upvote button, downvote buttonn) are missing from the view. All scripts are enabled in Tor Browser. What other setting ...
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1 answer

Can I access Stack Exchange using Tor?

I use Tor a lot. Is it OK to use Stack Exchange sites in Tor? Can I use Tor to access, answer or ask questions on Stack Exchange? Is it against any rules here on Stack Exchange? If so does it affect ...
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Some avatars don't show up and only showing the alt text in the chat

Today I found my mozilla engine based browser (Mozilla Firefox 52.2.0 (32-bit)1) left me with some strange (image) rendering quirks at the Tavern on the Meta chatroom: As the title says there are ...
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5 answers

Can SE block actions from Tor exit nodes?

This is undoubtedly going to be quite controversial and I'm braced to lose a fair amount of reputation but my stance is that allowing Tor users makes my life as a moderator harder and I don't think ...
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Problems logging into chat using Tor

I'm trying to log into chat while using the Tor Browser. Attempting to log into brings you to, where you see the message No ...
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Add 'possible TOR node' indicator to IP look up

Diamond mods have a tool on user profile pages for IP addresses. It does a few handy IP-related tasks. I'd like it to be expanded to do a check to see if the IP is an active TOR exit node. ...
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